Ship: 902 tons
Captain: Hight

Surgeon Superintendent: Dr P N Newall
Sailed London 17th October 1874 - arrived Wellington 22nd January 1875

Under charter to the Shaw Savill Company, the ship Berar, 902 tons, made three trips to New Zealand, two to Wellington and one to Auckland. Leaving London on February 5, 1865, she reached Wellington on May 10, a passage of 93 days. Her next voyage was to Auckland. She left London on May 22, 1873, and reached Auckland after a passage of 103 days on September 3. On this occasion she brought out 308 immigrants, who arrived well, in spite of the fact that it was a large number for a ship of her size. There were 108 children on board, and of that number three died on the voyage - two babies and one little boy of five. Dr C L Cunningham was the ships medical officer. Mr Henry Shepherd, of Herne Bay, who came out in the ship on this trip, tells me that she brought out some, if not all, of the iron fluming for the Thames water-race. Amoing the passengers were also the Mills family, several members of which became so well known in cricketing circles, namely Messrs. George Mills, Isaac Mills, and William Mills. The third trip of the Berar was to Wellington. She left London on October 18, 1874, and made Wellington on January 22, 1875, a passage of 96 days. On this occasion there were twenty-one deaths from scarlet fever. Captain Hall commanded the Berar in 1865, and Captain Highho (sic) on the other two trips.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett.

Her name is probably taken from the BERAR (also spelt BIRAR) district east-central Maharashtra state, western India which is famous for its cotton-growing. Following this voyage a Royal Commission of Enquiry was convened into the outbreak of disease & subsequent deaths on board.

Arrival of the Berar
Diary of the voyage of the Berar (kindly provided by Nick Perrin)
Voyage of the ship Berar 1874/75 (written by Suzanne Perrin)
Evidence given at the Royal Commission (kindly provided by Nick Perrin)

List of Passengers in hospital on Somes Island

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Bassett J 28 Kent Farm Labourer
Henrietta 28
Elizabeth 10
Benge James B Kent Labourer
Mary A
Benson George 34 Kent Farm Labourer
Mary A 30
George 13 T/F to s/m
William 8
Harry 7
Peter 5
Frederick 2 Died on board 06/12/1874
Female child Born on board 09/12/1874 (stillborn)
Blanch Thomas 28 Kent Farm Labourer
Mary A 26
John 3
Breach Levi 45 Berkshire Coachman
Eliza 42
William 22 T/F to s/m
Elizabeth 18 T/F to s/w
Samson 11
Lydia 9
Jane 7
Carmody John 32 Kerry Labourer
Johanna 28
Cogger William 35 Kent Shepherd
Mary A 33
Alice S 3 Died on board 06/11/1874
Debank Mark 35 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer
Anne 33
Mary A 6
Dixon Charles 32 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Mary A 26
George 4
John 2
Charles 1
Fielding Alfred Jersey Painter
Forster John 25 Kent Coach Painter
Eliza 23
Fanny E 14 months Died on board 22/11/1874
Alice J 1 month
Frigaux-Lebire Leon P 38 France Tinman
Marie M 36
Ernest A 22 T/F to s/m
William 15 T/F to s/m
Mathilda 14 T/F to s/w
Louisa 9
Gainor John 32 Kerry Farm Labourer
Rebecca 28
Martha 11
George Samuel 29 Jersey Cabinet Maker
Annie 27
Minnie 8
Beatrice 6
William 2
Emma 3 months
Harvey Henry 34 Kent Farm Labourer
Mary A 33
Mary J 9
John 7
Sarah A 6
Henry W 2
Charles T 9 months
Heighton William 37 Wiltshire Gardener
Mary A 25
Mary A 8
J William 4
J H 9 months Died on board 09/11/1874
Tabes mesenterica
Henley Thomas 39 Kent Farm Labourer
Catherine 37
John 14 T/F to s/m
William 12 T/F to s/m
Albert 7
Thomas 4
Mary 1
Hickslept Thomas 26 Kent Labourer
Emily 28
Henry 4
Charles 20 months
Jarrett Richard 32 Sussex Farm Labourer
Ann 22
Owen 5
Richard O 4
James E 3
Kearnay Patrick 35 Kerry Farm Labourer
Hannah 27
James 12 T/F to s/m
Richard 4
Mant George 39 Surrey Farm Labourer
Emma 39
Fanny L 15 T/F to s/w
William 13 T/F to s/m
Thomas 12 T/F to s/m
Ellen 8
Mary 6
Elsie 2
Mercer Henry 27 Kent Farm Labourer
Amelia 27
Mary A 6
William 4
Ada 2
Alice 10 months
Mercer Edward 45 Kent Farm Labourer
Mary A 42
Arthur 11
Ernest 9
Sarah A 7
Mitchell Thomas 25 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth A 24
Harriet A 1
Perrin Charles Thomas 38 Kent Farm Labourer
Sophia 39
Mary A 17 T/F to s/w
Charles 15 T/F to s/m
Fred 12 T/F to s/m
Alfred 8
Sophia 5
Henry 3
Stephen 10 months
Pettett James William 28 Sussex Carpenter
Mary A 24
George 4 months
Price William 31 Surrey Cloth Cap Maker
Mary 47
Charlotte 15 T/F to s/w
Maria 13 T/F to s/w
Clara 4
Presswood Housley 29 Nottinghamshire Watchmaker
Ellen 23
William Housley 1
Riorden David 28 Kerry Farm Labourer
Catherine 23
Sepper H J 39 Kent Tailor
Mary 37
Minnie 2
Shand W 35 Kent Labourer
E 35
H W 10
C 8
S 6
A E 1
Sharman Jonathan 45 Farm Labourer
Ann 35
Elizabeth 13 T/F to s/w
Julia 2 Died on board 09/11/1874
Henry 4 months
Simmons Thomas 30 Kent Farm Labourer
Pemby 25
Arthur T 4
Alfred E 2 Died on board 17/01/1874


