Cardigan Castle
Ship:1200 Tons
Captain: N Davies
Surgeon Superintendent: Jeremiah Welsh
Departed Gravesend 30th Sept 1876. Arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand 6th Jan 1877.

The Cardigan castle, 1200 tons, Captain Davies, visited New Zealand twice, Lyttelton being the port of call on both occasions. Sailing from the Old Country on August 23, 1873, she reached Lyttelton on November 15, having done the distance in 84 days. On September 28, 1876, she again left for Lyttelton, arriving there on January 6 of the following year, taking an even 100 days.
White Wings Vol One - Sir Henry Brett

Story of the voyage
Arrival of the Cardigan Castle
Picture of Cardigan Castle

Name Age Native County Occupation
Families and Children
 Bateman Charles 49 Berkshire Brickmaker
Nancy 35
Elizabeth 7
James W 4
Harriet 2
John 1 month
Belcher William 24 Northampton Bootmaker
Lydia 26
Bennett Hugh 19 Down Ploughman
Annie 19
Bint Phillip Thomas 26 Berkshire Carpenter
Charlotte 23
Phillip J 6
George 4
James 2
Male child Born on board 20/11/1876
Bourke David 27 Somerset Farm Labourer
Ann 22
Margaret 18 months
Butler James 44 Waterford Farm Labourer
Margaret 39
John 11
Burke William 30 Cavan Farm Labourer
Martha 27
Richard 8
John 6
Sandy 4
Anne 2
Coghlan Micheal 20 Waterford Ploughman
Cathrine 20
Ellen 1 Died on board 02/11/1876
Copplestone Azeail 27 Devon Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Arthur 5
William 1
Cox Issac E 35 Glostershire Fram Labourer
Mary 28 Died on board 13/12/1876
Softening of the brain
Charles 7
William 5 Died on board 02/11/1876
Tabes mesenterica
Lucy 2
Curson William 31 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Christiana 28
Dunnell James 25 Antrim Farm Labourer
Jane 20
Fisk George 27 Middlesex Gardener
Died on board 01/12/1876
Rose H 24
George 5
Charles 3
Gartery John 32 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Maria 29
Mary 8
Frederick 6
Ernest 4 Died on board 06/01/1877
Clara 1
Gluyas William 26 Cornwall Saddler
Rosetta 26
Frances 1
Cower Robert 24 Surrey Hairdresser
Henrietta 21
Violet 1
Guy Alfred 40 Cornwall Labourer
Elizabeth 47
Halloway George 31 Surrey Navvy
Hannah E 26
Horgan Jeremiah 30 Kerry Farm Labourer
Ellen 28
John 1
Howard John C 26 Middlesex Carpenter
Emily A 21
Jaouenne Auguste 36 France Coachbuilder
Jeanne 36
Ives 15
Hypolite 12
Maria 8
Augustine 3
Anaise 13 months Died on board 19/12/1876
Tabes mesenterica
Jane M 1 month Died on board 26/11/1876
Atrophy from premature birth
Johnson Moses 23 Ormagh Farm Labourer
Harriet 22
Kear William 39 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Jane 37
Oliver 17 
Fanny 15 Glostershire Dressmaker
Mary 11
Sarah 8
William 3
Kennedy Alexander 26 Antrim Farm Labourer
Mary 21
Male child Born on board 18/10/1876
Died on board 01/01/1877
Atrophy from birth
Kennedy Patrick 30 Antrim Farm Labourer
Catherine 20 Died on board 16/11/1876
Enteric fever
Patrick 1 month
Macaree Edward 34 Middlesex Painter
Sarah 30
Emma 9
Joseph 7
James 5
Elizabeth 3
Charles 9 months
Maine William 43 Middlesex Bootmaker
Sarah 38
Ellen 8
William 6
James 4
Eliza 2
Sarah 4 months Died on board 30/10/1876
Marshall Edwin 38 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Priscilla 37
Annie 11
Flora 6
Marshall Joseph 37 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Mary 30
McCann Hugh 27 Antrim Farm Labourer
Sarah 25
Mundell John 27 Antrim Farm Labourer
Matilda 23
Oldridge James R 36 Dorset Labourer
Sarah A 42
Mary L 13
John Thomas 11
James Charles 8
George William 2
Paisley David 29 Down Carpenter
Eliza 21
Patterson John 33 Antrim Farm Labourer
Margaret 32
Robert 13
Mary 9
Thomas 7
Sarah 3
John 1
Power Edmond 30 Waterford Ploughman
Margaret 25
Patrick 3
Prisse 2
Female child Born on board 23/11/1876
Prematurely born during illness of mother (enteric fever)
Died on board 01/12/1876
Inanation. Prematurely born
Price William 27 Hereford Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 25
William 6
Rose 5
Elsie 3
Quigley George 13
Reygate Edward 30 Surry Labourer
Died on board 02/11/1876
Ann 39
William 9
Ada 6
Anne 2
Richards Robert 25 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Sarah 22
Robert R 3
Reuben William 8 months
Rogers Robert Harry 20 Hertfordshire Labourer
Mary 20
Female child Born on board 21/10/1876
Saffall Thomas 35 Northumberland Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 23
