Ship: 1387 tons
Captain: Crawford
Sailed London 10th June 1874 - arrived Lyttelton 29th August 1874

A remarkable passage was made by the fine iron clipper Cathcart to Lyttelton in 1874. A ship of 1,387 tons, built four years previously by Robert Steel, of Greenock, she sailed from London with 481 Government immigrants on the 11th June, and from the Downs three days later, making the passage in 70 days 12 hours to the Snares, and arriving at Lyttelton on the 29th August, 76 days from the Downs to port. The equator was crossed on the 21st day out. On the 28th July she made a run of 304 miles, and the following day 293.

Mutiny on board Cathcart
Four of the crew of the Cathcart having during the voyage broken into the fore-hold, broached cargo and secured drink; one of them was brought aft and placed in irons; another, having attempted to rescue him, was also taken in charge, but while being secured the first prisoner escaped to the forecastle. Captain Crawford and the officers going forward to recapture him, were prevented from doing so by several of the crew, who made use of threatening language. The Captain, finding that the mutineers would not listen to reason, returned to his cabin, and after deliberating with his officers, armed himself and went forward the second time. Finding the doors of the forecastle closed, he demanded admission. Previous to this, part of the crew had left the mutineers. Those within refused to open the doors, threatened the Captain, and said that they meant shortly to be masters of the ship. Arguement was useless, and the door on the starboard side of the forecastle was, in spite of much resistance, partly forced open with hand spikes, and the Captain, again warning the mutineers, fired three times amongst them, three of them being wounded. An entrance was effected and the mutiny quelled, the ringleaders and others being placed in irons. On the arrival of the ship at Lyttelton the men were brough before a magistrate and charged with endeavouring to make a revolt. Four were sentenced to twelve weeks' imprisonment with hard labour, and two to one month additional for assaulting the Captain.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Addington George 38 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Jane 31
Eliza 12 Trans to s/w
Julia 10
Frederick 8
Arthur 5
Alice 3
Charles Infant
Adkins Thomas 35 Leicestershire Labourer
Jane 31
Elizabeth 4
Charles 2
Edward 1
Armstrong Charles 36 Hants Navvy
Anna 40
Anna 6
Isabella 3
Mary E. 7 mths
Bath William 39 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 23
Bell Matthew 34 Middlesex Wheelwright
Ann 35
Susan 6
Cecilia 3
Collings William 11 Travelling with the Bell's
Bragg Richard 46 Staffordshire Shoemaker
Mary 45
William 21 Trans to s/m
Belbridge Arthur 25 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Martha 25
Elizabeth 5
James 3
Ellen 10 mths
Bevan Thomas 32 Cork Plasterer
Maria 33
Rebecca 8
Kate 6
Elenor 3
Booker Thomas 45 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Ann 40
William 18 Trans to s/m
George 15 Trans to s/m
James 14 Trans to s/m
Sarah 12 Trans to s/w
Charles 10
Bower John 28 Lincolnshire Wheelwright
Jessie 23
Alice M. 5 mths
Buller William 31 Middlesex Carpenter
Sarah 24
Lilly G. 5
Albany 3
Ada 1
Cant George 43 Forfar Shoemaker
Mary L. 38
Susan 17 Trans to s/w
James 16 Trans to s/m
Mary 10
Agnes 8
David 2
Son born on board 19 Aug
Carlyon Sampson 21 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 23
Coles Arthur 24 Oxford Tailor
Sarah 34
Emma 6
William A. 3
Brown Mary A. 10 Travelling with Coles fam.
Clark William 38 Norwick Labourer
Margaret 30
Cook Andrew 33 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Sarah Anne 36
Emily 16 Trans to s/w
Annie 11
Harry 9
