Ship: 550 tons
Captain: Theophilus Heale
Surgeon Superintendent: J. M. Stokes M. D.
Sailed London, Gravesend 22nd September 1839 - arrived Port Hardy, 7th January 1840

                                                                                                               Port Nicholson 22nd January 1840

The  Aurora was wrecked in April 1840 on the northern head of the Kaipara Harbour.

Name Age Occupation Comments
Baker Major Richard 30

Magistrate for the New Zealand Co

Barrow James 40 Labourer
Ann 40
Ann 15
Charles 11
Stephen 6
Keziah 2
Barrow James jnr 23 Labourer
Barrow Thomas 19 Labourer
Barry John 29 Gardener
Barry Richard 24 Agriculturalist
Barry William 31 Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 29
Son 7
Boon Robert 26 Agriculturalist
Brown Andrew 41 Smith & Carpenter Widower
Brown David 16 Smith & Carpenter
Brown John 19 Smith & Carpenter
Carter Joseph 28 Labourer
Ann 27
Son 7
Daughter 6
Daughter 3
Daughter 8 months
Child J. W.
Coppin Job 21 Labourer
Harriett 20
Davis Edward 28 Currier
Margaret 29
Davis Rowland 30 Smith
Mary Ann 31
Rowland T 9
Daughter 6
Daughter 5 months
Deans William 22
Deighton Richard 20
Deighton Samuel 17
Drake Thomas John 26
Ceres Selina 27
Ceres 1
Draper Martha 30 Smith
Draper Sarah 28 Servant
Edwards James 30 Labourer
Eliza 29
Son 7 months
Farrance James 20 Labourer
Mary 18
Friend Richard 33 Bricklayer & Labourer Widower
Son 12
Friend William 15 Labourer
Gebbie John 28 Farm Labourer
Maria 24
Son 18 months
Glover James 34 Agricultural Labourer
Maria 27
Daughter 11 months
Gratage Daniel 22 Agricultural Labourer
Groombridge Mary 24 Dressmaker
Hayward William 30 Milliner
Hicks Charles 25 Labourer
Hodnett Ann 18
Holes Peter 28 Brickmaker
Sarah 24
Son 2
Son 9 months
Houghton John 22 Mariner
Charlotte 19 Servant
Son Born at sea
Houghton Robert 45 Mariner Assistant to Surgeon
Louisa Ellen 42
James Henry 15
Sarah Mary 12
Frances 7
Jessie 5
Allen Patrick 1
Hunt Uriah 23 Agriculturalist
Harriett 23
Langford John Alfred 23 Chainmaker
Harriet 20
Lodge John 31 Stonemason
Harriett 27
Daughter 5
Son 2
McDermott Deborah 20 Milliner
McGirk C
Maxwell James 20 Agricultural Labourer & Sheep Farmer
Mary 20
Maxwell C
Miles John Clement 21 Baker & Gardiner
Morgan Jane Emily
Morrison William Arthur 23 Farm Labourer & Carpenter
Agnes 23
William Arthur (Billy) 4 months
Nicholls William 21 Cooper
Oxenham Jemimah 15 Sempstress
Oxenham John 29 Shipwright
Oxenham Sarah 19 Sempstress
Palmer G. T.
Park Mrs Robert (Mar Ann)
Robert Wakefield Infant
Parker Samuel
Parker William 23 Blacksmith
Parkes Elizabeth 45 Mariner
Charles Samuel 20 Agricultural Labourer
Henry 18 Grocer
Catherine Hannah 15 Sempstress
George 13
Frederick Richard 9
Frank Bristow 8
Petherick George 19 Carpenter
Petherick James 37 Builder
Augustus 10
Frederick G 8
James 7
Caroline Emma 5
Edwin 3
Prebble James 40 Carpenter
Ann 36
Richard 16 Carpenter
Ann 15 Servant
Daughter 13
Son 12
Son 10
Son 8
Daughter 7
Son 12 days Born at sea
Pudney Joseph 23 Brickmaker
Mrs (Sarah or Elizabeth) 21
Read Henry 27 Brazier & Smith
Caroline 28
Son 2
Richardson James 32 Builder
Sawyer John 24 Currier
Mary 27
Daughter Born at sea
Stafford Edward 27 Tailor & Gardener Later Sir Edward Stafford
Eliza 22
Stokes Dr. James Milburne
Stokes Mrs Robert
Wade Mrs Mary Ann 30
Wallace John Howard 23 Mechanic
Wallace William Ellerslie 25 Agriculturalist
Welch Thomas 25 Labourer
Elizabeth 28
White George
Whitewood William 21 Servant to Major Baker
Wilkinson Johnson B 26 Labourer
Ann 22


MAXWELL family:
James and Mary Maxwell arrived on the Aurora in 1840. James Maxwell was born in Liverpool sometime between 1813 and 1819, and came
from an Ayrshire family engaged in bookbinding.  His wife Mary (daughter of Peter and Elizabeth Stevenson) was born in 1820, and they married between 1835 and 1838.  After arriving in New Zealand, James worked as a timber contractor and farmer in Lucas Creek, Albany, and at Maxwell's Station, Ararimu.  James and Mary had nine children together, their first child being born in 1841.  James died in 1857 after a fall from a horse, aged about 40. In 1860, Mary married again, to James Quigley.  She had two further children with him, Thomas and Julia Catherine.  Mary died in 1911 at Motukaraka in the Hokianaga.  I am a descendant of James and Mary's daughter Elizabeth, who married William Evers.  Their daughter Mabel married George Patterson, and their son Jack married Ruth Donovan, and their daughter (my mother)
married William Simpkin. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Elizabeth Anderson.


