Many of the individuals listed here were miners. New Zealand  and

This is wonderfully covered in Alan McRobie's New Zealand Electoral Atlas.In 1862 the House of Representatives making two adjustments to Otagos province's representation. The text explains the changes and shows how the boundaries were redrawn.The New Zealand Electoral Atlas  is an excellent book which I believe is still available and is a great addition to any serious N Z genealogist's library. AND no I have no financial interest in the book nor do I know the author.  I just admire such careful and scholarly work

The subject of "miners' right to vote" is quite well covered in Tony Simpson's book "The Immigrants".Basically we followed the lead of the Victorian Govt in Australiia who after the Eureka Stockade granted miners a licence at 1 pound per year and the right to vote on production of this licence. In NZ the "Miners Franchise Act" was apparently passed in 1860 giving NZ miners the right to vote on production of their miners' licence. There is quite a lot more detail in Tony Simpson's book on pages 148 - 50.

an electorate Gold Fields District   was super imposed over all existing Otago electorates and The Miners Representation Act 1862 allowed 2 MPs to be elected. - Electors had to hold a miners right for 6 consec. months  in the province in which it was issued. Voter had to present his miners right to vote as there was no elect.roll.  In other electorates they could register to vote.  Fuller details in NZ Electoral Atlas by McRobie.

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