Barque: 378 Tons
Captain: John Grey
Surgeon Superintendent: Niel Campbell
Sailed Clyde 5:00pm 25th August 1840 - Arrived Port Nicholson 27th December 1840

The NZ Company knew the value of the Scot as a pioneer. The Blenheim brought out 197 people under the leadership of Laird Donald McDonald (his opinion about some of these folk is expressed in the "Comments" column below). This gentleman was a representative of the New Zealand Company and a large landholder in the colony and nearly the whole of the body of emmigrants were composed of his own and neighbouring clans, near Fort William, Invernessshire.
Source White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Departure of the Blenheim
Voyage of the Blenhiem

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Campbell Captain Moses 51
Jessie 31
John 8
Colin 6
Louisa Margaret 5
Susan 1
Isabella 1 Died at sea 23/10/1840
Johnston Mrs
McDonald Donald
Catherine 17
Donald 16
Adam 15
Flora 13
Alexander 12
Campbell 10
Thomas 5
Duncan 18 months
McDonald Dr Sinclair
McFarlane John
Sutherland Dr Sinclair
Steerage Passengers

If a wife's maiden name is shown this is because she was known by this name on the passenger list. A common practice in Scotland.

Brown James 28 Labourer From Paisley
Mary 30
Sarah 9
James 7
George 5
Elizabeth 1
Cameron Alexander 35 Carpenter
Wife 30 No name given
Child No name given
Child No name given
Cameron Allan 35 Engineer's Assistant
Janet 30
John 19
Hugh 17
Allan 1
Cameron Donald 46 Weaver From Ormasaigmore -
"This man and his family have been known to me for many years, he is very industrious."
Christian 40
Dugald 18 Labourer
Alexander 17 Labourer
Donald 16 Labourer
Catherine 14 Housemaid
Ann 12
John 10
Duncan 8 At School Comment crossed out
Cameron Donald 52 Labourer From Trishilaig -
"This man and his family have been knowen to me all my life & are a very industrious family. The same remark applies to his brother and his family who is next to him but one on the list, they have besides excellent references."
                  Mary (McPherson) 40
Janet 26 Dairymaid
John 24 Quarrier
Allan 22 Quarrier
Donald 20 Shoemaker
Duncan 18 Shepherd
Ewen 17 Plougman
Alexander 15 Cowherd
James 14 Cowherd
Ann 12
George 9
Cameron Dugald 48 Labourer From Glenmore -
"Also a pensioner of Chelsea Hospital & brother to the above Duncan Cameron may be considered as one family having always lived together since their retirement from the army."
NB Duncan did not embark
Christian 40
Anne 16
Angus 9 Cowherd
Mary 7
Cameron Ewen 50 Tailor From Trisilaig -
Brother referred to in the comments against Donald Cameron's name above.
Maria (Colquhoun) 46
Mary 28 Chambermaid
Jane 22 Housemaid
Marjory 24 Housemaid
Flora 26 Housemaid
Charles 18 Labourer
Sarah 16 Cowherd
Allan 14 Cowherd
Donald 12
Margaret 9
Ann 7
Catherine 4
Cameron John 49 Labourer From Achranach -
"Recommended by Sheriff Gregorson & his Parish priest."
Janet (McGregor) 44
John 26 Ploughman
Angus 24 Labourer
Charles 20 Labourer
Duncan 17 Cowherd
Allan 15 Cowherd
Ann 12
Archibald 9
Dugald 7
Marjory 5
Cameron Catherine 45 Widow
Cameron Catherine 17 Housemaid
Cameron Mary 15 Housemaid
Cameron Dugald 30 Shepherd
Cameron Ewen 21
Cameron Angus 21 Labourer
Cameron John 23
Chisolm John 40 Labourer
Drummond James 15 Labourer


