Cristi Michaels Autry

Cristi Michaels Autry


Cristi Autry was a wonderful, loving  woman who died at the age of 31 of Breast Cancer.  She left behind a family who is still struggling to find peace after her  passing. It is my hope to live with as much grace, courage and love as Cristi demonstrated in her life.   This page is to honor her memory.  You will find information on Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention, as well as inspirational links.  If you are a cancer patient, survivor, or family member, our prayers are with you.  May you find peace and shelter in the arms of God.

Breast Cancer Links

Solace and Inspiration 

Nat'l Breast Cancer Foundation

About Grief and Loss

Breast Cancer Awareness

Places of the Heart

Avon Breast Cancer Crusade

Messages of Faith

Celebrating Life Foundation

The Ties that Bind

Web Rings

Gifts of Nature

Photographs and Memories

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