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British Queen1883

British Queen
Steamship: 2277 tons
Captain: Nowell
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Hazzard
Sailed Plymouth March 24th 1883 - arrived Wellington May 15th1883
                                                                        Lyttelton May 17th 1883

Differences in the spelling between newspaper & archives records have been identified and are bracketed in the list.

Arrival of the British Queen

Name Age County Occupation Destination
First Cabin Passengers
Ford Mr C Canterbury
Master Canterbury
Grant Miss Wellington
Miss Wellington
Master Wellington
Harding Miss Wellington
Holliday Miss Wellington
Temple Mr G Canterbury
Second Cabin Passengers
Brown Miss Wellington
Dare Mr Wellington
Davy Miss Wellington
Edwards Mr J C Canterbury
George Mr Wellington
Glenny Mr Wellington
2 children
Johnson Mr Canterbury
Leonard Mr Wellington
Mason Mr Wellington
Murdoch Mrs Wellington
Reynolds Miss Wellington
Short Mr Wellington
Wilkinson Mr Canterbury
Mr Canterbury
Windmill Mr Canterbury
Third Cabin Passengers
Allen Elizabeth
Baxter Mr M Canterbury
Mr M Canterbury
Beard Joshua Parents of Caroline & Serena
Bourse Mr M Canterbury
Brown Mr
4 children
Callan Mr B Canterbury
Chappell Mr A Canterbury
Diamond Mr W
Dundas Mr W Canterbury
Fowler Mr A Canterbury
Gardner Richard
Garland Mr T Canterbury
Goodwin Maxwell
Hillary Edward
Ingoll Thomas
Irving Mary
Kingsford Mr J
Kirby John Canterbury
Luxton Mr
8 children
McCarthy Denis
North Mr J Canterbury
Passer Nathan
Richardson Mr J Canterbury
Runeo Peter
Simpson William
4 children
Thomson John
Torry Harriet
Watkins Richard
Watson William
Webster Mr W Canterbury
White Mr H Canterbury
Widdas Arthur
Young William
Government Immigrants
Families and Children
Brady Philip 25 Cavan Ploughman Canterbury
Mary 21
Cawlin (Cranlin) Walter (Walker) 30 Essex Labourer Canterbury
Rosina 30
Emily S (E) 2
Cooper Robert 39 Kent Brickmaker Canterbury
Emma 39
Cox John W 27 Yorks Labourer Canterbury
Ann (Annie) E 26
Thomas (J) 4
Edith H 1
Embury James 35 Wiltshire Sawyer Wellington
Ann 36
Minnie 8
Frederick 6
Hannah or Harriet 4
Martha A 4 months
Feltham Charles 33 Somerset Sawyer Wellington
Jane 31
Gertrude 10
Herbert 8
Edgar 5
Lillian 3
Wilfred 2 months
Geary Hamilton 27 Down General Labourer Canterbury
Eliza 28
Holloway Henry 23 Dorset Labourer Wellington
Fanny 20
Jeannie 4 months
Luckland George 46 Northumberland Bottle Maker Wellington
Agnes 44
Norman William 25 Herts Miller Canterbury
Anna (Hannah) 30
Sarah A 5
Palmer Henry 35 Forfar Gardener Wellington
Margaret 29
John 6
Espet 5
William J 1
Preston Edward 40 Cavan Coachman Taranaki
Jane 29
William 3
Maria 2
Edward 6 months
Richard 23
Frances 20
Power John 48 Surrey Gardener Canterbury
Elizabeth (Eliza) 55
Shepherd Richard 61 Armagh Farmer Canterbury
Ann 55
Elizabeth 25 T/F to single women Servant
Margaret 23 T/F to single women Servant
Sophia 18 T/F to single women Servant
John 15 T/F to single men Farm Labourer
Tina 13 T/F to single women
Sims Robert 34 Middlesex Skin Dresser Wellington
Ann 32
Thomas 8
Jane 6
Frederick 4
Elizabeth 1
Infant 8 days
Stanford Samuel 45 Kent Labourer Wellington
Elizabeth 44
Taplin Arthur 34 Oxford Servant Canterbury
Caroline 23
Thompson John 43 Cumberland Joiner Canturbury
Mary 39
Ada 18 T/F to single women Servant Canterbury
Ellen E 16 T/F to single women Servant Canterbury
Richard W 14 T/F to single men
Henry 13 T/F to single men
Eda M 11
Ida H 9
Joe 7
Thomas 5
George 2
Thompson William 70 Father of John Joiner Canterbury
Tindall Jacob 37 Cumberland Joiner Canterbury
Anne 36
Martha 11
Robert 6
Esther 3
Single Men
Annear David 19 Cornwall Agricultural Labourer Nelson
Banks Edward 48 Yorks Bootmaker Wellington
Boivers (Bowers) Charles 24 Suffolk Miller Canterbury
Carmichael James 23 Antrim Agricultural Labourer Wellington
Archibald 19 Antrim Agricultural Labourer Wellington
Carter Frederick 22 Staffordshire Sawyer Taranaki
Chalmers William 22 Lancashire Joiner Canterbury
Condon Martin 16 Cork Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Michael 14 Cork Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Conway William 21 Derry Agricultural Labourer Malbourgh
Cronin (Crobin) William 25 Cork Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Cullinane (Cullinan) Peter 25 Tyrone Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Duffy Michael 24 Armagh Labourer Wellington
