Barque: 378 tons
Captain: John Grey
Surgeon Superintendent: Samuel Norway Esq
Sailed Plymouth 2nd July 1842 - arrived New Plymouth 19th November 1842

By the fifth barque, the Blenheim, 374 tons, Captain John Grey, 159 passengers arrived in New Plymouth on November 19, 1842, after a passage of 141 days from the mother Plymouth. Apparently nothing very unusual was noted about this long voyage, but it is interesting to know that the contract price for bringing out the passengers was 17 9/6 for each adult.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Journal of the Surgeon Superintendent Samuel Norway - our sincere thanks to Dawn Dare and Peter Bolton for this

Our sincere thanks to John Offord for transcribing this list.
Name Age Occupation Comments
Intermediate Passengers
Brooks William 20 For Wellington
Bullock Edward 35 Farmer For Wellington
Chillman Mary 19 For New Plymouth
Duncan George 22 For New Plymouth
Ford Nicholas 35 For New Plymouth
Hall Joseph 36 Land Agent For New Plymouth
Jane 36
Joseph 4
Elizabeth 5
William 1
Hicks John 23 For Wellington
Holyrod Michael 22 For New Plymouth
Hughes Thomas 25 For Wellington
Johnstone Euphemia 25 For Wellington
Mary 8
Robert 6
Knight Francis 30 Gentleman For Wellington
Rosina 27
Francis 1
Mary 3 months
Leadman Amelia 21 For New Plymouth
Murch Palmer 24 For New Plymouth
Ann 22
Mary Ann 3 months
Norway Samuel 40 Surgeon on Board For New Plymouth
Parris Robert 25 For New Plymouth
Mary 25
Mary 4
Sarah Ann 1
Prentice Edward 23 For Wellington
Pridie James 25 For New Plymouth
Smart James 50 Farmer For New Plymouth
Mary 47
Sarah 19
Elizabeth 17
Hannah Maria 13
Jane 9
William 3
Turner William 27 For Wellington
Walsh Richard 35 Lawyer For Wellington
Louisa 30
Williamson David 22 For Wellington
Steerage Passengers
Argle William 40 Miner
Mary 40
William 17 Miner
Richard 11
Grace 9
Elizabeth 7
Baird Marion 23 Domestic Servant For Wellington
Baker Robert 39 Carpenter
Emma 40
Eliza 8
John 5
Elizabeth 14
Robert 17
Coleman William 24 Carpenter
Ann 20
Collins William 36 Blacksmith
Maria 37
Henry 11
John 8
Hannah 6
Thomas 4
Mary 3
Richard 8 months
Dust James 33 Agricultural Labourer
Agnes 27
Emma 9 months
Elizabeth 4
George Edmund 34 Miner
Elizabeth 30
Cecila 12
William Henry 8
Elizabeth 5
Edmund 3
Gibbons John 24 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 24
Walter 9
Goninan Richard 27 Carpenter
Letitia 26
Eliza Ann 4
John William 2
Goninan Thomas 28 Baker
Hales Charles 16 Clerk For Wellington
Holloway William 34 Timber Cutter
Francis 21
Rosanna 2 months
Hurford John 26 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 23
Infant daughter Born on board
Julian Richard 45 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 44
Mary Jane 10
Sophia 7
John James 2
Eleanor 23 Domestic Servant
Caroline 21 Sempstress
Richard 20 Agricultural Labourer
Samuel 18 Blacksmith
Nicholas 15 Mason
Langman Richard 30 Miner
Mary 29
Richard 7
Thomas 4
John 6
Lee John 23 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 23
McBean Thomas 27 Farmer For Wellington
Millstead Josiah 20
Susannah 21
Moon Philip 37
Sarah 35
John 17 Mason
George Henry 7
Thurza 5
Charlotte 2
Infant daughter Born on board
Parker Joseph 32 Gardener
Jane 34
Amelia 1
Payne Elizabeth 20 Domestic Servant
Radford Thomas 24 Carpenter
Ramsden James 19 Farmer For New Plymouth
Richards William 30 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 28
John 7
Mary Jane 1
Rogers John 20 Miner
Thomas 19 Miner
Eliza 18 House Servant
Francis 15 House Servant
Henry 11
Edward 8
Rusden Thomas 30 Mason
Elizabeth 25
Thomas 3
Richard 1
Elizabeth Ann 3 months
St George Edwin 28 Clerk For New Plymouth
Shell William 28 Stonemason
Jane 29
Skitch Ann 18 Domestic Servant
Tuffin Eliza 24
Emma 8
George 5
Wilkinson Thomas 38 Agricultural Labourer
Alice 26
John 1 month
Wilkinson Charlotte 29 Sempstress
Williams James 32 Miner
Mary 33
Elizabeth 7
Mary Ann 2
Grace 1
Infant daughter Born on board 02/11/1842
Williams William 28 Stonemason
Elizabeth 24
Elizabeth 3
William James 4
Wright John 16 Clerk For New Plymouth
Wright Sydney 17 Clerk For New Plymouth


Josiah and Susannah Millstead were the Great Grandparents of Dawn Dare and the late Mary Richardson. They went to New Zealand on board the Blenheim living for a time at New Plymouth before moving to Kawai Island till 1846. They then travelled to Australia when they left on the "Terror" on 22/10/1846 arriving in Port Jackson (Sydney) on the 6/11/1846.  From Sydney they travelled to Adelaide in 1848 (method unknown) where  Josiah had a brother, Edward, whose wife was a cousin of Susannahs, (Jane Tressider Beaglehole). Josiah had a falling out with his brother, and went to Victoria during the Gold Rush years where they stayed until the late 1860's when they went to live with a daughter in New South Wales. Josiah was killed by a fall from a horse in 1880 and Susannah died in New South Wales in 1903. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Dawn Dare.


Ann was born on June 1st 1825 in Stratton, Cornwall, England, the third child of cordwainer Robert and Honor (Smeeth) Skitch. Robert died tragically in 1826 at the age of 27, leaving his 7-month-pregnant wife to raise 4 children alone - no easy task. In the 1841 Stratton census, Honor was living with her youngest son, Robert. Eldest son, William, recently married, was living in nearby Bude, and daughter, Jane, was a servant in the same town. Just prior to that date, a friend of Ann had booked passage to New Zealand on the Blenheim, looking after children in return for payment of her fare, but at the last moment backed out of the arrangement. Ann decided to go in her place. After a voyage of nearly 5 months, she arrived at New Plymouth with 17/- in her purse, having to find accommodation and a position. It is believed that her future husband, William Thompson, carried her ashore from the Blenheim's skiff. They were married 15 June 1843, their first son, William, arriving in May 1844. In 1845 they left for Australia, where they had another 6 children. Ann died in Glanville, South Australia, 21 May 1902. If you have a connection with Ann or would like to learn more please contact Barbara and Peter


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