William 4 months
Scoble William 22 Cornwall Labourer
Alice 20
Female child Born on board21/10/1876
Stafford Walter 30 Glostershire Sailor
Katherine 28
Ada K 9 months
Simmons Frederick 29 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Margaret A 26
Sarah E 7
Laura J 3
Thomas J 3
Sucker W Henry 21 Devon Labourer
Mary E 20
Wakefield John 40 Warwick Brickmaker
Ann 34
Elizabeth 13
Winkworth I Henry 24 Middlesex Carpenter
Harriet 26
Whiteside George 28
Margaret 33
Thomas 1
Single Men
Cole William 24 Carlow Farm Labourer
Collaty Bartholomew 25 Kerry Labourer
Eugene 26 Labourer
Cillonson Malick 26 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Daly Jeremiah A 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Jeremiah P 20 Farm Labourer
Dear David 18 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Dempsy John 16 Dublin Farm Labourer
Dennan John A 23 Middlesex Smiths Labourer
Doherty Patrick 19 Kings Farm Labourer
Donovan Richard 20 Cork Farm Labourer
Fuller Robert 28 Sussex Farm Labourer
Gartery David 21 Wilts Farm Labourer
Walter 17 Farm Labourer
Greer James 25 Armagh Farm Labourer
Alex 21 Farm Labourer
Guy William 17 Cornwall Labourer
Harlison William 18 Wexford Farm Labourer
Harrigan Cornelius 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Disappeared from ship
Hartmeady Micheal 20 Galloway Farm Labourer
Hauston Robert John 18 Down Farm Labourer
Hayes Micheal 28 Kerry Farm Labourer
Heyborne William 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Holden Dennis 18 Kilkenny Ploughman
Hughs John 21 Fermanagh Farm Labourer
Kealing Edward 26 Dublin Farm Labourer
Kerr Joseph 27 Down Farm Labourer
Ezekeil 17 Farm Labourer
Kerr Thomas C 18 Armagh Farm Labourer
Lewis Charles A 20 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Lumsden Richard0 28 Edinburgh Labourer
James 24 Labourer
Robert 21 Labourer
Maloney Thomas 18 Limerick Farm Labourer
John 16 Farm Labourer
Daniel 14 Farm Labourer
McAllen John 22 Tyrone Blacksmith
McDonagh James 22 Fermanagh Farm Labourer
Minogue Patrick 20 Galloway Farm Labourer
Mulcahey Peter 20 Warterford Ploughman
Murphy Cornelius 20 Kerry Farm Labourer
Micheal J C 24 Farm Labourer
Nelson Robert 21 Antrim Farm Labourer
Nelson George 31 Down Dairyman
O'Brien Bernard 24 Donegal Labourer
Paulger John W 20 Lincolnchire Farm Labourer
Pollock William 34 Lancashire Joiner
Pound John 19 Kings Farm Labourer
Power Walter 24 Waterford Farm Labourer
Scoble Richard 19 Corwall Labourer
Shea Michael 25 Kilkenny Farm Labourer
Smith Edward 22 Cavan Farm Labourer
Stephens Robert E 24 Montgomeryshire Lawyer
Sullivan Laurence 20 Kilkenny Farm Labourer
Tierney Patrick 18 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Walsh John 26 Tipperary Farm Labourer
William 22 Farm Labourer
Ward Thomas 24 Kildare Constable
Williams George C 26 Summerset Carpenter
Single Men - Colonial Nominated
Butler James 39 Kerry Labourer
John 11
James 13
Micheal 9 Labourer
Conroy John 20 Galway Blacksmith
Guilford Frank 25 Tipperary Farm Labourer
Hickey Edmond 19 Kerry Labourer
Nicholls John R 16 Salop Farm Labourer
Sharkey Bernard 21 Armagh Farm Labourer
Tilby Arthur 21 Surrey Carpenter
Wallis William H 20 Warwick Bootmaker
Single Women
Algie Helen 20 Lancaster Servant
Brien Mary 22 Waterford Dairymaid
Campbell Margaret 28 Antrim Farm Servant
Corre Charlotte 32 Fermanagh Servant
Devenny Maria 20 Donegal Servant
Graham Agnes M 28 Middlesex Housemaid
Eliza E 27 Cook
Caroline C 21 Servant
Guy Elizabeth J 10 Cornwall
Harrison Margaret 22 Wexford Dairymaid
Henry Mary 19 Monaghan
Hobbs Sarah 38 Middlesex Servant
Holborough Maria 15 Hants
Jaouenne Emilie 17 France Dressmaker
Kear Fanny 15 Glostershire Dressmaker
Keldie Mary 27 Edinburgh Servant
Long Elizabeth 30 Glostershire Nurse
Mary A 26 Servant
Lumsden Janet 45 Edingburgh Housekeeper
Agnes 18 Servant
Isabella 15
Marron Phebe 27 Cavan Housemaid
McCulloch Anne J 19 Antrim Servant
Nelson Cathrine 54 Down
O'Donaghue Julia 18 Kerry DairyMaid
Mary 17 Kerry DairyMaid
Place Mary 16 Isle of Man Servant
Quigley Margaret 18 Tipperary Servant
Richardson Rhoda 39 Norfolk Housekeeper
Roy Jemima 28 Norfolk Housemaid
Ross Sarah 39 Monaghan Dressmaker
Elizabeth 8
Mary 3
Sligen Eliza A 28 Yorkshire Housemaid
Stephens S. E 45 Montgomeryshire
Sarah E 26 Housekeeper
Mary 20 Servant
Ann 19 Dairymaid
Dora 16 Nurse
Charlotte 14
Stoddart Harriet 29 Down MATRON
Thomas Mary A 40 Devon Cook
