ARRIVAL OF WESTMINSTERLyttleton Times January 13th 1858

Lyttleton Times January 13th 1858

The ship Westminster, a fine vessel of Young & Co.'s Line, arrived in this port on Saturday last, the 9th instant, from London direct, 88 days out. She brings a large number of passengers, among whom are several who have been with us before. The number of working immigrants brought by the Westminster at a time when no funds from the colony were available in assistance towards their passage money, indicates that the greatest confidence in this settlement is entertained by themselves, or by thos ewho supplied means for their immigration. The voyage of the Westminster was remarkably fine and short, and all passengers speak of the comfort of the voyage.

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All are English except one married couple who are foreigners. There were two deaths on board, Gladden and Davis, both infants, and one birth, Oats.