Cardigan Castle
Ship: 1022 tons
Captain: Davies
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Bain DSE
Sailed London 23rd August 1873 - arrived Lyttelton November 15th 1873

The Cardigan castle, 1200 tons, Captain Davies, visited New Zealand twice, Lyttelton being the port of call on both occasions. Sailing from the Old Country on August 23, 1873, she reached Lyttelton on November 15, having done the distance in 84 days. On September 28, 1876, she again left for Lyttelton, arriving there on January 6 of the following year, taking an even 100 days.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Cardigan Castle                          

Immigrant Interviews: William Warman


John Mintrom
Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Bain Dr
Davies Mrs
3 Children
Ferrier Mr
Gould Mr
Lynch Mr
Assisted Immigrants
Families and Children
Andersen George 32 Denmark Farm Labourer
Ann M. 33
Berry John Henry 38 Devonshire Shoemaker
Mary 42
John Henry 10
Elizabeth 8
Emma 7
Mary A. 5
Ellen 3
Birt Elijah 67 Glostershire Shoemaker
Emma 44
Birt Alfred 20 Glostershire Groom
Emma 23
Annie 7
Brealy Thomas D. 27 Devonshire Mason 
Order of court to pay 1 per month. First payment to be made 17 June/78. In default 12 weeks imprisonment.
Mary J. 29
Caroline E. 5
Thomas D. 3
James 6 mths
Brooks Robert John 43 Suffolk Gardener
Catherine 41
Evalina 17 Tran to s/w
Elizabeth 15 Trans to s/w
Henry 12 Trans to s/m
Frederic 10
Albert 8
Christiansen Yens 28 Denmark Farm Labourer
Johanne 30
Dawson James 29 Cornwall Market Gardener
Ellen 26
Florence 9
John 6
Belle 4
Maude 9 mths
Elston Allan 25 Devonshire Shoemaker
Emma 22
Harriet L. 3 mths Died on board
Ethridge Henry 38 Hants General Labourer
Fanny 25
Martha 5
William 2
Fisher Isaac 23 Glostershire Labourer
Julia 25
Alfred 3 mths Died on board
Frederiksen Christopher 25 Denmark Farm Labourer
Ane J. 19
Gasson Charles 27 Surrey Carpenter
Harriet 27
Rose 7
Walter 5
Lilly 3
Nellie 10 mths
Gasson Henry 31 Surrey Sawyer
Ann 33
Clara 10
Harry 8
Maud 5
Albert 1
Harris John William 34 Kent Carpenter
Angelina 27
Edward 5
Angelina 3
Hubbard Edward 26 Essex Sawyer
Maria 26
Anne 1
Israelsen Olo 35 Denmark Farm Labourer
Johanne 32
Christin 6
Marie 3
Yentine 18 mths
Infant Born on board
Jefford James 26 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 26
Lottie 4
James 2
Johansson Petter J. 41 Sweden Farm Labourer
Johanne M. 30
Annie 6
Jorgensen Hans 45 Denmark Farm Labourer
Christine 44
Yorgine M. 6
Caroline A. 11 mths
Kennedy Henry 47 Isle of Man Farm Labourer
E. Jane 34
Eleanor 10
Emily 8
Harry 3
Larssan Hans 44 Sweden Farm Labourer
Cataerine M. 44
Hilda M. 11
Mathers Joseph 35 Cheshire Carpenter
Lucrezia 40
Henry Joseph 11
Arthur 9
Charles 7
Mintrom John Edwin 36 Jersey Brickmaker
Mary Anne 37
Elizabeth 15 Trans to s/w
George 13 Trans to s/m
Louisa 11
John 9
William E. 7
Frederick 6
Matilda 5
Charles 4
Walter 2
Petersen Theodore P. 31 Denmark Farm Labourer
Magdalene 41
Frederic 11
Carl C. 8
Pettersan Johan 40 Sweden Farm Labourer
Marie 37
Carl 11
Catherine 7
Olaf 8 mths
Pettersan Johan P. 41 Sweden Farm Labourer
Julia G. 40
Caroline J. 11
Johan P. 8
Infant Born on board
Rasendae Niels R. 44 Denmark Farm Labourer
Louise M. 40
Madeline M. 14 Trans to s/w
Hans T. 12 Trans to s/m
Johan S. 10
Ane M. 7
Laurine 5
Reeves George 30 Sussex Labourer
Caroline 26
George 3
Annie 6 mths
Rickerby Robert 38 Wicklow Shepherd
Bound for Halswell
Sarah 20
Hannah 19 Trans to s/w
John 16 Trans to s/m
Thomas 14 Trans to s/m
Annie 12 Trans to s/w
Mary 10
Robert 7
Rasmussen Villum 41 Denmark Farm Labourer
Thrine 37
Hasme 10
Christian 7
Marie 5
Caroline 9 mths
Schofield Henry 32 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Mary 27
Elizabeth 5
William 3 Died on board
Mary A. 10 mths Died on board
Skau Yens A. 30 Denmark Farm Labourer
Christine 35
Sorensen Peter 44 Denmark Farm Labourer
Rasmine 31
Karen 13 Trans to s/w
Nielsine 2
Spring William 33 Cambridge Carpenter