Thomas Sarah J 18 Cornwall Servant
Wakefield Elizabeth 13 Warwickshire Dressmaker
Walshe Kate 18 Tipperary Servant
Webster Eliza 18 Monaghan Nurse
White Julia 21 Tipperary Servant
Died on board 09/01/1877
Pneumonia - low fever
Single Women  Colonial Nominated
Aldridge Mary L 13 Dorset
Butler Cecily 18 Kerry Housemaid
Margaret 16 Nurse
Cassidy Margaret 22 Monaghan Servant
Dwyer Ellen 23 Kings Cook
Fitzgibbons Bridget 21 Clare Servant
Fitzgibbons Anne 18 Clare Servant
Guilford Julia 20 Tipperary Servant
Mahon Margaret 20 Galway Cook
Munro Janet 30 Edinburgh Housemaid
Nicholls Annie E 35 Salop Bookbinder
Mary A 14
Pearce Hannah 14 Cornwall Waitress
Pound Kate 20 Kings Cook
Slattery Cathrine 18 Cork Servant
Thomas Grace 44 Cornwall Charwomen
Walford Elizabeth 37 Surrey Housekeeper
Williams Harriet A 24 Cornwall Mine Labourer
MACAREE family:
The first record of the Macarees is the marriage of John Macaree to Martha Eaton on 3 Jan, 1803 at St Dunstan, Stephney, London. The Macaree’s may have come from Edinburgh as a “McCree” is noted in Britten’s book as clock and dial maker in 1820. This may be John’s father as John would have moved to London before this date.  John and Martha were the parents of Joseph Macaree, born 28 Dec 1817 at Bethnal Green. Joseph was also a watchmaker and he married Harriet Harman. Together they had 8 children, including Edward who was born in 1844 at Hoxton. The Swindell and the McCree watch-making families must have known each other. Edward married Sarah Swindell on 20 Dec, 1864, when he gave his address as 5 Kings North Place (the Swindell’s address). This was a convenient ploy to avoid a costly marriage license because church bans could then be read within the one parish boundary. At the time of the marriage he gave his occupation as a marbler and grainer. A marbler is one who stains paper or other material to look like marble and a grainer paints imitation grain on wood. In 1881 Joseph and Harriet are recorded in the census aged 64 and 65 and living at 38 Chart St., Shoreditch. Sarah (Sally) and Edward (Ted) lived in Pimlico Walk, Shoreditch. Five children were born in London:  Emma (1867 who was dumb from illness contracted on the journey to New Zealand), Joseph (Joe - 1869-1947, m Maude), James (Jim - 1871, the showman of the family), Elizabeth (Lizzy - 1873 m Charles Snelling), Charles (1876-1947, m Lena, m Edith). There must have been correspondence between the Swindells, who emigrated to Christchurch in 1866 on board the John Temperley, and the Macarees in London, till finally the Macarees, as assisted emigrants and helped financially by Joseph Swindell, also came to New Zealand on the "Cardigan Castle" on Sept 30 1876. The ship arrived in Lyttelton on January 6, 1877 but there was much illness on board and the passengers were quarantined on Ripa (women) and Quail (men) Islands for a further 3 weeks. It must have been a time of great rejoicing and excitement when the families were finally together and it is told that in the confusion Jim was left behind on the Lyttelton docks. The Macaree family lived at many residences in Christchurch painting and decorating them to reduce the rent but finally they lived at 28 Harrow Street. Ted worked for W.C.Joughin, painter and paperhanger at 22 Harrow St.  There were a further six children born in Christchurch, making 11 in all:
Harriet (1878-1955, m Bill Ingham), Henry (Harry - 1880-1954, m Maggie), Rose (1883-1953, m Cleave Joughin0, Ellen (Nellie - 1886, m George Robertson), Matilda (Tilly - 1888-1966, m Arthur Dillamore), Ray - 1891, m Amy Taylor) and George (1894-1970, the illegitimate son of Emma and raised in the family. Sarah Macaree and her sister Alice Gapes both worked for Nurse Maude and for Dr Orchard. Sarah was a good mid-wife and delivered all her grandchildren. They did good work for the poor of Christchurch at the turn of the century. The Macarees changed their name to McCree about 1890. They were true "Cockneys", a fun loving family who loved to get together and share each others joys and sorrows. They had exceptional wit and humour, loved to dress-up in fancy clothes and could always see the funny side of every family happening. They worked hard but never became endowed with much money. Edward died on 29 April, 1904 and Sarah on 6 July, 1920. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Graeme Russell