Agnes A 7 months



Trezise James 30 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ann 30 Died on board 11/01/1875
Rheumatic Fever
Margery 6
Emily 4
Edith 2
Willism 6 months
Webb John 38 Warwickshire Gardener
Elizabeth 35
Frederick 15 T/F to s/m
Elizabeth 13 T/F to s/w
John 7
Elizabeth E 5
Whibley Daniel 29 Kent Brickmaker
Sarah 28
Ruth A 3
Wright Helier 28 Jersey Wine Cooper
Jane 28
Elie 4
Florence 2
Thomas 3 months
Selected by Emigrant and Colonists Aid Corporation
Alderson Anthony 50 Durham Labourer
Cicely 38
Ann 20 T/F to s/w
Sarah 18 T/F to s/w
William 17 T/F to s/m
Mary A 16 T/F to s/w
Catherine 15 T/F to s/w
John 14 T/F to s/m
Phoebe 10
Martin 7
James 4
Dorothy 2
Artha Richard A 26 Hamptonshire Labourer
May S 23
Ashworth George 33 Hertfordshire Labourer
Jane 28
Jane E 4
Georgina A E 20 months Died on board 25/11/1874
Bacon George 28 Leicestershire Carpenter
Martha 22
Clayton William 37 Nottinghamshire Carpenter Died on board
14/01/1875 Dysentry
Mary A 33
Annie 4
Julia 4
Frederick 6 months
Farreday Simeon 30 Staffordshire Blacksmith
Sarah 31
Lawton Amos 23 Staffordshire Labourer
Kitty 21
Ann 10 months Died on board 02/01/1875
Meacham John 28 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Rosa 26
Lilly M 17 months Died on board 04/11/1874
Male child Born on board 07/12/1874
Neale Henry 25 Northamptonshire Labourer
Jane 26
Sarah A 1 Died on board 14/11/1874
Parkes Thomas 43 Sussex Farm Labourer
Eliza 42
Thomas 20 T/F to s/m
Ellen 11
Alfred 9
Saville Stephen 38 Yorkshire Labourer
Isabella 38
John 14 T/F to s/m
Elizabeth 13 T/F to s/w
James 11
Benjamin 10
Mary 9 Died on board 01/11/1874
Smith John 27 Staffordshire Labourer
Annie J 27
Female child Born on board 26/12/1874 (stillborn)
White Richard 24 Devonshire Farm Labourer Died on board 24/11/1874 Scarlatina
Anne 25
Charles 1
Colonial Nominated
Batchin Alfred 39 Surrey Painter
Elizabeth 48