Falvey Michael 22 Kerry Agricultural Labourer Malbourgh
Fischer Gualbert 40 Germany Farmer Canterbury
Blat Wolfgang 21 Germany Joiner Canterbury
Fogarty Robert 13 Glasgow At School Canterbury
Gallen Hugh 24 Tyrone Farm Labourer Canterbury
Goodwin Samuel 18 Lincoln Farm labourer Canterbury
Hartley (Harthey) William 15 Cormwall Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Higgins James 18 Cavan Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Hutton Alexander R 19 Forfar Boot closer Canterbury
Johnstone Frederick 18 Lancashire Salesman Wellington
Kavanagh Edward 21 Wicklow Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Lackland John 15 Northumberland Agricultural Labourer Wellington
George 13 Northumberland Agricultural Labourer Wellington
Lally Edward 25 Kings Agricultural Labourer Westland
Lee Patrick 20 Galway Farm Labourer Westland
McCullogh (McCulloch) Samuel 22 Antrim Agricultural Labourer Canterbury
Madden Maurice 65 Cork Agricultural Labourer Wellington
Maurice 10
Thomas 8
Ann 6
John 4
William 27
Mahoney John 19 Kerry Agricultural Labourer Wellington
McAvinue Patrick 22 Fermanagh Ploughman Nelson
O'Callaghan James 21 Clare Carter Westland
O'Callaghan Timothy 35 Cork Agricultural Labourer Nelson
Patterson John 23 Antrim Labourer Westland
Reid Thomas 80 Clackmannon Wellington
William 30 Clackmannon Farmer Wellington
Richards Charles J 18 Monmouth Farm Labourer Canterbury
William O 11
Joseph S 9
Riordan Bartholamew 20 Kerry Farm Labourer Canturbury
Russell Samuel 39 Kent Bricklayer Wellington
James 16 Kent Bricklayer Wellington
Arthur 13 Kent Bricklayer Wellington
Rutz Bernhard 29 Germany Farm Labourer Canterbury
Ryan Patrick 22 Tipperary Farm Labourer Westland
Saunders Alfred G 16 Staffordshire Leather Cutter Wellington
Shea John 19 Kerry Farm Labourer Canterbury
Daniel 17 Kerry Farm Labourer Canterbury
William 13 Kerry Farm Labourer Canterbury
Shepherd John 15 Armagh Farm Labourer Canterbury
Sims Robert 15 Middlesex Butcher Wellington
William 13 Middlesex
Smith John 25 Ayr Labourer Canterbury
Hugh (Huth) 9
Thompson William 70 Cumberland Joiner Canterbury
Richard W 14 Cumberland
Henry 13 Cumberland
Tindall John 17 Cumberland Canterbury
Charles 15 Cumberland Canterbury
Arthur 13 Cumberland Canterbury
Walker Alexander 19 Linlithgow Miner Nelson
John 17 Linlithgow Miner Nelson
Robert 15 Linlithgow Miner Nelson
William 12 Linlithgow Miner Nelson
Wray Albert 14 Staffordshire Tailor Nelson
Alfred 19 Staffordshire Upholster Nelson
Single Women
Ahern Ellen 27 Surrey Matron Westland
Allen Marion 21 Surrey Servant Canterbury
Baker Jane 19 Middlesex Nurse Nelson
Banks Fanny 23 Yorks Pinmaker Wellington
Kate 21 Yorks Washhouse Woman Wellington
Barnes Harriet 25 Wiltshire Cook Canterbury
Beard Caroline 17 Cornwall Housemaid Wellington
Serena 21 Cornwall Housemaid Wellington
Bell Annie 18 Lincoln Servant Canterbury
Bergin Anne (Annie) 16 Queens Servant Canterbury
Sarah 16 Queens Servant Canterbury
Blat Marie 19 Germany Servant Canterbury
Blake Alice 18 Surrey Kitchenmaid Canterbury
Bond Esther 25 Oxford Cook Canterbury
Booth Elsie 21 Aberdeen Housemaid Canterbury
Bradley Mary J 19 Lancashire Servant Wellington
Bradshaw Katie 19 Limerick Nurse Wellington
Broadmead Susan E 23 Devon Servant Wellington
Burgess Elizabeth 22 Sussex Housemaid Canturbury
Burke Mary 19 Clare Servant Wellington
Butler Johanna 18 Kilkenny Servant Wellington
Butterfield Emily 19 Notts Nurse Canterbury
Clark Emily 25 Glostershire Servant Canterbury
Clenn Maggie 25 Cornwall Cook Wellington
Coffey Ellen 21 Tralee Servant Canterbury
Colgan Bridget 17 Kings Co Servant Canterbury
Rose 16 Kings Co Servant Canterbury
Eliza 15 Kings Co Servant Canterbury
Eliza 21 Kings Co Servant Canterbury
Rose 19 Kings Co Servant Canterbury
Cooper Emma 21 Kent Servant Canterbury
Eliza 12 Kent With Parents
Cox Eliza 19 Hants Nurse Canterbury
Cronin (Crobin) Honona 16 Cork Servant Canterbury
Dawson Catherine 29 Kent Servant Canterbury
Davies Mary 24 Middlesex Cook Canterbury
Denner Laura 17 Devon Servant Wellington
Dinan Helena 22 Limerick Servant Wellington
Doherty Bridget 17 Down Servant Westland
Dowde Kate 18 Kerry Servant Wellington
Dower Margaret 19 Kerry Housemaid Canterbury
Mary 18 Kerry Housemaid Canterbury

