Atrato Singles - Canterbury

Steamship: tons
Captain: Husband
Superintendent: James Ellis
Sailed London 10th Feburary 1874 - arrived Canterbury 20th June 1874 with passengers for Canterbury & Otago
This list is for Single Men and Single Women passengers to Canterbury

Name Age County Occupation
Single Men
Aldric Eudlina 29 Jersey Coachbuilder
Allan William 26 Perth Joiner
Allen Alfred S. 28 Middlessex Carpenter
Alley Francis 32 Guernsey Shepherd
Amy Daniel 12 Devonshire
Anderson A 24 Middlesex General Labourer
Arenoack Ernest 25 Germany Farm Labourer
Aslett John William 17 Hants Navvy
Bailey Benjamin 20 Bucks Farm Labourer
Barham James E 18 Suffolk Labourer
Barnes Samuel 27 Cornwall Gardener
Binskin William 21 Kent Labourer
John 19 Kent Labourer
Henry 17 Kent Labourer
Bowden John 21 Gloucestershire Labourer
Bryan John 12 Kent
Bullock Frederick 19 Glostershire Labourer
Bunting William John 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Butler Osmond 21 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Butler Joseph 38 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Butler William James 16 Warwickshire Labourer
Callan John 25 Tyrone Ploughman
Carter William D 20 Cornwall Carpenter
Cartwright Robert 22 Fermanagh Labourer
James 20 Fermanagh Labourer
Chislett Henry 19 Wiltshire Labourer
Collier John 18 Kent Labourer
George 15 Kent Labourer
Connell James 24 Kent Ploughboy
Cook Robert 21 Devonshire Carpenter
Cook Michael 16 Surrey Labourer
James 12 Surrey
Coulter John 14 Kent Labourer
Coyle Patrick 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Cross George 18 Devonshire Labourer
Cross Abel 30 Oxfordshire Labourer
Curtis Charles 17 Kent Butcher
Davis George 14 Glostershire
Dean Thomas 27 Devonshire Labourer
Diedrick Johan 26 Germany Farm Labourer
Doak John 19 Donegal Farm Labourer
Doherty James 25 Tyrone Ploughman
James 22 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Dowling George 24 Berkshire Coppersmith
Ede John 14 Kent Labourer
Farley James S 20 Devonshire Labourer
Fox William 20 Kent Labourer
Gamlin George 23 Devonshire Carpenter
Gardener Henry 13 Kent
Gardener Thomas 12 Oxfordshire
Giles Frederic 29 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Goldsworthy James 19 Devonshire Bootmaker
Harland Thomas 24 Yorkshire Railway Guard
Harris John 28 Warwickshire Plasterer
Hawkes Silas 18 Kent Labourer
Hawkings Charles 24 Devonshire Labourer
R R 21 Devonshire Labourer
Heard William 28 Surrey Labourer
Hemming William 20 Worcestershire Farm Labourer
Hicks Henry 17 Devonshire
William 13 Devonshire
Hill James 34 Worcestershire Farm Labourer
Hogwood James 18 Kent Smiths Stricker
Howard George 18 Berkshire Farm Labourer
Hughes Richard 18 Wiltshire Baker
Hurley Thomas 21 Middlesex General Labourer
Jeffs William 19 Staffordshire Labourer
Jones William 24 Middlesex Fitter
Kerkin William John 30 Cornwall Farm Labourer
King Richard 25 Middlesex Labourer
Klein Philip 20 Middlesex Labourer
Large William 19 Kent Farm Labourer
Light Reuben 30 Hants Shepherd
Long Charles 18 Lancashire Carpenter
Madigan James 22 Limerick Carman
Marley Richard G. 29 Kent Labourer
Marriott Thomas 19 Devonshire General Labourer
Martin Harry 20 Cornwall Shipwright
Martin George 14 Kent Labourer
Mason James 27 Inverness Navvy
Masters John Henry 23 Kent Coachmaker
Maynes Charles 22 Middlesex Ploughman
McAleer Robert 24 Tyrone Blacksmith
McClelland Robert 18 Armagh Farm Labourer
McCulcheon Robert 21 Tyrone Farm Labourer
McCully James 36 Armagh Farm Labourer
Medard Louis 21 France Taylor
Mills William J. 32 Leicestershire Railway Labourer
Minnaugh Hugh 25 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Mockel Fritz 31 Germany Farm Labourer
Morgan Henry 25 Middlesex Labourer
Moorhouse Jeremiah 38 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Murphy Michael 31 Mayo Smiths Stricker
Nicholls Frederick 20 Cornwall Plumber
Owers David 25 Essex Carpenter
Page Henry 20 Buckinghamshire Groom
Palmer William H 25 Dorsetshire Labourer
Pentelow William 30 Cambridge Carpenter
Pentelow John 27 Middlesex Labourer
Peters Mark 22 Worcestershire Farm Labourer
Petty Matthew 14 Warwickshire
Pirie James 12 Aberdeen
Physick Charles 25 Devonshire Labourer
Arthur E Infant
Powell Edwin 34 Kent Gardener
Pye James W. 13 Devonshire
Rawlings John 24 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Ritchey Thoedore 23 Armagh Farm Labourer
