Ship: 924 Tons,
Captain: Peck
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London June 28th 1872 - arrived Wellington October 25th 1872

A ship of 924 tons, Bebington was built in 1859. She had, amongst her many passengers, the unenviable nickname of  "The Old Tub" and was one of the slowest boats on the New Zealand immigrant run. Even under very favourable conditions, she still took longer than most to make the voyage out. In addition she was dogged by ill-fortune. Collisions with other ships, storms, outbreaks of typhoid and short supplies all at one time or another plagued "The Old Tub". Bebington made eight voyages to New Zealand of which three were to Lyttleton, two to Wellington and one each to Dunedin, Auckland and Napier. On her arrival in Auckland on July 15th 1876, Bebington was met by the Health Officer at Rangitoto Reef. There being typhoid and 67 cases of measles on board he sent her into quarantine on Motuihe Island where she remained for 5 weeks.
Source: White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Comment from Evening Post October 26th 1872

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Banks Samuel 27 England Carpenter
Florence 20
Bath Samuel 26 England Carpenter
Mary 23
Agnes 4 months Died on board 03/10/1872
Acute bronchitis
Bradnock George 32 England Labourer
Phillipa 32
Burley George 27 England Labourer
Mrs 24
Brennan Joseph 31 England Labourer
Mrs 32
Child 6
Child 2
Burton William 24 Warwickshire Bricklayer
Catherine 24
Matilda C 11 mths
Chaston Arthur 29 England Carpenter
Sarah 26
Emma 2
Female infant 7 weeks Presume born on board Died on board 19/07/1872
Diarrhoea & bronchitis
Clotworthy Mathias 22 England Carpenter
Margaret 20
Cock Robert 24 England Labourer
Amy 28
John 9 months Died on board 23/07/1872
Cooper Henry 40 England Carpenter
Emma 43
Emily 12
William 10
Herbert 4
Catherine 2
Davies Albert 29 England
Charlotte 26
Albert 6
George 2
Deeble Samuel 24 England Labourer
Mrs 24
Dickins James 44 London Station Master
Jane 47
Mary E 11
Charles H 8
Emily 6
Sarah Amy 4
Drew George 21 England Farm Labourer
Mary 20
Sarah 3
Elizabeth 1
Ferris Henry 24 England Farm Labourer
Mary 24
William 5
Edward 4
Henry 1 month
Foster William 36 England Labourer
Sarah 34
Robert 7
Beatrice 5
Alice 3 months Died on board 06/09/1872
Thomas W
Frost James 40 England
Martha 38
Martha 11
Harriet 9
Charlotte 7
James 17
Gordon Midley 46 Yorkshire Blacksmith
Mary 39
William 11
George 9
James 6
Margaret 3
Midley 10 mths
Gurney Joseph 32 England Bricklayer
Emma 28
Hancox James 26 England Labourer
Eliza 23
Eliza 3
James 3 months Died on board 29/08/1872
Tabes mesenterica
Hancox Henry 24 England Labourer
Sarah 28
Elizabeth 6
Alice 3
John 1 Died on board 19/08/1872
Mary 1 month Died on board 04/08/1872
Debility from birth
Hardman Frederick W 26 Worcestershire Navvy
Ann 27
Frederick Thomas 6
Rose 4
William 6 wks
Hodges James 28 England Labourer
Lucy 26
William 4
Sarah 11 months
Hunt Thomas 31 England Labourer
Emma 29
Elizabeth 6
Georgina 4
Emma 2
Hurley Jeremiah 26 Kerry Farm Labourer
Anne 23
Daniel 9 mths
Hussey Thomas 23 England Navvie
Mary 22
Iago Thomas S 27 Devonshire Carpenter
Mary H 27
Mary A 4
Lettie 11 mths
Judge Amos 29 Huntingdon Navvy
Isabella 29
Ellen 6
Kinkead Edward 38 Down Labourer
Margaret 34
Arthur 7
Kirk Edwin 32 Nottingham Carpenter
Pamela 32
Harry 6
Walter 5
William 3
Pamela 21 mths Died Wellington 31/10/1872
Marasmus (Dr France)
Louise 4 mths
Lowe (Lowe) Thomas 24 England Farm Labourer
Emma Matilda 20
Elizabeth 9 months Died on board 05/09/1872
Diarrhoea & teething convulsions
