Barque: 851 tons
Captain: On departure Burch (died on board)

Replaced by Chief Officer: Tupman Highman
Surgeon Superintendent: George J Stewart

Sailed London 14th July 1875 - arrived Bluff 2nd December 1875

The Adamant, Captain Bowling's first ship as master, was an old vessel when bringing immigrants to New Zealand. She was an iron barque of 815 tons, built in 1858, and later purchased by the Shaw Saville Co. She made nine voyages to new Zealand, coming out first to Lyttelton in 1873, fifteen years after she was built. The most remarkable and eventful passage out by the Adamant was in 1875. She sailed from Gravesend on July 14 in command of Captain Birch. The report published in the Invercargill paper stated that Captain Birch (sic) was much given to drink. He kept the ship sailing about the coast of Brazil for three weeks, and on September 17, at 10 o'clock, ran her on a sandbank within hail of the shore, so close that the natives waded out and conversed with those on board. The barque was re-floated within a couple of hours. Eventually the Chief Officer, Mr Tupman Highman, took over command. About six weeks before the vessel arrived at the Bluff Captain Burch died, and was buried at sea. After her long passage of 144 days the provisions were almost exhausted. The Adamant landed 271 immigrants at the Bluff.
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Arrival of the Adamant
Voyage of the Adamant from the diary of Benjamin Ward (thanks to Bill Ward in Australia)
Requisition by passengers concerning the Captain (thanks to Bill Ward in Australia)
Birth Certificate for John Phillips who was born on board (thanks to Ray Fenwick in Britain)

