Toy Family Photo Mystery
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Toy Family Photo Mystery

In the late 1960's my grandmother, Lucy Elizabeth (Burks) Dill (aka Grammy), showed me a box of old photos. Most of them were of her mother's family, the Toys. Some of them can be identified but many are unmarked. This page includes some of my mysteries. Follow this link for the Toy Family History. For additional information on the Toys, I also have a Public Member Tree, titled, Our Family Connections on You can email me for a direct link.

This first photo is of the John William Toy (1845-1913) and Elizabeth Jane Manwarring Toy (1849-1910) family.

John William Toy Family

I'm guessing it was taken between 1893-1895 because of the age of the two youngest girls. The one in the center, Elizabeth (Bessie) Jane Toy was born in 1888 (d.1984), m. Henry Higgins. Her older sister, Maxine (Mamie) Harriet Toy was my great grandmother and is the girl standing next to her father. She was born 1886 (d. 1968) m. Charles Burks.

All ten of John and Elizabeth's children are in this photo but I'm not exactly sure of their placement in it. Their names and dates are as follows: James Solomon Toy 1868-1950), George Owings Toy (1870-1950), Fannie Estelle Toy (1872-1956) m. Tome Rideout, William Alliver (or Oliver) Toy (1874-1942), Joseph Nicholas Toy (1876-1960), Adilla (Dillie) Jane Toy (1878-1952) m. Charles Moore, Hugh L. Toy (1881-1954), and Pearl Ethel Toy (1883-1975) m. R. E. Sandefur.

John and Elizabeth Toy.

This would appear to be taken not long after the large family portrait.

Unknown Toy.

This appears to have been taken in the same studio, possibly at the same time as the photo of John and Elizabeth. But it isn't John's father, because his father died at age 29 in 1851. I thought it might be John's grandfather, Joseph Nicholas Toy (1785-1876) but this photo is taken too late for it to have been before 1876. If it was taken the same time as John and Elizabeth's photo, it's possible it could be John's uncle, John Fletcher Toy (1820-1903). Or it could be someone else. Can anyone identify?

This next photo is labeled, Hub and Sudie Toy but is not dated. It is a small snapshot photo rather than the large card type like the others. So it was most likely taken after 1900. Hub's full name was James Hubbard Toy (1850-1940) This man looks a lot like the Unknown Toy above but again, the dates are not quite right. James Hubbard was a younger brother of John (1845-1913). The photo of Unknown Toy and of John and Elizabeth Toy are the same type of photo and appear to have been taken in the same studio on or about the same day. Even though Hub and Unknown look alike, I think they are from different generations.

James Hubbard (Hub) and Susan (Sudie) Rebecca Toy.

The following photos are some additional unidentified Toy family photos.

Unknown Toy Couple
Unknown Toy Boys - notice background and chairs are the same. Sons of Unknown couple?

This next photo is of two unknown Toy babies. The background, although faint, appears to be very similar to the background in the Unknown Toy photo and the one of John and Elizabeth Toy.

Unknown Toy Babies

If you can identify or have any information about these photos please contact me at the email address below.