Dunnet Mathew 36 Labourer
Margaret 33
John 7
Janet 4
Easton George 22 Baker From Paisley
Mary 21
Ferguson Donald 36 Miller
Mary 35
Marion 9
Donald 7
Ferguson John 22 Joiner
Ferguson John 50 Miller & Wright From Sky
Wife 46
Child Under 7
Child Under 7
Frazer Duncan 40 Blacksmith & Labourer From Corran -
"Has been long known to me and has excellent certificates."
Margaret 36
John 17 Blacksmith
Catherine 16 Sempstress
Isabella 15 Housemaid
Margaret 14 Housemaid
Elizabeth 13 Housemaid
Ann 12
Alexander 8
Donald 7
Duncan 4
Thomas Infant Born at sea
Frazer Mrs Jane 20 Sister of Mrs Duncan Frazer
Frazer Mrs Jane 25 Widow of William Frazer
Mary 5
Grant Alexander 30 Mason
Harvie William 15 Labourer
Keith Alexander 34 Shepherd & Labourer
McCollsty Daniel 27 Stonemason
McConnel William 22 Baker From Paisley
Elizabeth 21
McEachnie Michael 36 Labourer
MacGregor Gregor 21 Labourer "Recommended by Tallasker."
McKay John 52
John 28
Donald 25
Sarah 19 Dairymaid
Lachlan 16 Cowherd
Hector 14
Colin 10
MacKenzie Hugh 50 Labourer From Achatany -
"This family have been known to me all my life and have usually been in my own & my brothers service."
Catherine (McDonald) 46
Jane 24
Peggy 21
Mary 17
Flora 15
Janet 12
John 10
McKinnis Lachlan 21 Shepherd From Mirren
McKinnon John 20 Labourer
McLachlan Dugald 40 Labourer
Jane 35
Catherine 15 Housemaid
Jane 13
Alexander Cleghorn 11
Hugh 10
Duncan 4
McLellan Archibald 30 Labourer From Mirren
Christina 27
McMaster Angus 36 Ploughman From Hinlochmoidart
MacNaughton Ewen 28 Labourer From Glenevis - Servants to Captain Campbell
Janet (Kennedy) 25
McQuarrie Donald 54 Labourer From Borline -
"Recommended by Hugh MacAskil Esq of Tallasker in which family McQuarrie has ever been - Tallasker is to pay for the children."
Margaret (McCachern) 53
Mary 32 Dairymaid
Rachael 27 Housemaid & Cook
Jane 25 Housemaid
Angus 23 Cooper
Donald 21 Sailor
John 19 Joiner
Alexander 17 Labourer
Hugh 14 Cowherd
Mary 7 Grandchild of Donald McQuarrie
Isabella 3 Grandchild of Donald McQuarrie
John 3 Grandchild of Donald McQuarrie
McQueen Archibald 21 Labourer
Miller William 28 Labourer From Glasgow
Maria 27
Robert 9
Janet 7
Mary 5
Jane 2
Margaret Infant Born at sea
Mitchell James 29 Labourer From Paisley
Jane 28
Marion 5
Jane 3
Morrison Hugh 50 Shepherd From Kenlochuline -
"Recommended by his late Master Mr McLachlan Laudale and his parish Minister."
Anne (Turner) 40
Hugh 18 Labourer
Duncan 16 Labourer
Anne 14 Housemaid
John 12 Cowherd
Margaret 10
Mary 8
Colin 6
Murray John 24 Ploughman
Nicholl William 47 Labourer From Paisley
Janet 35
John 18 Labourer
William 16 Labourer
Charles 13
James 10
Janet 8
Rankin James 21 Collier From Paisley
Ross George 21 Blacksmith
Sinclair Francis 42 From Perthshire
Eliza 40
John 20
George 15
James 14
Jane 12
Helen 10
Frances 6
Ann A 1
Smith Mary 19 Housemaid
Thompson Alexander 28 Labourer From Paisley
Helen 26
Turner Isabella 28 Housemaid
Turner John 20 Mason
CAMERON family:
John Cameron and Janet Cameron (Nee McGregor) emigrated to New Zealand with their children; John ,Angus, Charles, Duncan, Allan, Ann, Archibald, Dugald and Marjory. They moved to Kaiwarawara, which must be near Wellington. Later they moved to the Turakina Area, near Wanganui. John died in 1881, allegedly aged 100. If this is true he must have lied about his age on the passenger list. ( Latest research points to his age at death as 90 years old) Apparently this was not unheard of for prospective migrants to lie about their age. They must have been good Christians judging from a memorial found inside the church in Turakina, "To the glory of God and in the memory of John and Jeanet Cameron our great grandparents. The first service to be held in the parish held outside their residence 15 December 1852." A number of researchers have been working on this family and the tree is growing by the day. Please feel to contact me if you think you may be related [email protected] The Cameron Clan New Zealand website has good information on the Camerons including a shipboard diary written by a passenger aboard the Blenheim.


Alexander Cleghorn McLachlan married Mary Argyle Naysmith (who arrived with her family on board the Duchess of Argyle) on August 13th 1861 at Stapleton Registry Office, Coromandel, New Zealand. Alexander was born on July 2nd 1828 at Fort William, Inverness Scotland. Along with his parents, Dugald McLachlan and Mary Ann Abercrombie Cleghorn, he came to New Zealand on this sailing of Blenheim. In all Alexander and Mary were to have nine children; Richard Louis (10th March 1862), Henry Alexander (17th July 1865), Annie Catherine (28th may 1868), John James (19th March 1870), Elizabeth Mary (6th February 1873), Janet Isabella (28th April 1875), Mary Christina (30th July 1876), Margarita Ewena (11th December 1879) and Janet Scott (5th October 1882). If you have a connection with this family please contact Col Dundon at [email protected]


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/1 p204
Stirling Observer September 3rd 1840

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