Mary Ann 6
Eliza 4
Cordes Hermann 28 Hanover Shoemaker
Minna 27
Hermann 3
Helene 2
Cowley James Thomas 42 Sussex Painter
Caroline 44
James 20 Trans to s/m
Caroline 18 Trans to s/w
Elizabeth 5
Donovan Michael 35 Wexford Farm Labourer
Catherine 28
Ellis Thomas 28 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mary Ann 28
Eastbury Thomas J. 31 Middlesex Carpenter
Elizabeth 26
Elizabeth 8
Percival 6
Sophia 1
Edwards Edward 32 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Harriet 28
Henry 7
Emma 5
Mark 3
Florence A. 1
Fuller Joseph 35 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 31
Frank 9
George 7
Harry 6
L - wes (spelling) 3
Furguson Alexander 42 Down Labourer
Isabella 40
George 16 Trans to s/m
Robert 14 Trans to s/m
Alexander 10
Thomas 8
Goodchild Thomas 37 Berkshire Shoemaker
Mary Ann 32
Thomas 6
Robert 4
Ann 2
George W. 6 mths
Harman Thomas 26 Norfolk Wheelwright
Mary 26
William 2
Harris Richard 34 Sussex General Labourer
Caroline 33
Harvey William John 29 Essex Farm Labourer
Alma 18
Hawes Charles B. 21 Cornwall Painter
Mary E. 23
Hill John 32 Worchestershire Bllacksmith
Harriet 33
Ethel 8
Agnes 6
Lizzie 4
Hitchens Richard 25 Cornwall Joiner and Carpenter
Ellen 23
Elizabeth E. Infant
Hodder Alfred 28 Dorset Carpenter
Elizabeth 23
Alfred Henry 8 Died July 7th
Howard Samuel Isaac 26 Middlesex Labourer
Sarah Anne. 25
Rose S. 1
Hunt John 26 Glostershire Coachman
Ivers George 43 Herts Farm Labourer
Sarah 31
Honor E. 8
Kezia E. 6
Herbert 4
Rose 18 mths
Johnson William 29 Germany Bootmaker
Ellen 18
Mary 5 mths
Kershaw John 24 Lancaster Farm Labourer
Alice 24
Mark Infant
Kimpton John 43 Herts Farm Labourer
Esther 31
Miriam 11
William 7
Henry 2
Le Brun Henry 59 Jersey Shoemaker
Adel 49
Henry 12 Trans to s/m
Clara 7
Francis 3
William 2
Langlois Hannah 22 Trans to s/w                      Is travelling with Le Brun's
Lawlor Maurice 28 Kerry Farm Labourer
Catherine 25
Bartholomew 3
John 1
Marlyn Edwin 26 Cornwall General Labourer
Mary 21
Martin John 32 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Eliza 26
Merchant Alfred C. 51 Somersetshire Plumber
Alice 45
Mary 5
Alice L. 1
Moore Thomas 30 Bucks Labourer
Eliza 35
Mullins William 44 Warwick Labourer
Elizabeth 44
Mary A. 18 Trans to s/w
William 16 Trans to s/m
Ellen 15 Trans to s/w
Walter 13 Trans to s/m
Adelaide 8
Fanny 6
Esther 4
Alice 1
Neat William 32 Devon Bootmaker
Mary 30
Julie M. 6 mths
Newman Reuben 37 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Mary 36
Ellen 14 Trans to s/w
Georgina 11
Selina 8
Sarah 5
James 1
Nimmo William 23 Lanark Blacksmith
Jane 28
Olds Richards 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 23
Oliver William Thomas 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ellen 25
Page William Charles 22 Surrey Carpenter
Rebekah 21
Pardoe Thomas 35 Worcestershire Labourer
Eliza 34
Edwin 16 Trans to s/m
Mary 11
Pascoe James 29 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Eliza 28
Eliza 3
Josephine 2
Martha 3 mths
Pearcy William 29 Hampshire Bricklayer
Clara 28
Caroline A. 5
Henry C. S. 4
Ada Kate 1
Georgina 6 mths
Perry David 23 Worcestershire Labourer
Rosannah 21
Lucy 8 mths
Phillips William 37 Warwickshire Labourer
Ann 36
Thomas 16 Trans to s/m
Morris 12 Trans to s/m
Ada 8
Ernest 6
Clara 2
Pyke William 22 Middlesex Carpenter
Anne 25
Quick Thomas 23 Cornwall Labourer
Martha 22
Richardson J. H. 32 Surrey Labourer
Sarah 33
Roberts William 30 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Emma 32
Elizabeth 7
Arthur 2
Florence 1
Rohrback Greg. 35 Guernsey Shoemaker
Cathurina 30
Sheward Joseph 25 Cornwall Labourer
Caroline 24
Joseph Infant Died on board - July 24th 1874
Stewart James 32 Perth Farm Labourer
Catherine 27
James 11 mths
Stewart James 23 Cornwall Plumber