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Ayling Nathaniel 42 Surrey Shoemaker
Mary 39 Died on board 24/10/1875 - Diarrhoea
Abigail L 16 T/F to single women
Edith M 15 T/F to single women
Kate 13 T/F to single women
Frank 11
Arthur 9
Stanley 7
Mary 4
Gertrude 3
Female child Born and died on board 17/10/1875 - Premature birth
Ball William 36 Kent Farm Labourer
Sarah 27
Agnes 5
George 3
William 1
Blackmore John 39 Lancashire Brickmaker
Mary A 23
John E 5
Kate E 4
Cecilia 2
Bartle Jonathan 26 Devonshire Painter
Mary 27
William 5
Beayley George 28 Middlesex Labourer
Mary A 25
Mary A 5
William 5 months
Burgess Stephen 38 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Mary 28
Chettleburgh John 32 Norfolk Gardener
Annie 32
Ellen 7
John 5
Evelina 3
Gertrude 1
Thomas 1 month
Conland George 28 Middlesex Packer & Case Maker
Schoolmaster on board
Elizabeth 24
Couchman Alfred 40 Kent Farm Labourer
Annie 40
Ellen 15 T/F to single women
William 13 T/F to single men
Alfred 4
Culf George 35 Essex Carpenter
Louisa 30
Duncan Robert 38 Lanark Farm Labourer
Mary J 38
William 17 T/F to single men
Ann 12 T/F to single women
Robert 10
Fox Frederick 24 Jersey Farm Labourer
Kate 25
Matilda 1�
Ferguson Graham 25 Forfar Ships Carpenter
Jane 22
Stewart 6 months
S Ann 45 T/F to single women
James 27 T/F to single men
Alexander 27 T/F to single men
Gavey Frank 29 Jersey Farm Labourer
Ellen 26
Gordon Alexander 29 Moray Farm Labourer
Jane 26
Margaret 7
George 2
Mary 4 months
Hart John 34 Northumberland Engineer
Alice E 31
William 12
John 9
Welch Catherine 11 Northumberland Travelled with Hart
Murphy Barney 21 Northumberland Travelled with Hart
Hart Alfred 30 Worcestershire Blacksmith
James H 29
Alfred 4
Elizabeth 2
Male Child Born on board 27/09/1875
Female child Born on board 27/09/1875
Hill Charles F 31 Middlesex Stoker
Emily 26
Matilda 3
Catherine 11 months Died on board 23/07/1875 - Diarrhoea & convulsions
Female child Born and died on board 17/11/1875 - Premature birth
Johnson Ebenezer 28 Essex Carpenter
Ellen 29
Charles William 9
Ellen M 6
Frank H 6 months
Lloyd Samuel C 32 Carnarthen Farm Labourer
Mary A 25
John 12 T/F to single men
William 9
Gwylim 2
Keenan Michael 20 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Catherine 20
Ker Henry 24 Roxburgh Joiner
Janet 30
Lackerby Thomas 30 Dumfries Tailor
Margaret 32
Jane 11
Thomas 9
Janet 7
Mary 5
Robert 2
Ebenezer 4 months
Lightfoot John 24 Northamptonshire Engine Driver
Charlotte 22
Mason Thomas 32 Canada Carpenter
Anne 25
Hettie 6
Janeta 4
Lilly 16 months
Twin boys Born on board 30/11/1875
McDonald Duncan 33 Ross Blacksmith
Minnie 30
Margaret 61 T/F to single women
Jane 30 T/F to single women
Alexander 23 T/F to single men
McIntosh Thomas 49 Lanark Carter
Mary 52
Jemima 18 T/F to single women
Thomas 16 T/F to single men
Robert 12 T/F to single men
Janet 7
James 1
McShane Hugh 32 Antrim Farm Labourer
Sarah 32
Sarah 13 T/F to single men
Hugh 7
James 4
Moseley James 32 Essex Carman
Harriet 30
Harriet J 7
Elizabeth 2
O'Neill Denis 39 Limerick Labourer
Ann 32
Michael 17 T/F to single men
Catherine 14 T/F to single women
Pat 8
John 6
Cornelius 4
Ann 1
Phelps Benjamin 41 Somerset Shoemaker
Sarah J 34
William E 9
Mary C 3
Benjamin Born on board 28/07/1875
Phillips Edward S 30 Staffordshire Carpenter
Martha E 25
Mary A 4
Catherine M 1�
John Birth Certificate Born on board 12/10/1875
Sparke Frederick 21 Suffolk Farm labourer
Ann 21
Ellie 3 months
Smith Daniel 25 Kent Labourer
Margaret 29
Catherine E 9 months
Spratt James 30 Lancashire Sailmaker
Maria 30
Maria 12 T/F to single women
Elizabeth 9
Ada 7
Harriet 2
Service D J 36
B 38
Sarah J 18 T/F to single women
Josiah F 15 T/F to single men
Jabez P 13 T/F to single men
Edwin C 1
Wilkinson Foster 30 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Annie 29
John 7
Ward Benjamin 26 Middlesex Sawyer
Mary A 26
Wakeling Joseph 30 Essex Ploughman
Mary A 29
Horace 8
Gertrude 4
Families & Children Colonial Nominated
Williams John F 40 Somerset Painter
Esther 42
Esther L 14
Wilhelmina 11
Single Men
Adamson Alexander 20 Lanark Farm Labourer
Belle William S 20 Antrim Farm Labourer
Bergin John 23 Queens County Farm Labourer
Brown Thomas 29 Lanark Bricklayer
Butler Walter 30 Nottinghamshire Labourer
Chantler William 19 Kent Blacksmith
Clarke Kyran 26 Queens County General Labourer
Clifford Jeremiah 24 Kerry Farm Labourer
Connolly Michael 36 Dublin Ploughman
Couchman William 13 Kent
Cowing Alfred 23 Middlesex Painter
Crane Michael 18 Kerry Farm Labourer
Cruise John 31 Clare Farm Labourer
Delaney James 25 Queens County Labourer
Disney John 25 Middlesex Gardener
Donovan Denis 22 Cork Farm Labourer
Duncan William 17 Lanark Farm Labourer
Durie William 19 Mayo Blacksmith
Feely James 26 Tipperary Carpenter
Ferguson James 27 Forfar Ships Carpenter
Alexander 27 Forfar Ships Carpenter
Fitzsimons Terrene 26 Dublin Carpenter
Ford George 26 Somerset Farm Labourer
Gilbert Alfred 20 Warwickshire Chair Maker
Goldsworthy Stephen 23 Cornwall Labourer
Hall John 44 Down Farm Labourer
Hart William 12 Northumberland
Irwin John 22 Derry Farm Labourer
Jackson John 18 Dublin Farm Labourer
Jaffray George 23 Aberdeen Ploughman
James John 18 Glamorgan Farm Labourer
Johnson Alfred 26 Essex Labourer
Jones Henry 18 Salop Labourer
Keenan Edward 22 Down Farm Labourer
Kelly Michael 24 Clare Farmer
Kelly Michael 21 Clare Farm Labourer
Thomas 20 Clare Farm Labourer
Kenan Peter 24 Down Farm labourer
Livingstone Dugald 22 Argyle Shepherd
Lloyd John 12 Carmarthon
Logan John 34 Londonderry Bootmaker
Lowry Andrew 18 Down Farm Labourer
Maher James 23 Tipperary Shoemaker
McCandless John 20 Derry Gardener
McDougall Robert 20 Stirlingshire Farm Labourer
McIntosh Thomas 16 Lanark
Robert 12 Lanark
McCoy Daniel 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
McDonald Alexander 23 Ross Blacksmith
McGinn Bernard 34 Tyrone Farm Labourer
McLachlan Charles 33 Renfrew Navvy
McLennan Alexander 26 Rosshire Saddler
Morris Robert 23 Hertfordshire Carpenter
Mullane Thomas 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Murphy Barney 21 Northumberland Labourer
O'Connell Patrick 21 Cork Farm Labourer
O'Dwyer John 24 Clare Farm Labourer
O'Neill Michael 17 Limerick Labourer
Perry Joseph E 23 Devonshire Farm Labourer
Plaw Richard 24 Kent Farm Labourer
Richards S Henry 18 Kent Farm Labourer
Robertson Robert 24 Dumfrieshire Ploughman
Rodan Charles 21 Donegal Ploughman
Roderick John 32 Cardigan Farm Labourer
Service Josiah F 15 Essex
Jabez P 13 Essex
Shand William 20 Aberdeen Farm Labourer
Simmons Charles 18 Kent Miner
Small James 23 Down Farm Labourer
Stackpool Pat 17 Limerick Labourer
James 16 Limerick Labourer
Sullivan Timothy 22 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Thorn John J S 20 Warwickshire Wagon Maker
Charlotte A 27 T/F to single women
Walker Hugh 25 Dumbarton Farm Labourer
Walsh Phillip 19 Cork Farm Labourer
Single Men Colonial Nominated
Beer John 18 Wiltshire Labourer Travelled together
Hession Dennis 26 Galway Labourer
Ford John 27 Galway Labourer
Joyce Thomas 28 Galway Labourer
Pascoe William 17 Surrey Labourer