COPPIN family:
Job Neale Coppin was born on May 7th 1820 in King St, Maidstone in Kent. He was variously a farmer, labourer and sailor. His parents were Rodney Coppin (carpenter/gatemaker) and Mary. On September 9th 1839 Job married Harriett Horton at All Saints in Maidstone, Kent. Harriet was born on January 19th 1820 in Linton, Kent to Charles and Elizabeth (nee Mepham/Meopham) Horton. There is an item in the Records of Maidstone Gaol that Harriet was convicted of stealing in 1839, aged 19, and sentenced to 1 month. Job and Harriett arrived on the Aurora atWellington in 1840, following which ther had three children: Hannah, born 1843 at Akaroa, John born  about 1846 at Akaroa and Martha born 1850 at Akaroa. Some time in 1850 Job died and we understand he was working on the whaling ships so may have drowned but we have been unable to find any records of this. Harriet took the three children and moved to Australia c. 1850 and settled in Brouluee, Moruya, NSW. She married a Richard Mepstead in Broulee and had another three children. She died on October 22nd 1897 at Yarragee, Moruya. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Lynette.


MORRISON family:
William Arthur MORRISON, the 5th in a family of 12 children, was born on January 22nd 1816 in Ayrshire, Scotland. When he was 22 he married Agnes SLOAN and they had a son who they named William Arthur (Billy). William, Agnes and William Arthur sailed to New Zealand with the early New Zealand Company settlers on board the Aurora in 1839. In family history, William MORRISON Snr is described as "Morrison the Wanderer" because of the number and variety of occupations he turned his hand to. All hard and laborious, they would keep him from Agnes and young Billy for long periods of time. Sadly, in 1841, Agnes died from consumption and during the ensuing ten years William continued his wandering. He became involved in the Wairau Massacre of 1843, escaping the aftermath with Joe Morgan and probably becoming the first Europeans to traverse the Manugatapu Track on their way back to Nelson. It is recorded that their trousers were torn and ragged to the knees from the harsh and rugged terrain. In April 1851, William married Catherine (Kitty) SMITH who had been a good friend of he and Agnes. William, Kitty and young Billy moved to the Wai-iti Valley outside Nelson where they settled down to farming and running the Belgrove Hotel/Wai-iti Accomodation House which, after some time, they gave up in favour of farming. On August 2nd 1877 William took his own life by means of a plough rein, having suffered for some time, it is said, from Brights Disease (a serious and debilitating kidney complaint). Kitty lived to the age of 85 years and died peacefully in 1907. If you have a connection with this family or are interested in learning more please contact Marilyn Robertson the Great, Great Grandaughter of William Morrison.


DRAKE family:
Thomas John Drake was born 12th September 1814, married  Ceres Selina Walters, born 3rd May 1813, at Deptford Church England on 20th December 1836. Thomas John Drake was the elder son of Captain John Drake of the East India company, and belonged to an old English family from Devonshire, and was decended from John Drake, brother to Sir Francis Drake. Was educated at Eton and worked in a London Bank before coming to New Zealand. On arrival lived first at Petone Beach then on his town acre on Wellington Tce. John Thomas Drake died 21st June 1889, and Ceres on 4th December 1889 aged 85, at Eltham. Their family were:
1. Ceres Selina born 27th April 1839, died 28th July 1890.
2. Thomas John born 4th August 1841, married Helen Russell Knox 30th March 1869. He died 20th July 1909 and his wife 18th December 1912. Thomas and Helen had five children.
3. Mercy born 28th September 1843, married Thomas Hunt Jenkins 23rd December 1876. Died 1906. They had six children.
4. Francis born 24th August 1845, married Jessie Crawford. Died 5th October 1929.
5. Amelia born 5th September 1847, died 11 October 1905.
6. Walter born 11 November 1849, died in Queensland.
7. Arthur born 10th March 1852, married Harriet Halse on 24th September 1885 and died 27th July 1916 his wife died in her 100th year on 9th April 1965.
8. Elizabeth born 26th April 1854, married William Naylor Jenkins on 9th June 1886. Died 23rd August 1942. they had three children.
9. George born 2nd March 1856. Went to Australia as a young man and was never heard of again.
This information is from Tawa Flat and the Old Porirua Rd, 1840-1982 by the late Arthur H. Carman


Copyright Denise and Peter 1999 - 2004

Archives New Zealand NZC 34/1 p38