Emilie 34
Swain Samuel 24 Wexford Mechanic
Jane 23
Taylor Edward 39 Suffolk Labourer
Ordered to pay at the rate of 1 per month or 12 weeks imprisonment. First payment on 26 March/78
Annie 37
Elizabeth 18 Trans to s/w
Antony 17 Trans to s/m
Kate 16 Trans to s/w
Thomas 11
Lillian 9
Warman William 37 Oxfordshire Labourer - note on list
Eliza 39
Kate 15 Trans to s/w
Harry 11
Jess 6
Single Men
Albert Emanuel 26 Middlesex Painter
Anderson James 23 Sutherland Farm Labourer
Brooks Henry 12 Suffolk
Campbell George 27 Derry Farm Labourer
Nancy J. 21 Trans to s/w
Elms Henry 35 Middlesex Carman
Flarrell William 18 Wicklow Farm Labourer
Goodwin John 20 Yorks Porter
Gould E. G. 28 Staffordshire School Master on Board
Gunnersen Ludwig C. 24 Denmark Baker
Hern John 23 Devonshire Coachman
Kilbride Patrick 22 Wicklow Farm Labourer
Langkyer Victor 32 Denmark Farm Labourer
Lewis Robert 23 Antrim Blacksmith
Lovett Richard 24 Salop Labourer
Jane 21 Trans to s/w
Mahon James 21 Middlesex Labourer
Mintrom George 13 Jersey
Nielson Frederick 20 Denmark Labourer
Rasendal Heans T 12 Denmark
Rickerby Jeremiah 24 Wicklow Labourer
Martha 20 Tran to s/w
Rickerby John 16 Wicklow Herdsman
Thomas 14 Wicklow
Roberts John 23 Hereford Labourer
Sammer Christopher F. 20 Denmark Smith
Sealow John 20 Tyrone Labourer
Simmons Luke 23 Somerset Collier
Smith Edwin 28 Ealop Carpenter
Sparkes Benjamin 26 Kent Cellarman
Taylor Antony 17 Middlesex Labourer
Yanassen Mads P. 22 Denmark Seaman
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Hogan Michael 22 Limerick Labourer
May George 14 Hants
Mary 20 Trans to s/w
Major James 20 Down Servant
Jane 36 Trans to s/w
Niven David 48 Dumfries Quarryman
William 14
Stuart Robert 20 Banffshire Gardener
Sullivan Matthew 27 Tipperary Carpenter
Mary 24 Trans to s/w
Single Women
Allingham Johannah 19 Middlesex Servant
Anderson Ane M. 24 Denmark Servant
Ayer Saarah C. 16 Warwickshire Servant
Barnes Sarah A. 25 Glostershire Servant
Barry Eliza 24 Kerry Domestic Servant
Mary 22 Kerry Domestic Servant
Bell Matilda P. 23 Middlesex Nurse
Boston Harriet 24 Devonshire Domestic Servant
Brooks Evalina 17 Suffolk Servant
Olivia 15
Bulpett Eliza 20 Hertfordshire Cook
Campbell Nancy 21 Derry Servant
Campton Matilda 30 Tyrone Servant
Curtain Mary 26 Kerry General Servant
Curtain Catherine 22 Kerry Domestic Servant
Donaldson Emily 34 Middlesex Servant
Gerard Jane 21 Middlesex Servant
Gray Annie 18 Middlesex Servant
Halswell Ann 23 Devonshire Servant
Hayley Mary A. 25 Middlesex Servant
Hewitt Emily 21 Warwickshire Domestic Servant
Hunt Ellen 21 Sussex Housemaid
Hunter Ellen 22 Kerry Dairy Maid
Husband Emily 26 Hertfordshire Housemaid
Ingebarg Maria M. 22 Denmark Servant
Kiddell Amelia 30 Suffolk School Mistress MATRON
Kinsman Louis 26 Devonshire Servant
Kitto Elizabeth 34 Devonshire Domestic Servant
Ruth 17 Devonshire Housemaid
Lovett Jane 21 Salop Dressmaker
McGill Isabella 19 Forfar Housemaid
Mintrom Elizabeth 15 Jersey Servant
Nielsen Ane J 17 Denmark Servant
Nielsiene 15 Denmark Servant
Petersen Karen 37 Denmark Servant
Hanne 9
Petra 5
Maren 1
Rammer Charlotte 35 Denmark Servant
Rasendal Madeline 14 Denmark
Reilly Catherine 26 Meath Servant
Rickerby Marth 21 Wicklow Servant
Rickerby Hannah 19 Wicklow Servant
Annie 12 Wicklow
Shepherd Jane 17 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Sorensen Karen 13 Denmark
Spencer Sarah A. 28 Derbyshire Housekeeper
Taylor Elizabeth 18 Middlesex Servant
Kate 16 Middlesex Servant
Tweedy Sarah 18 Armagh Servant
Warman Kate 15 Sussex Servant
Westgate Eliza 20 Stirlingshire Dairymaid
Wright Eliza A. 30 Dorsetshire Housekeeper SUB MATRON
Eliza A. 9
Catherine 5
Colonial Nominated Single Women
Ellis Grace 60 Devonshire
Gathercote Louisa 16 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Major Jane 36 Down Servant
May Mary 26 Hants
Sinton Catherine 23 Ross Servant
Sullivan Mary 24 Tipperary Servant
Tattersall Elizabeth 31 Lancashire Weaver