Single Women

Ayling Abigail L 16 Surrey Servant
Edith M 15 Surrey Servant
Kate 13 Surrey
Buckingham Emma 26 Wales Servant
Couchman Ellen 15 Kent
Dumphy Mary 23 Kilkenny Milliner
Duncan Ann 12 Lanark
Ferguson S Ann 45 Forfar
Field Alice S 17 Jersey Housemaid
Hall Ellen 22 Down Servant
Irwin Margaret 25 Derry Servant
Elizabeth 28 Derry Servant
McIntosh Jemima 18 Lanark Servant
McIlroy Agnes 21 Down Servant
McDonald Margaret 61 Ross
Jane 30 Ross Housemaid - MATRON on board
McShane Sarah 13 Antrim
Miners Elizabeth J 33 Cornwall Servant
O'Connor Johanna 16 Limerick Servant
Sarah 20 Limerick Servant
Mary 18 Limerick Servant
O'Neill Catherine 14 Limerick
Quinlivan Maria 19 Clare Servant
Quirk Sarah 19 Cork Servant
Service Sarah J 18 Essex Servant
Spratt Maria 12 Lanark
Stackpool Kate 19 Limerick Servant
Mary 14 Limerick
Johanna 12 Limerick
Stroud Mary A 21 Buckinghamshire Cook
Thorn Charlotte A 27 Warwickshire Servant
Single Women Colonial Nominated
Williams Esther S 14 Somerset

WARD family:
Benjamin Ward, b. 17 Oct 1848, (who wrote the diary account of the voyage of the "Adamant"), was a resident of Bishopsgate, London. He married Mary Ann Lys at St Marylebone on 6 June 1875 and only a month later they embarked enthusiastically on their voyage to a new life in the antipodes. Seven children were born to them in New Zealand. Mr Ward was a sawyer by trade. He operated sawmills for many years in western Southland and finally took up farming at Ruahine, where he died, aged 80, on 21 September 1928. Three of his family of 5 sons and 2 daughters returned to Europe to fight in the 1914-18 War, one, William, being killed in action at Messines. Benjamin and Mary Ann (d 28 Dec 1922) are interred at St John's Church, Invercargill. Extracts of the record of the voyage were printed in the Southland Times in 1933. Other diaries were kept. Part of one by Mr Charles Simmons was published in The Southland News soon after the arrival of the "Adamant" at Bluff, according to Mr F.W.G. Miller. Mr Miller summarised Mr Simmons' journal and another by Mr Ebenezer Johnson in The Southland Daily News of Saturday, October 21, 1950. Mr Simmons and Mr Johnson, like Mr Ward, supported the shipboard petition that the Captain should give up command of the ship. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Bill Ward.


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Diary of Benjamin Ward (courtesy Bill Ward)
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