Agnes Muir
Ship: 850 tons
Captain: Anderson
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed from Glasgow 3rd Dec 1870 - arrived Otago 6th March 1871

Five passages to New Zealand were made by the Patrick Henderson ship Agnes Muir, 850 tons, and on each occasion she brought out a fair number of immigrants. In her four voyages to Port Chalmers she brought out 351 passengers, and on the only occasion that she visited Auckland she had 94 passengers, of whom 64 were immigrants. Upon this trip to Auckland was made one of the several attempts   that have been made from time to time to acclimatise grouse, but all the birds died during the voyage. London was the port of departure for the voyage to Auckland, and also for the 1874 voyage to Port Chalmers, but the remaining three passages were from Glasgow.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Address Occupatiom
Assisted Immigrants
Airey Edward c/o T Stevenson, Langholm Farm Servant
Bakery William Paul Mrs Anderson's, Wt Calder Baker
Birse James A Drumsleed, Auchinblae Farm Labourer
Bruce Euphemia Kingson, Glasgow Domestic Servant
Buttar John Glenisla Shepherd
Butters Joseph Wallyford,,Musselburgh Ploughman
Mrs Agnes
Cameron William Stoneyfield, Inverness Farm Servant
Chisholm Allen Achnugdnaln, Grantown Farm Servant
Drysdale Andrew Saline by Dumfermline Ploughman
Fraser Margaret 4 Fraser St, Inverness Domestic Servant
Grant Archibald Roster, Caithness Labourer
Grant John 1 Park St, Wishaw Shepherd
Mrs Janet
Jane Ann
Higgins Daniel Dunscore, Dumfies Farm Labourer
Mrs Margaret
Edward Labourer
Margaret Domestic Servant
Leech William Loan, Callybacky, Ireland Farm Labourer
Maxwell David Stoneykirk, Stranraer Farm Servant
McKnight Henry W 26 Campbell St, Glasgow Joiner
McLaren Peter 7 Wilson St, Partick, Glas Ships Carpenter
McPherson Hugh Crown Farm, Inverness Farm Labourer
Mills Humphrey Davey 22 Gladstone St, Glasgow Boat Builder
Monaghan Patrick Lishenoran, Galway Farm Labourer
Ramsay James Partick, Glasgow Ships Carpenter
Robertson Henry Milnfield, Invergowrie Farm Servant
Shock Jessie B 47 Renfrew St, Glasgow Domestic Servant
Sutherland John Portormine, Dunheath Domestic Servant
Urquhart Donald 7 Madras St, Inverness Farm Labourer
Urquhart John Telford Rd, Inverness Farm Labourer
Watrel Jane Kilmarnock Domestic Servant
Wilkie Jane Maitland St, Edinburgh Domestic Servant
Wilson James c/o Mrs Lawie, Whitburn Labourer
Wilson Robert 12 Grassmarket, Edinbugh Farm Labourer
Mrs Marion
Guaranteed Immigrants
O'Shaunessy Mary Perenure, Dublin Domestic Servant
Prendergast Mrs Ellen Moore St, Kilrush

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Source: Otago Gazette

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