POWER family: (photograph)
Edmund 1847-1922 & Margaret (nee Butler) 1851-1932 made the journey after leaving their home of Waterford, Ireland with three of their children. The family soon swelled to 12 children. The Powers settled in Rangiora, and though they lived later in life in Christchurch, they are both buried in Rangiora, North Canterbury, New Zealand. Many of their descendants still live in the area. If you have a connection that you would like to share, please contact Aaron Clark, Rangiora.


STEPHENS family:
Mrs S.(sic) E Stephens and her son and daughters Robert E., Sarah E, Mary, Ann, Dora and Charlotte arrived on the Cardigan Castle and went to join Mrs Stephen sister and brother-in-law Richard and Anne Davies on their farm, Y Cyffiau, Tai Tapu. Elizabeth Stephens and her sister, Anne Davies were daughters of the Reverend James Morgan, the Vicar of Trefeglwys. Elizabeth Stephens had been widowed 2 years previously. Her husband Robert Stephens was a currier and is buried in Machynlleth Churchyard. They had lived prior to leaving Wales in Maengwyn Street, Machynlleth, Montgomeryshire, Wales. Robert was the son of John Stephens also a currier. The Reverend James Morgan's ancestry I have traced back to 1745 in Llanbadarn Trefeglwys, Cardiganshire, Wales but his wife's ancestry goes back to 1534. Anyone who has knowledge of this family or is related and would like details is welcome to contact Margaret Holmes.


GARTERY family:
John Gartery bought his family to NZ from Alderbury, Wiltshire, England accompanied by 2 of his brothers Walter and David. They all settled into farming at Cust near Oxford west of Christchurch where there are still descendant's of John farming in the Cust/Oxford area today. Walter Gartery married Elizabeth Alice Huthnance at Cust 03May1883 and they had 5 children there and 1 more in New Plymouth. They moved with the Huthnance family to New Plymouth about 1891. Tragically Walter died a few months after the birth of his youngest daughter in New Plymouth Hospital on 29Aug1892. His widow Elizabeth remarried to Henry William Busby 15Jul1893 at New Plymouth. David Gartery was present at New Plymouth in 1893 and was a witness at the wedding of Elizabeth to Henry Busby. If you have any connection to these families please contact Roger Shirley

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