Anna 22
Stokes George 30 Somersetshire Farm Labourer
Kate 24
Thomas William 21 Cormwall Miner
Mary 20
Tombs Leonard 28 Glostershire Carpenter
Milbray 27
Wearne William 27 Cornwall Miner
Elizabeth 29
Matthew 4
Eliza 18 mths
Grace Infant Died 28th July Farm Labourer
Welch Charles 38 Bedfordshire
Mary 39
Charles 17 Trans to s/m
Ann 14 Trans to s/w
Elizabeth 12 Trans to s/w
Emily 9
Jack 5
William 2
Son born on board 15 Aug
Weir James 27 Edinburgh General Labourer
Rose Ann 32
Elizabeth 6
David 1
Woodman John 33 Hereford Farm Labourer
Ellen 28
Yaxley Cornelius 31 Norfolk Labourer
Emma 32
Eliza 12 Trans to s/w
Mark 10
Frederick 8
Arthur 6
Ernest 2
Colonial Nominated Families and Children
Allsop James 37 Essex Labourer
Sarah E.
Matilda 12 Trans to s/w
James R. 10
Albert Andrew 6
Annie D. 3
Elizabeth 9 mths
Cronin William 34 Surrey Labourer
Matilda 32
Ellen 10
Matilda 9
Amy 6
Jessie 3
Haughey James 40 Down Farm Labourer
Hanna 38
Samuel 20 Trans to s/m
Henry 19 Trans to s/m
James 17 Trans to s/m
John 14 Trans to s/m
Arthur 11
Thomas 9
Charles 5
William 3
Son born on board 21 Aug
Hewitt Peter 30 Staffordshire Labourer
Catherine 28
Frances M 54 Trans to s/w
Agnes A. 3
John Henry 2
Lydia M.
McKay John 50 Perth Loomenter (spelling)
Margaret D. 52
Mohr Henry 47 Germany Farm Labourer
Mary 45
Elizabeth 23 Trans to s/w
Sophia 22 Trans to s/w
William 20 Trans to s/m
Shier John 34 Lanark Jeweller
Ann 32
Annie 13 Trans to s/w
David 6
John 3
Archibald 1
Single Men
Allum Alfred 20 Bucks Joiner
Baldwin Joseph 22 Middlesex Carpenter
Bochm Frederick 24 Germany Sugar Baker
Bourke Martin 35 clare Farm Labourer
Boyle Charles 28 Tyrone Ploughman and Lab
Braddaley William 27 cheshire Joiner
Bradley Timothy 22 Cork Farm Labourer
Bragg William 21 Lancashire Gardener
Brooker William 18 Glostershire Farm Labourer
James 17 Glostershire Farm Labourer
George 15 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Cant James 16 Forfar
Carr Thomas G. 33 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Cleaver Alfred E. 23 Flint, Wales Carpenter
Close Edward 20 Armagh Farm Labourer
Cosens Michael 26 Wicklow Ploughman
Cowley James 20 Sussex Printer
Creese Charles 20 Devon Mason
Cunningham Robert 21 Tyrone Ploughman
Edgington George 23 Glostershire Carpenter
David 20 Glostershire Engine Driver
Edgington William 14 Cornwall
Emmett William 22 Cornwall Labourer
Evans Henry 18 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Ferguson George 16 Down Labourer
Robert 14 Down
Flinn William 21 Cornwall Labourer
Flynn William 25 Cork Farm Labourer
Hale Joseph 25 Wiltshire Labourer
Hanna Charles 26 Cavan Farm Labourer
Harris Mark 22 Wiltshire Labourer
Haskell Thomas 21 Somerset Blacksmith
Herlihy Timothy 21 Cork Farm Labourer
Hines Arthur 23 Essex Labourer
James William 24 Notts Labourer
Jenks Frederick E. 20 Cheshire Plumber
Juggins Richard 24 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Keefe Michael 24 Cork Farm Labourer
Ken David 22 Down Farm Labourer
Knowles Henry 21 Worchestershire Blacksmith
Lacey Samuel 20 Devon Mason
Leary Jeremiah 23 Cork Farm Labourer
Le Brun Henry 12 Jersey
Lecky John 25 Tyrone Ploughman
Limb Henry Thomas 21 Surrey Painter
Lord John 23 Lancashire Cabinet Maker
Markham Thomas 22 Clare Farm Labourer
McCullam 44 Perth Shepherd
Mc Gown James 19 Lanark Plasterer
McTaggart 24 Lanark Painter
Moloney William 24 Kerry Shoemaker
Mullins William 16 Warwickshire Labourer
Walter 13 Warwickshire
Newman Mark 16 Wiltshire Labourer
Newman John P. 15 Wiltshire Labourer
Norkell George 25 Surrey Shoeing and ? Smith
O'Connor Timothy 22 Cork Farm Labourer
Edward 20 Cork Farm Labourer
Osborne Henry 26 Down Farm Labourer
Pardoe Edwin 16 Worchester
Pascoe William 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Pearce Benjamin 20 Cornwall Labourer