Blake William 34 Middlesex Smith
Esther A 32
Mary J 12 T/F to s/w
Esther A 10
William Albert 7
Emily A 4
Elizabeth M 10 months Died on board 01/11/1874
Browne James 34 Derry Painter
Letitia 32
Robert G 13 T/F to s/m
Andrew J 11
Jane 7
Henry G 5
Elizabeth J 3
James 1 Died on board 04/12/1874
Male child Born on board 16/11/1874
Lord William 42 Wiltshire Time Keeper Died on board 19/01/1875 Dysentry
Emma S 34
Emma M A 16 T/F to s/w
Frances E 13 T/F to s/w
Ann M 10
Susannah J 9
John J 7
Alfred A 5
Ada B 4 Died on board 25/12/1874
Florence S 2 months Died on board 25/11/1874
Effects of sea voyage
Shewbridge James 39 Kent Bricklayer
Mary 35
Sarah 15 T/F to s/w
George 11
Annie 9
Ada 7
Dora 5
Lilly 1
Single Men
Abard Walter 28 Sussex Labourer
Alderson William 17 Durham Labourer
John 14 Durham
Barnes James 26 Kent General Labourer
Batchelor Thomas 17 Sussex General Labourer
Berry Walter 20 Surrey Fitter
Benson George 13 Kent
Billings George 18 Kent Labourer
Boyes Frederick 21 Surrey Slaughterman
Breach William 22 Berkshire Gardener
Cleghorn Arthur 22 Middlesex Carpenter
Collins William 19 Kent Farm Labourer
Colyer James 17 Kent Labourer
Conaghan Thomas 24 Derry Mason
Cunneen Thomas 17 Kent Labourer
Michael 14 Kent
Daniel 12 Kent
Dafter Richard 21 Surrey Gardener
Day William 23 Cambridgeshire Farm Labourer
Dickin Thomas 20 Warwickshire Labourer
English John 20 Guernsey Farm Labourer
Frigaux-Lebire Ernest A 22 France Tinman
William 15 France
Gileson William 32 Kent Labourer
Henley John 14 Kent
William 12 Kent
Holland George 20 Kent Farm Labourer
Hopkins Henry Herbert 20 Sussex Labourer
Johnstone Andrew 19 Shetland Farm Labourer
Kearnay James 12 Kerry
Kearns James 24 Fermanagh Labourer
Kingsworth Charles J 23 Kent General Labourer
Lavender Edward 23 Sussex Farm Labourer
Lepper John J 19 Kent Ironmoulder & Labourer