A Mark Dower is mentioned in the newspaper report but not in the archives version.

Duffy Ann 18 Armagh Servant Wellington
Dunn Ellen 17 Kilkenny Servant Canterbury
Durand (Durrand) Florence 21 Surrey Nurse Canterbury
Farrell Mary Ann 21 Clare Dairymaid Wellington
Finnie Jessie 17 Edinburgh Housemaid Canterbury
Flyn Mary 20 Waterford Dairymaid Westland
Fogarty Annie 34 Glasgow Wife Canterbury
Robert 13 T/F to single men At School
Annie 12
Arthur 8
Emily 4
Alfred G 3
Gallen Ellen 22 Tyrone Servant Canturbury
Una 16 Tyrone Servant Canterbury
Givens Millie 23 Tipperary Cook Canterbury
Goodwin Rebecca 20 Lincoln Servnat Canterbury
Mary Kate 15 Lincoln Servant Canterbury
Grennan Rose 31 Down Servant Nelson
Griffiths Lucy Ann 28 Worcester Servant Wellington
Handson (Hardson) Phebe 23 Yorks Servant Canterbury
Henderson Margaret 32 Renfrew Wife Wellington
Heron Margaret 18 Sussex Servant Canterbury
Hill Ellen 21 Hereford Housemaid Canterbury
Hoban Julia 26 Kilkenny Servant Westland
Hopkins Mary 20 Gloster Servant Canterbury
Hopper Emma 24 Kent Cook Canterbury
Hops Mary 24 Lanark Servant Wellington
Howden (Howder) Jane 20 Cavan Housemaid Canterbury
Howlett Mary 19 Wexford Dairymaid Westland
Hurley Margaret 19 Cork Cook Wellington
Hyde Deborah 32 Lancashire Servant Wellington
Ing Harriet 34 Surrey Cook Canterbury
Jackson Anne 20 York Dairymaid Canterbury
Jackson Miriam 29 Middlesex Housemaid Canterbury
Jones Kathleen 20 Middlesex Servant Canterbury
Kelly Catherine 19 Tyrone Housemaid Wellington
Rose Ann 17 Tyrone Housemaid Wellington
Lackland Georgina 17 Sunderland Housemaid Wellington
Lally Catherine 40 Kings Co Dressmaker Westland
Leader (Leander) Lucy 18 Cambridge Servant Canterbury
Leary Margaret 17 Kerry Housemaid Wellington
Lee Bridget 17 Galway Servant Westland
Lineham Bridget 25 Cork Servant Wellington
Lister Agnes 23 Fife Machinist Wellington
McCracken Elizabeth 23 Dublin Cook Wellington
Madden Mary 36 Cork Wife
Katie 14
Albina 12
Matthews (Mathews) Ellen 22 Hants Servant Canterbury
Mescell Ellen 21 Tipperary Servant Westland
Millham Mary 17 Kent Servant Canterbury
Morris Rose E 17 Gloster Servant Marlbourgh
Neale Annie 23 Warwick Cook Wellington
Nesbett (Nesbitt) Jennie D 22 Antrim Cook Canterbury
O'Connell Theresa 22 Kildare Cook Canterbury
O'Connor Bridget 17 Kerry Housemaid Wellington
Osborn Jane 23 Cornwall Servant Canterbury
O'Sullivan Abina (Albine) 18 Cork Servant Canturbury
Owen Mary 22 Anglesea Servant Canterbury
Annie 20 Anglesea Servant Canterbury
Paine Elizabeth 34 Hants Cook Wellington