Phillips Thomas 16 Warwick Labourer
Morris 12 Warwick
Pitfield Edward 27 Sussex Tailor
Prosser Robert 21 Monmouth Labourer
Reardon James 25 Kerry Labourer
Roch Robert 26 Forfar Mason
Sage William 19 Glostershire Labourer
Schoemaker H. 26 Germany Sugar Baker
Shanks Hugh 21 Down Farm Labourer
Smith William 29 Essex Labourer
Webster Joseph 18 Aberdeen General Labourer
Welch Charles 17 Bedfordshire Farm Labourer
Whisker Philip 27 Germany Bootmaker
Wright Charles 21 Sussex Carpenter
Colonial Nominated Single Men
Brown Thomas 23 Down Farm Labourer
Driscoll John 35 Kerry Farm Labourer
Duggan Thomas 23 Kerry Labourer
Edgar George 20 Berwick Shepherd
Edward Denis 21 Limerick Farm Labourer
Foreman Joseph 33 Warwick Hotel Servant
Hanrahan John 24 Kilkenny Farm Labourer
Harigan Patrick 26 Kerry Farm Labourer
Haughey Samuel 20 Down Farm Labourer
Henry 19 Down Farm Labourer
John 18 Down Labourer
James 17 Down Farm Labourer
Arthur 16 Down Labourer
John 14 Down Farm Labourer
Hickey Patrick 32 Kilkenny Farm Labourer
Lynch George 22 Armagh Labourer
McKay Daniel 19 Perth Tinsmith
McKay James 15 Perth Tailor
Isaac 7 Perth
Mohr William 20 Germany Farm Labourer
Philip 50 Germany Farm Labourer
Molony Bryon 22 Kerry Shoemaker
Moloney James 22 Kerry Farm Labourer
Murphy James 27 Kilkenny Farm Labourer
Saunders Charles 22 Herts Navvy
Single Women
Adington Eliza 12 Bedfordshire
Alger Catherine 58 Cornwall Housekeeper
Allsop Matilda 13 Essex
Booker Sarah 12
Bowler Hannah 18 Kerry Dairymaid
Bradshaw Elean 25 Lancashire Domestic Servant
Bragg Margaret 23 Stafford Nurse
Bragg Mary 19 Lancashire Housemaid
Butchart Agnes 19 Forfar General Servant
Cant Susan 17 Forfar
Cara Catherine 30 Cornwall Servant
Eliza M. 18 Cornwall Factory Girl
Cook Emily 16 Bedfordshire
Corner Charlotte 17 Down Servant
Cowley Caroline 18 Sussex Servant
Davey Kate 25 Galway Servant
Dipper Emma 27 Middlesex Cook
Edgington Rebecca 50 Glostershire
Alice 18 Glostershire Servant
Caroline 16
Ellen 11
Fenoe Martha 20 Staffordshire Domestic Servant
Glenn Mary A. 19 Galway Servant
Green Mary 28 Tyrone Domestic Servant
Green Caroline 23 Glostershire General Servant
Goodall Elizabeth 19 Glostershire General Servant
Goss Elizabeth 20 Devon Housemaid
Harley Caroline 25 Middlesex Cook
Haughey Margaret 36 Down Housemaid
Luke 11
Hewitt Frances H. 54 Notts
Hooper Julia M. 21 Middlesex Housemaid
Howard Jessie 23 Perth Nurserymaid
Humm Susannah 29 Essex Domestic Servant
Magdala 25 Essex Nurse
Ivers Kate 26 Longford Laundress
Johnstone Eliza 30 Fermanagh
Johnstone Elizabeth 24 Edinburgh
Keating Hannah 28 Mayo Laundress
Kelly Bridget 23 Kerry Servant
Langlois Hannah 22 Alderney, Channel Is Dairy Maid
Larkins Martha 22 Bedfordshire Servant
Last Ellen 25 Suffolk Cook
McCullum Anna 16 Stirling Servant
Rebecca 12 Stirling Servant
Maggie 3 Stirling
McKay Grace 21 Forfar Loom Weaver
Celia 17 Forfar Loom Weaver
Mitchell Eliza 40 Staffordshire House Keeper
Mohr Elizabeth 23 Germany Servant
Sophia 22 Germany Servant
Moloney Hannah 20 Kerry Sempstress
Mullins Mary 18 Warwickshire Servant
Ellen 15 Warwickshire Servant
Nicolls Elizabeth 50 Cornwall Housekeeper
Georgiana 21 Cornwall Servant
Newman Ellen 14 Glostershire
Reeves Annie 25 Middlesex Dressmaker
Rhodes Sarah 21 Cambridge Servant
Robert Abigail 27 Surrey Nurse
Scully Mary 18 Galway Farm Servant
Shier Anne 13 Lanark
Simpson Mary A. 34 Staffordshire Nurse
Marion 18 Staffordshire Parlor Maid
Amy 15 Staffordshire
Smyth Anne 25 Dublin Housemaid
Stevenson Margaret 26 Tyrone Servant
Soady Henrietta 16 Jersey Servant
Tripp Grace 34 Cornwall Servant
Webster Jane 20 Forfar Tablemaid
Welch Ann 14 Bedfordshire
Elizabeth 12 Bedfordshire
Yaxley Eliza 12 Norfolk
Yes Emmeline 21 Devon


