New Zealand Gazette & Wellington Spectator May 4th 1842

Since our last publication, vessels have arrived from London, Sydney, Nelsori, Adelaide, and the coast. In the course of two days, there were no fewer than eight arrivals; and our noble harbour has a most cheerful appearance. The beautiful ship London is now at Port Nicholson for the second time, and, like the Oriental, Bolton, Martha Ridgway, and Brougham, seems like an old and welcome friend. The London brings English dates to the beginning of January, but the public news was of little importance. The Queen was expected to open Parliament in person, and great preparations were made to render the ceremony more than usually imposing. The Tory Ministers were likely to meet with little real opposition in Parliament, but the financial and commercial state of the country would give them plenty of anxious employment. The number of failures was very great, and of old established houses. Even the very foremost of the London firms was said to be shaking.

Among the ministerial plans for extricating the country from these difficulties, was said to be a scheme of Lord Stanley's for promoting emigration on a very large scale, by means of a loan to be raised on the credit of land to be sold in the colonies. In regard to New Zealand, we can state that no reply had been sent to the Directors of the Company when the London sailed.

A splendid fete of entertainment had taken place at Plymouth to promote emigration from the West of England to New Zealand, and raise funds to supply the poorer class of emigrants with clothing. It was attended by a large body of, the nobility and gentry of Cornwall and Devonshire, with their ladies.

New Zealand Gazette & Wellington Spectator May 14th 1842

In the "London,'' from London - Waitt & Tyser, Agents - 8 pipes, 18 hhds, 2 butts, 9 qr casks, 4 qr casks, 2 hhds, 4 quarter casks wine, 2 hhds wine, 2 hhds rum, 2 hhds brandy, Order.  - 4 cases, J. M. Taylor. - 14 boxes,15 firkins, J. & S Burleigh -  6 packages, S. Revans. - 1 case, Fitzherbert - 1 case, Wallace & Co - 1 case, Dr Stakes - 1 case, Deans. - 1 case, Riddiford. - 5 cases H A Thompson. - 1 case Knowles. - 1 case Union Bank - 400 kegs paint, 14 packages earthenware, Willis & Co - 1 case Hanson & Co - 1 case G. Baines New Plymouth - 6 hhds Order - 25 hhds beer Willis &c Co - 1 case Niblett - 1 parcel John Malcott - 1 parcel H A Thomson - 12 hhds, 32 barrels stout, Capt Shuttleworth - 24 cases, 22 tierces beef, 3 barrels 'do , 60 barrels pork, 3 casks, 1 case, 1 bale, 2 cases, 1 case, 4 bags, 4 crates earthenware, 1 box, 1 bundle, 1 trunk, 2 cases, C. Empson & Co -3 puncheons 2 crates earthenware, 2 cases, Empson & Co - 1 package Willis & Co - 2 cases, 2 bundles, Dunn.