London to Lyttleton 1875

Left London at 4a.m. On Wednesday 26th May; anchored in Plymouth Sound May 28th, midnight; Left Plymouth Sound May 29th, 6.30 p .m; got the first of the N. E. trades in latitude 36 degrees 25 min N, long 19 degrees 34 min W, on Monday, June 7th. Wednesday June 15th, lost the N. E. trades latitude 8 degrees 3 min N, long 26 degrees 45 min W. Saturday, June 19th, boarded ship China in latitude 5 degrees 34 min N, long 25 degrees 26 min W, from San Francisco for Liverpool, 89 days out. (sent letters by above ship). Thursday 24th June, crossed equator, long 22 degrees South W. June 2nd got the first of the S. E. trades in latitude 3 degrees 41 min N. long 21 degrees 32 min W. strong from S.S. E all throughout. July 2nd, lost the S. E. trades latitude 24 degrees 7 min S. long 32 degrees 13 min W.

July 2nd, exchanged signals with barque Corfu from London to Cape Colony, 10 days out in latitude 21 degrees 7 min S, long 32 degrees 10 min W.

July 4th, exchanged signals with ship Continental from Society Islands for Hamburg, latitude 26 degree 16 min S, long 7 degrees W.

Wednesday 14th July, crossed the meridian of Greenwich latitude 42 degrees 11 min S. fresh gales and hazy weather.

July 17th Abreast Cape of Good Hope; July 25th Abreast Kerguelen Islands, strong gales from S.W to N W with heavy squalls. August 11th exchanged signals with ships Matatua from London to Canterbury, 100 days out, and ship City of ? from Port Adelaide for London, 10 days out in latitude 14.5 degrees, long 163.4 nth east.

Sunday August 15th, at 11.30 abreast of Stewart’s Island, wind light from N. E; 17th experienced a heavy gale from the N.E.; gale moderated at 4 p.m. on the 18th, from which up to 4 a.m., 22nd, have had light easterly and N. E. Winds; at 7a.m. 22nd was abreast of Banks Peninsula, fresh breeze from S.W with rain, and at 5p.m. anchored in Lyttleton Harbour. Spoke to the barque Dilawur on Saturday June 15th in latitude 100 degrees North; long 31 21 min W, bound for Wellington.