SHEWARD family:
Joseph SHEWARD and family must have moved to Cornwall before the trip on the Clipper   Cathcart .  From our recorded Family History we know Joseph SHEWARD was the youngest son of Joseph SHEWARD and Ann PERRINS.  He was born 16 Mar 1849 in Oldnall, Worcestershire, England and he died 1923 in New Zealand.  Joseph married Caroline PERRINS on 13 July 1873 at St Kenelms, Romsley, Worcestershire. Their first child Joseph SHEWARD was born in Oldnall, Worcestershire before the ship sailed.  Our family recorded the death of  baby Joseph  as 24 July 1874 in family records. Caroline   SHEWARD [nee PERRINS] was born 1849 in Lye, Worcestershire, England. She passed away on 6 Mar 1915 in Canterbury, New Zealand and is buried in the Linwood Cemetery, Christ Church, New Zealand.

Joseph and Caroline SHEWARD went on to have eight more children in New Zealand.
2- Elizabeth SHEWARD born 21 May 1876 Canterbury, died 9 May 1939 NZ
3- Harriet SHEWARD born 29 Jul 1877 Christ Church
4- Ann Maria SHEWARD born 2 Sep 1879 Christ Church
5- John SHEWARD born 12 Oct 1882 Christ Church, died 2 Apr 1948 NZ, married 21 Apr 1919 a May [maybe nee SHEWARD]
6- William SHEWARD born 21 Jun 1885 Christ Church, died 1956 NZ
7- Matilda SHEWARD born 14 Feb 1889 Christ Church, married a Charles Cross
8- Lucy SHEWARD born 28 Aug 1892 Christ Church
9- David SHEWARD born 1890 Christ Church, died 1904

