Evening Post February 2nd 1872

The ship Celaeno, from London, reports having left London on the 2nd November, 1871, landed pilot on the 4th off Portland, and proceeded with moderate easterly winds. Sighted Madeira and crossed the Equator on the 29th Nov.; from the land to the Equator winds were mostly moderate and from the eastward. In 7o S lat sent letters home via Rio Janerio (sic) by the ship Octavia; S E Trades were caught in 3o N lat and lost in 15o S lat and were very indifferent. Sighted the island of Trinidad1 and Martin Vass rocks2; rounded the Cape of Good Hope on the 25th December, in lat 45o ; easting run down in 45o S lat. Made the Snares on the 27th January, and Saddle Hill, Otago, on the 28th; during the voyage the winds as a rule have been very light and the weather fine. No vessels have been spoken in connection with the colonies. The health of the passengers has been good throughout. One steerage passenger, Phoebe Corke, died on the 26th November, at about the Equator, of apoplexy, induced by a sunstroke. Testimonials on the arival of the ship in the harbour were presented to Captain Renaut, Dr Walker, and to the Rev W Stewart, by the passengers. She is consigned to Mesrs Levin and Co.

1 - In the Atlantic off the coast of South America - 22o South.

2 - Actually Martin Vaz Island - just north of the above.