Ship: 640 Tons
Captain: William Campbell
Surgeon Superintendent: William Johnston M. D.
Sailed London 18th September 1839 - arrived Port Nicholson 7th March 1840

The Adelaide was a teak built craft and the largest of the first five ships that brought the emmigrants to early Wellington. This included some of the high office bearers of the New Zealand Company. Although she left London on the 18th September, the same day as the Aurora, she didn't get away from Falmouth until the 30th. Teneriffe was reached on the 14th October and she spent a couple of days at Santa Cruz where the passengers were allowed on shore. The Equator was crossed on the 14th November and on December 20th Adelaide reached Capetown where she remained until News Year's day. After resuming their journey, New Zealand was sighted on 1st March, called at Port Hardy and was instructed to carry on to Port Nicholson. The Adelaide dropped anchor at Petone on the 7th March in a storm of thunder, lightening and rain, 171 days out from London. Not long afterwards, however, it was decided that a better site for the new township would be Thorndon on the other side of the harbour and the Adelaide together with all her passengers were removed there.

Name         Age Occupation Comment
Cabin Passengers
Alder George Under 9
von Alzdorf Baron Charles
Cole George T.
Cole Henry
Cook Henry
Cook Thomas Uppadine
Daniell Captain Edward 38
Durie Major David Stark 36
Evans Dr George Samuel 39
Johnson Frank
Kembell Robert
Luscombe J. H.
Millar Archibald
Lucy Anne Under 14
Jessey Under 9
Harry Under 9
Roderick Born at sea
Natrass John
Natrass Luke
Oliveira Leocadia de 20
Partridge T. M.
Reid James 39
Revans Samuel
Riddiford Amelia
Riddiford Daniel 25
Harriot 25





Born at sea
Ruther (Rutter) Samuel 20
St. Hill Henry
Smith Mrs William Mein Husband travelled ahead on the Cuba
Fanny Under 9
George Under 9
Wallace Under 9
Taine James John 23
Thomas Joseph
Thomas William
Tilke Ann 30 First school teacher in Wellington
Steerage Passengers
Andrews George Robert 24 Shoemaker
Beaumont Robert 30 Baker
Elizabeth 26
Son 8
Beckers Eliza 19 Nursemaid Nursemaid to Captain Edward Daniell
Bell Charles Fraser 27 Gardener
Jane 30
Bennett Charlotte 22 Husband travelled ahead on the Cuba
Son 11 weeks
Boyle Rachael 30 Servant
Bradey Francis 45 Agriculturalist Son from first marraige Francis Bradey on Phoebe Dunbar
Keturah 38
Emma 20 Servant Servant to Doctor and Mrs Evans
Francis 12
Mary Jane 9
Frederick 6
Anne 4
Matilda 1 month Died at sea
Bradfield Robert 34 Harness Maker
Sarah 31
Sarah 11
Son Infant
Brown William Henry 25 Currier
Eliza 26
Eliza 4
Buchannan James 55 Infant School Teacher
Burcham James Nelson 33 Gardener
Wife 33
Buxton Harry Bridger 39 Gardener
Mary Ann 33
Sophia 9
John 5
Harry 3
Daughter 10 months Died at sea
Campbell Robert 17 Servant
Clarke George 25 Agriculturalist
Constable Edward 24 Bricklayer Servant to A. Millar
Jane 25
Ellerm Edward 35 Cooper
Louiza 34
Edward John 16 Cooper
Henry Benjamin 12
William 7
Samuel 9 months
Evans John 24 Harness Maker & Carpenter
Evans Jessie 20 Nurse Maid
Filke Miss Ann 20 Infant School Teacher
Caroline 20
Fox John 22 Gardener
Wife 24
Galpin William 24 Butcher & Farmer
Ruth 29
Charlotte 2
Charles Mace Born at sea
Guthrie Thomas 26 Farmer
Ann 24
Annie 4 months
Harris John Faint 31 Bricklayer
Harriet Catherine Stamford 31
Harriett Catherine 8
William Robert 6
John Phaint 4
Sarah Morris 5 months
Henderson David 28 Plumber
Mary Ann 24
Hewett Alfred 28 Currier
Eliza 26
Son 4 months
Hunt Charles 51 Baker, Gardener & Bricklayer
Naomi 44
Maria 24 Straw Plaiter
Emily 20 Milliner
Fanny Ellen 19 Milliner
William 7
Jones Clara Elizabeth 18 Nurse Maid
Kempton Thomas 28 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 26
Thomas 3
Henry 8 months
Knight Thomas 28 Gardener
Laurance Joseph 21 Labourer Servant to Captain Edward Daniell
Longman Thomas 20 Boat Builder
Luxford William 39 Butcher & Farmer
Elizabeth Jasper 39
William Nicholas 15
George Henry 14
Charles Edward 13
Fanny Sarah 11
Elizabeth Habgood 9
Jabez Thomas 5
McKenzie Mrs 35 Servant to Mrs Evans
McKenzie Thomas W. 15 Servant to Mrs Evans
McKew Peter 34 Boot & Shoemaker & Labourer
Sarah 36
McKew Thomas 16 Shoemaker
McKew Mary Ann 15 Shoebinder
Margaret 8
John 7
Sarah 3
Daughter 12 days
McNally James 36 Butcher
Louiza 35
Marshall Sampson 24 Currier
Ann 22
Minifie Elizabeth 49 Dressmaker Widow
Thomas 22 Plumber
Josiah 17 Painter
Matilda 15 Dressmaker
William 9
Minifie John Cox 24 Plumber
Mary Elizabeth 24
John 4 months Died at sea
Montague Lydia 19 Maid Servant Servant to Mrs Smith
Pike Mary Elizabeth 20 Servant
Shannon Florence 32 Husband travelled ahead on the Cuba
Sarah 1
Simpson Joseph 26 Gardener
Wife 27
Stoddard James 25 Engineer
Wife 25
Swann James 38 Carpenter & Joiner
Jane Habgood 39
James Harvey
Sarah Fanny 7
John Peter 5
Mary Ann 3
William 1 Died at sea
Ticehurst Edwin 27 Carpenter
Maria 27
William 4
Maria 3
Charles 1
Turnbull William 24 Engineer
Turner Ann 20 Dressmaker
Ward Edward 18 Farm Labourer
Ware James 32 Farm Labourer
Sarah 27
Weston Trayton 19 Carpenter & Joiner
Whiteman William 15 Servant
Williams Eliza 35 Cook & Dairy Woman
Wright James 25
Wright William 29 Boat Builder Personal Servant to Captain Edward Daniell
Yates Francis Thomas 22 Printer
William LUXFORD [aged 39], occupation butcher and farmer, wife Elizabeth Jasper Luxford, née NICHOLAS [aged 39], boys: William Nicholas [aged 15], George Henry [aged 14], Charles Edward [aged 13], Jabez Thomas [aged 5], girls: Fanny Sarah [aged 11], Elizabeth Habgood [aged 9]. The family originally came from town of Eastbourne, Sussex, England. They settled in Wellington where they became butchers and merchants and eventually run-holders in the Wairarapa and Manawatu. Nearly all Luxfords in New Zealand are descended from this original emigrant family. William Luxford owned Berhampore Farm in Wellington, where he died in 1870. He was buried in the Bolton Street Cemetery. Elizabeth died in 1873 and was buried with William. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Michael Butler