If anyone has additional information or SHEWARD Family questions please contact Mary Ellen Gilbert


FULLER family:
Joseph FULLER, the son of George Fuller and Ann (surname unknown) was born c 14 January 1838 which is the date he was baptized in Harrowden, Bedford. On 12 October 1860 when Joseph was 22, he married Sarah SMITH, the daughter of Abraham Smith, in St Mary's, Cardington, Bedfordshire. Sarah was born about 1843. When Joseph was 35 and Sarah was 31 they emigrated to New Zealand, departing England, 10 June 1874, on this sailing of the ship Cathcart, which arrived in Lyttelton, New Zealand on August 29th 1874.
At the time of sailing they had the following children:
Frank, born 1864, George born 1868, Harry born 1868, Lewis born 1870 and Arthur born 1872. Sarah died in New Zealand in 1928, she was 85. Occupation: Lace Maker.
Joseph died in New Zealand in 1918, he was 79. Occupation: Plough Boy later Agricultural Labourer. If you have any connection to this family please contact Robyn Harding at [email protected]


ELLIS family:
Thomas ELLIS  b. 1847 St Just Cornwall m 26th May 1874 Mary Ann BENETT b.1852 St Just. Thomas worked on the "big tunnel", Christchurch then they went to Reefton in response to the gold rush, bought land & built a small house. As family grew larger ,a larger house was built over the small one! Mary was a well known midwife and travelled widely by foot to care for women, and also look after the husband and other children at the time of the birth.  Later she took patients into her own home and had many prominent clients such as doctors and judges. The well known NZ runner Lovelock was delivered by Mary.  One story recounted was of an American couple who arrived in Reefton just as the woman was due to have her baby.  The husband asked to be taken to the "best nursing home in town" and the coach driver took them to Mary's house.   A child, Phillip, was born and when the couple went home to the USA for a holiday when he was 4, he was left in the care of Mary.

Children of Thomas & Mary
1. Janie    b. Lyttleton  d. 20 years old of peritonitis
2. Lila (Lillie)   b. Lyttleton  m George WILDERMOTH
3. Cleander   b 1878  Reefton, d.1950's Wellington m 1904 Reefton Richard WILLIAMS
4. Jessica      m   William DEAN-SMITH
5. Minnie       m ?
6. Eva     m   Walter FLINTOFF  (no children)
7. Thomas     m  ?

Children of Lila & George
1 Norman drowned aged 19
2. Bill  3-4 children, one killed in truck accident
3. Roy  1 boy. 1 girl, Roy died of asthma
4. Jack  married, no children
5. Gordon NM, badly wounded in WW11, Lived Reefton with nice garden
6. Myrtle  m. Skokandich, 2 boys, 1 girl
7. Minnie  m. Dowsing (2nd husband), girl Shirley, boy Morris d. aged 39
8. Ruby  m. Johansen, 4-5 children
9. Maureen m. Taylor, 1 girl

Children of Richard & Cleander
1. Coral      m  Leonard WARREN, 4 sons
2. Jack Aroha   b.1912  Reefton m 1944 Wellington, Margaret McKAY b. 1925, 4 dau, 3 sons
3. Cleander   d. 18 months old
4. Jean      m  Eric McDONALD, 1 son
5. George      m  1. Jean HOPPER    2 sons, 1 dau ( d. 1972 Sth Africa car accident)   2. Shirley
6. Thomas Olverston    m  Eleanor MORRISON, 3 sons, 4 dau
7. Lloyd     m  Joyce DRAPER, 3 sons, 1 dau

If you have any connection to this family please contact Carollyn Williams at [email protected]


HOWARD family:
Samuel Isaac HOWARD, the son of Charles Howard and Sarah Rayner was born about 1846 in Stepney, which is part of London. Sarah Anne ASHTON was born about 1849 also in Stepney; she was the daughter of Samuel Ashton and Elizabeth Whitter. They were married on the 16 June 1870 in Hackney. In 1874 they immigrated to New Zealand aboard the Cathcart with their daughter Rose, Samuel is shown on the passenger list as a Labourer. After arriving in New Zealand they had seven more children, Florence Edith (b1875), Veenie (?), Nellie, Harry, Reg and the twins, Bessie and Amy. Their daughter Florence married Townley Jackman in 1897 and they immigrated to Tasmania around 1900. Samuel died on the 3 October 1926 in Wellington. Sarah died on the 25 March 1943 in Wellington. If you have any information on this family please contact David Ferris


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