Ship: 400 Tons
Captain: James Moore
Surgeon: Dr Samuel Hodgkinson
Sailed Gravesend 1st August 1842 - arrived Nelson 14 December 1842

Name Age Occupation
Chief Cabin
Brady Francis 49 Gentleman for Wellington
Frederick 9
Hodgkinson Samuel 25 Surgeon
Hughling Harry For Wellington
Parkinson Thomas
Intermediate Cabin
Brims George
Eames Robert
Eames Elizabeth
Riding Richard
Steerage Passengers
Bennett Mr
Day Osborne
Foster James
Glasgow Robert
King Mr
Poole William
Rice William
Steerage Emigrants
Astle Charles 31 Wheelwright and Carpenter
Sarah 33
Thomas 9
Mary 7
Harriett 4
Child 1
William 1
Bampton George 23 Gardener
Catherine 22
Braid James 22 Engineer
Browning Rebecca 16 Dressmaker
Burt William Thomas 20 Ag Labourer
Hannah 20
Butler Arabella 23 Domestic Servant
Carter John 35 Gardener and Ag Labourer
Mary 37
Hannah 10
Samuel 8
Sarah 7
William 2
Connell Basil 30 Joiner and Cabinet Maker
Mary 32
Elizabeth 9
Isabella 7
Basil 5
Mary 2
Cooke Joseph 25 Saddler and Harness Maker
Charlotte 22
Girl Born on board
Coppins William 31 Tailor
Mary Ann 31
William Wilkinson 2
Arthur Thomas 2
Croake Patrick 36 Ag Labourer
Elizabeth 37
Mary 16 Servant
Richard 15 Labourer
Jane 13
Peggy 10
Walter 7
Dredge Sarah 18 Domestic Servant
Ferme John 26 Farm Overseer (Assistant to Surgeon)
Margaret 22
Boy Born on Board
Flower Henry Trufitt 39 Carpenter and Servant
Margaret 37
Emma 18 Servant
Mary 17 Servant
Ann 14 Sempstree
Alfred 12
John 10
Jane 7
Elizabeth 4
Henry 1
Flower Joseph 40 Shoemaker and Servant
Elizabeth 36
Elizabeth 14 Sempstress
George 6
John 1
Fraser Marjary 29 Sempstress
Gell John 29 Carpenter and Joiner (Constable)
Martha 27
Elizabeth 3
Mary 1 Died
Gray Christiana 22 Sempstress and Servant
Hagan Margaret 52 Farm and Dairy Servant
Hagan James 21 Shoemaker
Eliza 26
Eliza 17 Servant
Haines Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant
Hawkins John 23 Grocer and Provision Factor
Sabina 27
Livingstone John 27 Farm Servant
Livingston David 24 Joiner
McCormick Michael 29 Buildera Labourer
Johanna 31
Michael 7
Ann 3
Bridget 1
Son Born and Died on Board
McGowan William 25 Ploughman
Sarah 21
John Infant Died
McRoberts Thomas 33 Ag Labourer
Mary 23
Mary Ann 7
Margaret 1 Died
Maguire Henry 33 Ag Labourer
Letitia 25
James 2
Ann Infant
Maiben James 24 Wright
Marchant Joseph Kettle 22 Gardener
Ann Emily 22
Emily Louisa Infant Died
Medhurst Joseph 37 Carpenter (Cook)
Susan 35
Alfred 1
Frederick 1
Millard Samuel 16 Carpenter and Sawyer
Power Richard 36 Mason
Eleanor 35
Eleanor 11
Mary 8
Rider Jonas Brown 28 Smith and Harness Maker
Mary Lucy 19
Mary Ellen 6
Jonas B 4
Robinson Jonathon 29 Harness Maker and Saddler
Elizabeth 27
Margaret 5
John 1
Roebuck Charles 35 Harness Maker and Carpenter (Cooks Mate)
Elizabeth 30
Elizabeth 14 Sempstress
George Palmer 10
Mary Ann 3
Smith James H 26 Ag Labourer (Constable)
Susan Frances 22
Sparks Alfred 18 Tin Plate Worker and Brazier
Strong Samuel 47 Farmer and Land Purchaser
Martha 37
Frances 5
Lucy 2 Died
Thorn Amelia 16 Servant
Thorn John 14 Labourer
Tomlinson Richard 35 Ag Labourer
Dorothy 32
George 7
James 4
Henry 1
Wadsworth James 32 Farm Labourer
Sarah 32
John 9
William 7
Elizabeth 4
Wilson Isaac 24 Ag Labourer and Blacksmith
Jane 22
Hannah 1

Henry Flower was born in 1803. He was a carpenter who helped build bridges near Nelson. He arrived in New Zealand in 1842 with his wife and 8 children, two of whom were born in Welshpool, Montgomery, Wales. Henry died while chopping firewood, on the 7th of March 1871.

Sudden death at Wakapuaka - Mr H. T. Flower aged 68 years, one of the oldest settlers in Nelson Province, dropped down suddenly on Tuesday morning, while sawing a piece of firewood. His son, who was near, immediately raised him up, carried him into the house and found that he was dead. Deceased had been suffering from disease of the heart for some time past. Dr Vickerman gave a certificate to that effect.

Jane Flower was born in Watford, Hertford, England in May 1836. She came to Nelson on The Bombay as a seven year old in 1842. She died on the 14th of December 1927 in Auckland. Jane married Captain Henry Jacobsen on the 1st of January 1857 at the Christ Church in Nelson. They had two sons who died in 1861 aged 2 and 3, and then five daughters.

"There was one woman who followed her husband into the wilderness where he had taken a position in charge of a sheep station owned by Major Newcombe. It was above the Grey River, near Ahaura.

Mrs Jacobsen reached the mouth of the Grey in January 1865 to find that the only means of reaching her husband was by canoe. She engaged a crew to paddle the craft up the river.

Seldom has it been the lot of a woman to face a journey under such conditions. It rained almost incessantly; the river was in flood; tributaries, emptying great volumes of water into the already swollen main stream, caused so much confusion of waters that the canoe was all but capsized on numerous occasions. Mrs Jacobsen was determined to reach her husband, and would not permit the crew to turn back as they so often pleaded they should do.

It was 25 miles between the mouth of the river and the point she was to leave it for the short overland trek to the sheep station. She was eight days on her journey.

Arrived at her destination she was dismayed to find her new home was built of mud, with moss already growing halfway up the walls, and the roof of manuka bark was barely keeping out the beating rain. There she lived for six months before her husband gave up and started fossicking for gold along the beach, making his way from Greymouth to Westport."

Copyright Denise & Peter 1999, 2000

National Archives Reference NZC 34/2 page403

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