Rolland John 24 Jersey Miner
Rugg George 23 Middlesex Coachmaker
Russell Philip 19 Dorsetshire Labourer
Sanders edward D. 25 Hants Carpenter
Sawyer Joseph 27 Suffolk Carpenter
Schmidt Johan 26 Germany Farm Labourer
Shelly Anthony 22 Queens County Butcher
Sheppard John 18 Surrey Labourer
Sight Charles 33 Hants Labourer
Silvester Henry 21 Oxfordshire Labourer
Smith Walter 16 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
William Henry 14 Yorkshire
Charles W. 12
Stoldt Heinrich 52 Germany Farm Labourer
Swales Ebenezer T. 24 Surrey Plumber
Swan Stephen 23 Kent Labourer
Daniel 19 Kent Labourer
Thompson Augustus 20 Jersey Labourer
Tideman William 44 Cornwall Tinsmith
Tilley Charles 24 Sussex Platelayer
Volker Louis 20 Germany Baker
Wallace Joseph 12 Middlesex
Watt Samuel 25 Armagh Farm Labourer
Welshman Joseph 26 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Wester Samuel C 19 Cornwall Labourer
Wheal William 27 Warwickshire Bricklayer
Wilkening August 19 Germany Baker
Wilkinson Thomas 21 Middlesex Fitter
Wilson Jervis 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Wilson James D. 22 Armagh Farm Labourer
Robert 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Winter Francis 21 Armagh Farm Labourer
Woodgate Henry 31 Wiltshire Blacksmith
Woods Frederic 22 Middlesex Carpenter
Woolf Emanuel 21 Lancashire Rough Carpenter
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Burnip George 17 Durham Labourer
Cartwright Edward 20 Louth Farm Labourer
James 16 Louth Farm Labourer
Corcoran Patrick 21 Galway Farm Labourer
Myhre August H 10 Middlesex
Redmond William 23 Carlow Labourer
Single Women
Allid Ann 17 Yorkshire Labourer
Ballard Margaret 16 Down General Servant
Barrett Elizabeth S 18 Buckinghamshire Servant
Batten Ellen 36 Galway Needlewoman
Joseph 10
Harry 5
Samuel 2
Binskin Elizabeth 15 Kent Servant
Jane 13 Kent
Burham Selina 17 Oxfordshire Servant
Emily 15 Oxfordshire Servant
Burnip Drucella 15 Durham
Cartwright Mary A 62 Louth
Martha 18 Louth Farm Servant
Collier Caroline 20 Kent Domestic Servant
Sarah 12 Kent Servant
Cook Harriet Surrey
Daly Henrietta 25 Suffolk Nurse
Doherty Mary 20 Tyrone Servant
Doocey Margaret 26 Waterford Cook
Elliott Matilda J 13 Northumberland
Eyre Agnes 28 Yorkshire Cook
Ford Harriet 19 Gloucestershire Servant
Gardener Charlotte 16 Kent Servant
Goodwin Ann E 24 Warwickshire Housemaid
Gosney Mary A 19 Wiltshire Servant
Elizabeth 18 Wiltshire Servant
Lydia 16 Wiltshire Servant
Grimshaw Henrietta 27 Jersey Laundress
Ernest 6
Hewins Caroline 17 Worcestershire Housemaid
Hudson Annie 22 Berkshire Nurse
Lowe Mary A 32 Warwickshire Dairymaid
Martin Alice 17 Kent Servant
McBride Hannah 30 Donegal Servant
McKanney Ellen 28 Tyrone Servant
Mills Lucinda M 36 Suffolk MATRON
Myhre Emily 34 Middlesex Needlewoman SUB-MATRON
Emily Maria 14 Middlesex
Palmer Charlotte S 16 Norfolk Servant
Francis M 15 Norfolk Servant
Parsons Elizabeth 22 Oxfordshire Servant
Penny Ann 36 Kincardine Housekeeper
Redmond Mary 26 Carlow Servant
Rockett Sarah A 20 Dorsetshire General Servant
Ruddock Martha 18 Armagh Servant
Ryal Mary 20 Kerry Servant
Sheppard Mary 50 Surrey
Sheppard Fanny 24 Bedfordshire Cook
Singleton Eliza 14 Down
Joseph 8 Down
Smith AnnieM 27 Dublin Cook
Smith Catherine 18 Yorkshire Servant
Stafford Elizabeth 18 Gloucestershire General Servant
Tarrant Harriet 20 Gloucestershire General Servant
Taylor Jane 12 Somersetshire
Tideman Eliza 21 Cornwall Servant
Wilcox Ann 28 Warwickshire Servant
Venner Frances 17 Devonshire Servant
Amelia 18 Devonshire Servant
Williams Arabella 18 Somersetshire General Servant
Williams Maria 33 Gloucestershire Cook
Winstan;ey Mary A 34 Lancashire Servant


MYHRE family:
Emily Myhre (nee Brunette), sister of John Brunette married a Norwegian man (Mr Myhre) in London, but he died and Emily emigrated to New Zealand with her two children, August aged 10 and Emily aged). She was a colonially sponsored immigrant on the Atrato, one of the first steam vesesls to come to NZ . After a terrible trip, during which a large number of the children died, the ship arrived in Lyttelton 20 June 1874. Emily served as the Matron on the voyage. Charles Myhre, her son by her first husband, married his cousin Amy Brunette, daughter of John Simeon. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Melda Brunette.


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