MINTROM family:
John Edwin Mintrom was born on December 15th 1836 and died on August 19th 1918. He is buried Woolston in  Christchurch, New Zealand. John's parents were George Mintrom and Mary Turner who were married on September 21st 1823. John married Mary Anne Haylock (born 12th April 1835, died 19th August 1925) on 31st March 1858. They had eleven children, nine of whom were born in Jersey, Channel Islands and arrived with them on the Cardigan Castle in 1873. Two more children were born in Christchurch. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Kay Mintron-Pearce.


RASENDAE family:
The Rasendae family (changed to Rosendale) settled in Templeton, near Christchurch.  Nils Hansen Rosendale (b 1829 in Denmark) and his wife Louise Mathilde Rosendale nee Mason (b1833 in Denmark) had five children.  Their youngest daughter Laurine died soon after arriving in New Zealand.  Both of their sons (Hans Theodore b 1861 and Johan Laurentz b 1863) apparently moved in Chrsitchurch and entered business in adulthood, but I have not traced them.   Their eldest daughter Madsin b 1859 apparently married another Danish settler named Hansen.  Their youngest surviving daughter, Anne Christina b 1867 married Christian Jorgensen Sonne in 1891; their daughter Laurina Adelaide Sonne was my great grandmother.
If you have a connection with this family
or would like to learn more please contact
Sian Greening

CHRISTIANSEN Jens and Johanne
Jens was born in Borreby Denmark c.1845. His father was Christian LARSEN. Jens married Johanne Kirstine JENSEN in Yding, 25th November 1871. Danish immigration records list Jens as a farmer from the village Yding. These records show that Jens made a contract to come to NZ on the 21st July 1873. (contract no. 4595 compiled by the Commissioner of Police Copenhagen) Also listed were Johanne Kirstine and a daughter Else Marie, aged 1 year. Jens become a ‘naturalised’ citizen of New Zealand in 1878. The naturalisation records list Jens as a Farmer from Little River aged 33 years. Johanne was born in the parish of Them near Silkeborg, Jutland, Denmark on 31st March 1844. Her mother was Marie NIELSDATTER from the village of Agerskov (Them parish) and her father was Jens JORGENSEN from the village of Salten ( Them parish) Johanne became a naturalised citizen of New Zealand on the 13th May 1902 In August 1913 following the marriage of her daughter Anna she went to live in Ranfurly, South Island NZ. Johanne died 22nd October 1920 at the age of 77 years, of "valvular disease of the heart". She is buried in the Ranfurly cemetery. Anyone interested in this family please contact
Tony Christiansen


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