"Lanark Man Disappears" (1906) Lanark, Carroll County Illinois

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John Dierdorf Missing Since Last Wednesday

John Dierdorf, living on the Elias Lichty farm; near the Center school house in Rock Creek township, has mysteriously disappeared, and is believed to have wandered away from home and friends during a fit of temporary aberation.

Last Wednesday morning he left home to go to John Bowman's sale, but did not appear there. That evening his horse was found blanketed and tied to his buggy near the Landon Bros. place. At first his family was not much worried, thinking that he had changed his mind and gone visiting among some of his friends, but as he did not appear and no word came from him, they gave the alarm and the neighbors took up the search in earnest, but so far without results.

The man has been tracked from the place where he left his buggy to Hazelhurst, thence on to Polo, where he was seen and conversed with on Wednesday afternoon by Mrs. Will Wooldridge, a friend and relative of his wife's, and there all knowledge of his whereabouts ends. Yesterday Sheriff Doty took the matter up, and had 500 postal cards printed and sent in every direction. Following is the card:


Missing since Feb. 21st, '06, from his home at Lanark, Carroll Co. Ill., John W. Dierdorf. Age 55, height 5 feet, 11 inches, weight about 175 lbs., large features, brown eyes, long full black beard, except upper lip shaved, beard streaked with gray, black hair. Wore black ulster coat with initials J.W.D. on ribbon inside of overcoat. Wore black, broad rimmed hat. Is a Dunkard and wears clothes of the Dunkard denomination. Was seen last at Polo, Ill. If found, hold and wire at my expense.

D.B. Doty, Sheriff of Carroll Co. Mt. Carroll, Ill.

John Dierdorff's Return

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