Harriet Matilda Infant Born on board 27/08/1872
Lummis Arthur 24 England Smith
Mary A 25
Arthur (Fred?) 1 Died on board 13/08/1872
Diarrhoea & tubercular menengitis
McClenaghan John 28 Tyrone Ploughman
Elizabeth 22
McCoy Thomas 33
Ann 29
Elizabeth 3 Crossed out on list
George 1
Mole Thomas 25 England Labourer
Caroline 24
Perry William C 24 England Carpenter
Catherine 24
Albert 1 month
Polland Edward 20 England Carpenter
Ellen 24
Edward 9 months
Pond William 30 England Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Edward 4
Charles 8 months
Pope William 25 England Labourer
Catherine 25
John 2
Joseph 5 months
Pritchett Henry 32 England Smith
Elizabeth 20
Emma 5 months Died on board 10/09/1872
Capillary bronchitis
Rayes Charles 39 Somersetshire Wheelwright
Emily 30
William 11
Francis E 5
Ellen M 6 mths
Redmond Denis 26 Ireland Miner
Mary 22
Mary 1 Died on board 21/09/1872
Roberts James 26 England Labourer
Ann 24
Westbury Frederick 33 England Ganger
Ann 30
Luther 7
Emily 3
Witny William 25 England Farm Labourer
Jane 23
Florence 11 months Died on board 10/08/1872
Diarrhoea & convulsions
Woodworth William 23 England Mason
Mary 22
Charles 6 months Died on board 15/09/1872
Single Men
Amy Thomas 22 England Farm Labourer
Anderson S James 24 England Labourer
Angel William 21 England Navvie
Baches Thomas 20 England Farm Labourer
Barnett Edward 21 England Labourer
Bright Richard 24 England Labourer
Bulman William 26 England Farm Labourer
Burton John 32 England Labourer
Cameron James 20 Ireland Farm Labourer
Chaffe Henry 22 England Farm Labourer
Chandler James 22 England Joiner
Clarke William 19 England Labourer
Clarkson Levi 21 England Joiner
John 19 England Bricklayer
Collister Thomas 20 England Labourer
Colvill Charles 25 England Labourer
Cooper William 21 England Labourer
Cooper Thomas 24 England Labourer
Cosbrook William 19 England Labourer
George 16 England
Davidson John 14 Kent Farm Labourer
Devane Timothy 24 Kerry Farm Labourer
Bound for Nelson
Dimes John 21 Middlesex Gas Fitter
Doyle Owen 20 England Labourer
Farmer Henry 25 England Labourer
Fitzsimmons Arthur 23 England Labourer
Fletcher Henry 24 England Labourer
Freeman Thomas 24 England Labourer
? 22 England Labourer
Gorrie John W 24 Iraland Farm Labourer
Gourick George 23 England Labourer
Green Arthur 23 Ireland Labourer
Hatharm William 23 England Miner
Kirby John 24 Ireland Farm Labourer
Bound for Nelson
Lamson Thomas 24 England Labourer
Leech Charles 22 England Labourer
Marney James 21 England Labourer
Marshall Thomas 23 England Labourer
Maugham T 26 England Labourer
McDonald Peter 20 Argyle Farm Labourer
Mellor Richard J 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Miners William 36 England Labourer
Moncref Charles 21 England Labourer
Moses John 24 England Labourer
Murray James 33 England Platelayer
Nebb Peter 24 England Labourer
Oliver Charles 20 England Labourer
Palmer John 23 England Farm Labourer
Partridge Richard 27 England Labourer
Power Lawrence 24 Wexford Farm Labourer
Prenderville John 22 Kerry Farm Labourer
Preston Henry 22 England Labourer
Price Thomas 26 England Labourer
Reles Thomas 30 Ireland Labourer
Roberts James 21 England Labourer
Robinson George 24 Armagh Farmer
Salmon William 26 England Labourer
Sewell A (?) 21 England Labourer
Shoreham George 33 England Navvie
Southworth William 32 England Farm Labourer
Warner George 27 England Labourer
Watson Alfred E 18 Devonshire Farm labourer
Weeks William 22 England Farm Labourer
Wells Robert 25 England Labourer
West Caleb 29 England Navvie
Whiteway Thomas 23 England Labourer