Charles W 16 Kent Farm Labourer
Lepper William R 14 Hertfordshire Labourer
Mager Charles 18 Hertfordshire Farm Labourer
Mant William 13 Surrey
Thomas 12 Surrey
Manwaring John C 13 Kent
Martin James 25 Kent Farm Labourer
Mercer George 17 Kent Farm Labourer
John 14 Kent
James 21 Kent Farm Labourer
Navin Alexander 29 Kincaird Farm Labourer
Ogston George 27 Aberdeen Saddler
Perrin Charles 15 Kent
Frederick 12 Kent
Parkes Thomas 20 Sussex Labourer
Peck John 25 Kent Farm Labourer
Percival William 30 Kent Labourer
Percival Robert 54 Kent Labourer
Aubrey 14 Kent
Potter Humphrey 20 Huntingdon Labourer
Rawley Walter H 20 Warwickshire Labourer
Roswell Samuel 22 Guernsey Farm Labourer
Saville John 14 Yorkshire
Scrivens Alfred 20 Kent Farm Labourer
Sharman Charles E 15 Suffolk Labourer
Sharman J R 18 Essex Labourer
Shoobridge Harry Kent Labourer
Smith William 16 Kent Farm Labourer
Smith Richard 37 Kent Labourer
Startup Joseph 19 Kent Farm Labourer
Stock Frederic 21 Cambridgeshire Fram Labourer
Webb Frederick 15 Warwickshire
Wenham John 20 Kent Labourer
Williamson Frederick 24 Oxfordshire Carpenter
Wisdom William C 20 Kent Farm Labourer
Henry 18 Kent Farm Labourer
Young John 17 Kent Farm Labourer
Young William 21 Shetland Farm Labourer
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Browne Robert G 13 Derry
Cloak William Henry 13 Middlesex
Dillon John 24 Hartfordshire Bricklayer
Enright John 21 Kerry Labourer
Ellen 17 T/F to s/w
Fowler William 64 Norfolk Game Keeper
Henry Nicholas 20 Galway Bootmaker
Roadley Cecil 21 Lincolnshire Printer
Selfe George W 28 Surrey Joiner
Single Women
Alderson Anne 20 Durham Servant
Sarah 18 Durham Servant
Mary A 16 Durham Servant
Catherine 15 Durham Servant
Barham Esther 15 Kent Servant
Bassett Kate 25 Kent Servant
Breach Elizabeth 18 Berkshire Housemaid
Carman Sophia 18 Kent Servant
Carroll Agnes 17 Kent Servant
Cunneen Mary 41
Thomas 17 T/F to s/m
Michael 14 T/F to s/m
Daniel 12 T/F to s/m
Margaret 7
Tom 4
William 1
Devine Mary C 18 Tipperary Servant
Falle Louisa 16 Jersey Housemaid
Fricker Fanny 23 Germany Cook
Frigaux-Lebire Matilda 14 France
Harvey Susannah 16 Kent Servant
Henley Ann 16 Kent Servant
Holliday Amy 23 Inverness Housemaid
Holloway Sarah J 17 Dorsetshire Housemaid
Kerrins Mary Susan 18 India Housemaid
Manning Mary A 21 Warwickshire Housemaid
Manwaring Charlotte 34 Kent Servant   SUB-MATRON
Mant Fanny S 15 Surrey Nurse
McLaughlan Bridget 25 Derry Servant
Nash Mary 44 Kent Servant           MATRON
Fanny 17 Kent Servant
Eliza 20 Kent Servant
Percival Harriet 21 Kent Servant
Perrin Mary A 17 Kent Servant
Price Charlotte 15 Surrey
Maria 13 Surrey
Ray Jane 19 Jersey Housemaid
Saville Elizabeth 13 Yorkshire
Sharman Elizabeth 13 Suffolk
Swain Mary M 18 Surrey Servant
Webb Elizabeth 13 Warwickshire
Weigandt Celestine 24 Germany Servant
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Blake Mary J 12 Middlesex
Cloak Eliza 18 Middlesex Servant
William Henry 13 T/F to s/m
Enright Ellen 17 Kerry Dairymaid
Lord Emma M A 16 Wiltshire Servant
Frances E 13 Wiltshire
Quartly Amy 25 Middlesex Dressmaker
Walter E 5 Middlesex
Edith A 3 Middlesex
Percy Charles 1 Middlesex
Shewbridge Sarah 15 Kent
Weaver Susan 70 Devonshire
White Sarah 28 Buckinghamshire Servant
William 3 Buckinghamshire


PERRIN family:
Charles Thomas PERRIN and his family lived in Rotherhithe, Surrey just south of the river Thames. Here he was listed in the 1851 census as a British Pitch Maker working in the Surrey Dockyards. In 1874 Charles his wife Sophia and their seven children Mary, Charles, Fred, Alfred, Sophia, Henry and Stephen emigrated to New Zealand on board this sailing of Berar to Wellington. All were lucky to arrive safewly on a ship in which disease was rife. There were 19 deaths, most from Scarlatina, and mostly amongst the younger children. Following their arrival, the Perrin's moved to Nelson where Charles Thomas became a grocer. If you have a connection to this family or are interested in learning more please contact Nick Perrin.


Mary Susan KERRINS:
Mary Susan Kearins, the daughter of William and Suzie Kearins, was born on board the ship Polmaise. Her mother had been on her way to join her husband, William, who was serving with the British Army in India. Her birth was therefore registered in that British teritory. After several years in India Susan returned to England and in 1875 arrived in Wellington on boar the Berar. Hers, in 1877, she married
Giles Francis Lapham. They were to have four children William (1877), Ellen (1879), Arthur (1881) and Frank (1883) before Giles (known as Frank) left with another woman and was never heard from again. If you have a connection with this family, are interested in learning more or can shed some light on what happened to Frank Lapham Snr please contact Craig Gunn.


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