HUNT Family:
Charles Hunt [aged 51], occupation baker, gardener and bricklayer, wife Naomi Hunt, née LUXFORD [aged 44], and one boy, William [aged 5]. Their daughters were Maria [aged 24], occupation strawplaiter and bonnet-maker, Emily [aged 20], occupation milliner and dressmaker, and Fanny Ellen [aged 17], also a milliner and dressmaker. The family were originally from town of Eastbourne, Sussex, England. Naomi Hunt was an elder sister of William Luxford. The family settled in Lower Hutt and Charles Hunt became a noted Wesleyan Methodist lay preacher in the Hutt. Some of their family eventually settled in the Manawatu. Naomi died in Lower Hutt in 1851 as did Charles in 1871. They are both buried in the Bridge Street Methodist
Cemetery, Lower Hutt. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Michael Butler


SWANN Family:
James Swann [aged 38], occupation carpenter and joiner; wife Jane Habgood Swann, née LUXFORD [aged 39], boys: James Harvey [aged 9½], John Peter [aged 5], William [aged 1 year]; and girls: Sarah Fanny [aged 7] and Mary Ann [aged 3½]. The family was originally from the town of Eastbourne, Sussex, England. Jane Swann was a younger sister of William Luxford. The son, William, died on the voyage to New Zealand. The family settled in Wellington until around 1845, when they moved to Salisbury, South Australia. A further two children were born in Wellington: George Edward, born 1840; and Samuel Joseph, born 1843. James Swann died in Salisbury in 1861 and Jane died there in 1879. They are both buried in the Salisbury Cemetery. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Michael Butler


BRADEY family:
Francis BRADEY and his second wife Keturah arrived with their children on board the Adelaide in 1840. Francis son from his first marriage Francis Henry BRADEY followed the family out on board the Phoebe Dunbar in 1850. His daughter, Mary Jane BRADEY (9 at the time of her arrival in New Zealand)   was to become the Mother of Louis Ward who gained fame as the author of the oft quoted Early Wellington. If you have an interest in this family or would like to learn more please contact Robyn Thorpe.


HARRIS Family:
John Faint HARRIS b 1806 then a bricklayer by trade,and his wife Harriet Catherine Stamford (nee) Hough b 1809 started their epic voyage aboard the Adelaide enroute to New Zealand, leaving their home in London, Middlesex, in England. With them they took their children Harriet Catherine b 1833, John Phaint b 1833, William Robert b 1835, and Sarah Morris, b 1839. While residing in New Zealand for three years an Alfred Frederick Harris was born to them on the 2 October 1841 in Pt Nicholson. They decided to go to Australia, for reasons not known yet, aboard the Vanguard [a schooner of 61 tons] departing Pt. Nicholson on the 22nd June 1843 and arriving at Sydney on the 12 July 1843 before heading to Moreton Bay and having another child Elizabeth b 1843. Three more children were born to them George b 1845, Jessie Marion b 1848 and Mary Anne b 1850. John Faint Harris became a builder and settled in Ipswich where he and his family became well known pioneers of the district. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Mark & Vicki McLennan


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