Williams William 21 England
Wotzasik Emil 26 Hungary Locksmith
Single Women
Angell Mary E 19 Buckinghamshire Laundry maid
Brabyn Jane 30 Cornwall Servant
Bound for Picton
Brabyn Catherine 21 England
Joseph 1 Died on board 22/09/1872
Mary 9
Catt Ann 22 Sussex General Servant
Chomming Sarah 24 England
Frances 6
James 2
Thomas 6 months Died on board between 15th & 22nd Sept 1872 Diarrhoea
Davidson Elizabeth 32 Kent Domestic Servant
Devane Catherine 20 Kerry Dairymaid
Bound for Nelson
Dickins Alice E 13 London General Servant
Foster Sarah I 14 Lincolnshire Bound for Picton
Frost Alice 15 Hants Servant
Bound for Picton
Gallivan Julia 16 Kerry Dairymaid
Bound for Nelson
Gordon Mary 17 Yorkshire Servant
Annie Alice 15 Yorkshire Servant
Knight Lavonia E 16 Glostershire Teacher
Leagar Sarah 30 England
Littlewood Emma 33 Yorkshire
Emma L 12
Herbert P 10
Fanny L 9
Infant Died at Wanganui
McCarthy Mary 23 Kerry Servant
McNaughton Catherine 37 Argyll Dairy Maid
Bound for Napier
Miller Jane 47 Scotland Servant
Minogue Mary E 18 Galway Servant
Robinson Anne E 22 Lincolnshire
Scanlon Margaret 21 Kerry Servant
Bound for Nelson
Seager Sarah 30
Ann CATT was my great-grandmother.  It is a bit of sad story as she and her brother George and sister Harriett were left behind in the Battle Union Workhouse, Sussex by their father when he travelled to New Zealand in 1857.  George died in England but both Ann and Harriet ended up in New Zealand.  William had remarried and after living in Tawa (the Old Porirua Rd) settling in Masterton.  Ann married Thomas Edmund Bush-King in Wellington 10 Mar 1873 and died in Auckland 4 Apr 1917. If you wish to learn more or have any connection to this family please contact Dennis Bush-King.
HODGES family:
James HODGES and Lucy MORGAN were married in Birmingham, England on July 29th 1866. They came to New Zealand with their 2 children, William & Sarah (my Grandmother) and another son, James was born on board the Bebington on Oct. 14th 1872. They settled in the Southland region where James was a sawmill hand, and had 4 more children, Walter, George, Henry & Samuel. Lucy died shortly after the birth of Samuel and he was adopted and taken to America. James later remarried Harriet Woodward and had 5 more children. If you wish to learn more or have any connection to this family please contact Barbara Lyall.

LOWE family:
Thomas Lowe married Emma Matilda Goodall on 26 December 1870 in Leamington Priors in the County of Warwick.  Their son (my Great Grandfather) George William Lowe was born in Waltham, Christchurch, New Zealand on 27th August 1874 and died in Busselton Western Australia on 2 October 1960. George married Mary Ann Florence Harwood on 9 August 1905 in Quindalup, Western Australia and had 6 children. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Kerry Lowe.


LOWE family:
On December 26th 1870 at the Parish Church, in the Parish of Leamington Priors in the County of Warwick, 22 year old Thomas Lowe was married to 18 Emma Matilda Goodall. With their 9 month old daughter, Elizabeth, the emigrated to New Zealand on board this sailing of the Bebington. During the voyage young Elizabeth died and another daughter Harriet Matilda was born to them on August 27th 1872. Thomas became a brewer and on September 1st 1896 his daughter Harriet Matilda married Ernest Edward Bacon at Christchurch. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Max Peterson.


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"The state of the weather has precluded any communication being held with the Bebington to-day"