Park Eliza 23 Aberdeen Servant Canterbury
Petty Emma 25 Herts Ladies Maid Wellington
Power Alice 18 Waterford Farm Servant Westland
Anastalia 17 Waterford Farm Servant Westland
Prendergast Mary 13 Tipperary Servant Westland
Randall (Randell) Marie 30 Hereford Cook Canterbury
Reid Margaret 28 Clackmannon Housekeeper Wellington
Richardson Mary 18 Cork Servant Canterbury
Ellen 16 Cork Servant Canterbury
Roche (Rooke) Winnifred 24 Limmerick Servant Canterbury
Rose Anne 20 Essex Cook Wellington
Arthur 6
Anne 3
Ruck Sarah 17 Gloster Servant Canterbury
Russell Sarah 18 Kent Servant Wellington
Agnes 17 Kent Servant Wellington
Ruthven (Ruthans) Ellen 27 Surrey Matron Canterbury
Ryan Kate 20 Tipperary Servant Westland
Samson Charlotte 19 Kent cook Westland
Shanahan Ellen 20 Kerry Housemaid Wellington
Margaret 18 Kerry Housemaid Wellington
Shea Maggie 40 Kerry Dairywoman Canterbury
Mary 15 Kerry Dairywoman Canterbury
Johanna 10
Catherine 8
Maurice 6
Maggie 4
Sheehan Mary 20 Kerry Servant Canterbury
Shepherd Elizabeth 25 Armagh Servant Canterbury
Margaret 23 Armagh Servant Canterbury
Sophia 18 Armagh Seervant Canterbury
Tina 13 Armagh
Shortland (Shortband) Ada 19 Devon Servant Canterbury
Smith Elsie 24 Aberdeen Cook Canterbury
Snashall (Snastall) Rachel 20 Kent Servant Canturbury
Soper Hannah 20 Devon Servant Canterbury
Sullivan Emily 19 Cornwall Servant Canterbury
Thompson Ada 18 Cumberland Servant Canterbury
Ellen E 16 Cumberland Servant Canterbury
Tombs Susan H. L. 21 Worcester Housemaid Canterbury
Troup Eliza 24 Aberdeen Housemaid Canterbury
Turpin Elizabeth (Eliza S) 17 Middlesex Servant Canterbury
Tuthill Jane (S) 21 Middlesex Housemaid Canterbury
Twomey Julia 21 Limerick Dairymaid Wellington
Helen 19 Limerick Dairymaid Wellington
Upsall (Uppall) Elizabeth 19 Surrey Servant Canterbury
Walker Margaret 21 Linlithgow Servant Nelson
Walsh Elizabeth 17 Cork Servant Wellington
Wand Jane M 17 Middlesex Servant Wellington
Webberly Louisa 18 Sussex Housemaid Wellington
White Jessie 22 Tipperary Dairymaid Canterbury
Lilly 25 Tipperary Dairymaid Canterbury
Mary 21 Tipperary Dairymaid Canterbury
White Margaret 18 Waterford Servant Westland
Woodward Ellen 34 Lancashire Servant Wellington
Wright Minnie 18 Surrey Housemaid Canterbury
Wray Ann 40 Stafford Nurse Nelson
Anne E 26 Stafford Teacher Nelson
Jane 17 Stafford Teacher Nelson
Caroline 12 Stafford Teacher Nelson


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Archives New Zealand IMCH4/181-188
Evening Post May 14th 1883
Evening Post May 15th 1883
The Star May 17th 1883