Catherine Stewart Forbes
Ship: 457 tons
Captain: John Hobbs
Surgeon Superintendent: Joseph Abbott
Sailed 1:30pm London, Gravesend 5th Feb 1841 - arrived Port Nicholson 24th June 1841

Name Age Occupation Comment
Cabin Passengers
Barker Joseph Benson 26 Booked to return by the same ship.
Martin Francis Victor 25 Intends settling in New Zealand
Steerage Passengers
Alexander Elizabeth Ann 17
Daughter Infant Born at sea
Allen George 26 Boat Builder & Ships Carpenter
Jane Elizabeth 27
Allen 12 Brother of George
Amoss George Frederick 17 Labourer
Amoss Mary Ann 19 Dressmaker
Bell Mary 30 Servant
Benge David 36 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 34
Elizabeth 6
Emma 4
James 2
Benge Nicholas 38 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 37
Son 11
Benge Rebecca 15 Sempstress
Benge William 17 Agricultural Labourer Died at Sea
Bennett Thomas 29 Agricultural Labourer Cook on board
Mary 25
Daughter 5
Benson Barker Joseph
Biddle Benedict 14 Agricultural Labourer
Biddle Edward 22 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 22
Son 6 mths
Blake Richard 25 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth Matilda 22
Richard 2
Briggs George 23 Carpenter & Sawyer
Emma 23
Brown Henry 28 Agricultural Labourer
Claggit George 21 Agricultural Labourer
Collins Edward 21 Agricultural Labourer
Cooper William Binion 25 Carpenter
Sarah 28
Cottle Charles 30 Gardener
Mary 36
William 3
Charles Joseph 2
Cracknell John 31
Mary Ann 25
William 9
Durham Mary 54 Sempstress Widow - MATRON
Edwards John 38
Phebe 40
John 16
James 15
Daughter 12
Daughter 9
Son 8
Daughter 6
Son 4
Son 1
Ellis George 30 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 28
Fegan Stephen 24 Shoemaker
Eliza Mary 29
Elizabeth Caroline 3 mths
Fisher William 22 Plasterer
Eliza 26
Daughter Infant Born at Sea
Ford Lydia 23 Servant
Ford William 33 Agricultural Labourer
Hannah 26
Gaskin Matthew 20 Agricultural Labourer
Gaskin Samuel 30 Agricultural Labourer
Ann 29
Daughter 9
Daughter 7
Son 5
Son 2
Gibson Lewis 24 Agricultural Labourer
Gilbert William 25 Miner
Mary 24
Gutch Henry James 14 Baker & Labourer
Gutch Robert 21 Shopman
Hall Emanuel 30 Plasterer
Mary 29
Hendry George 23 Gardener
Mary 22
Herbert George 26 Carpenter
Elizabeth 25
Holder William John 25 Agriculturalist
Hoseman William 20 Gardener & Groom
Jackson Andrew 26 Agricultural Labourer
James Hannah 25 Sempstress
James John 30 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Anne 27
Joseph 2
Jones George 17 Shopman
Lane Elizabeth 20 Servant
Lingard John 25 Labourer
Ann 26
John 3
Daughter Infant Born at Sea
McPherson James 27 Wright
Jane 27
McPherson William 29 Labourer
Ann 27
Mayo James 27 Slater & Plasterer
Mary 28
Son Infant
Meech William 21 Cabinet Maker
Rebecca 25
Mounsher Charles 28 Tailor
Alicia Margaret 24
Daughter 9 weeks
Mudgway Richard 47 Agricultural Labourer
Anne 46
Louiza 27
Edmond 22
Charles 20 Gardener
Stephen 18 Sawyer
Olive 17 Sempstress
Eliza 15 Sempstress
Rachel Ann 12 Sempstress
William 9
Mudgway George 24 Agricultural Labourer
Betty 18
Novell Caroline 21 Servant
Peck Charles 32 Agricultural Labourer
Harriett 26
Son 10
Daughter 8
Peck Daniel 32 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 30
Mary Ann 8
Richard 3
Charles 2
Hannah 9 mths
Peck Henry 17 Agricultural Labourer
Pennels Fanny 18 Servant
Pitman John 23 Boot & Shoemaker
Mary 25
Son 1
Richardson Edward 19 Agricultural Labourer
Robertson Alexander 23 Shoemaker
Margaret 20
Root Samuel 22 Blacksmith
Mary Ann 28
Daughter Infant Born at sea
Root Sarah 16 Servant
Root William 17 Blacksmith
Smith Benjamin 27 Carpenter
Martha 24
Son 1
Son Infant Born at sea
Squire Emma 16 Sempstress
Standen Edward 18 Agricultural Labourer
Swaffer Martha 22 Sempstress
Swaffer Matilda 19 Sempstress
Swaffer William 25 Agricultural Labourer
Symons Charles Henry 18 Labourer
Symons Henry Morshead 15 Agriculturalist
Symons James 37 Farmer Assistant to Surgeon
Jane 36
John 15
James 14
Jane 11
William 6
Thomas 3
Tandy Levi 26 Gardener
Mary Ann 27
Tandy Matilda 17 Servant
Taverner James 38 Agricultural Labourer
Mary Ann 22
Daughter 12
Todd William 22 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 22
Trice George 23 Agricultural Labourer
Trice William 23 Carpenter
Margaret 23
Vandervord Hannah 17 Sempstress
Wilmore Joseph 30 Shepherd Assistant to Cook
Jane 23
Daughter 8 mths
Wilson George 25 Twine Spinner
Wonells Daniel 22 Agricultural Labourer
Wood Mary 19 Dressmaker

MUDGWAY family:
The Mudgway name like a lot of others down through history, has gone through changes.  It was thought that it actually originated in Scotland.  Loyal subjects of King James apparently followed him down to England and one of those families was the Macaway family.  So it probably came from Scottish descent originally.
If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Lynda Gear or visit her excellent website at Lyndas Genealogy

James and Jane (Nee Robertson) McPherson left Blairgowrie, Scotland after their Marriage in November, 1840 to travel to Australia. A stopover in New Zealand saw the birth of their first child Helen. They then moved onto Hobart where 3 more children were born. Jane, James & Margaret. Another four children were born possibly on mainland Australia in Victoria, Sarah, John, Charles R and Jessie. The family lived in and around the Ascot Vale, Flemington area of Melbourne, Australia, for many years. Helen M Henry T Mutimer, Issue 10. Sarah m Charles J Chatterton, Issue 5. James m Annie E Patrick, Issue 4. Charles R m Annie A Richmond, Issue 8. James died in 1892 aged 80, Jane died in 1906 aged 86. The descendants of James and Jane are many and I am still researching some of the branches, but have a direct lineage from Charles Robertson McPherson to 2002. If you would like any of the information I currently have or have any to add please feel free to contact me. Lillian J Iles (Nee McPherson)
COTTLE Charles, Mary, William and Charles Joseph
Charles was born in England, probably near Bath, Somerset. He married Mary DIAMOND IN 1835 and they had two sons, William who was born in 1836 and christened in Weston Church and Charles Joseph who was born in 1838 in Swainswick. In the application for emigration to the N.Z. Company the address was given as Swainswick near Bath. Charles's occupation was gardener. Charles died in 1941 shortly after arriving in NZ and was buried in Wellington. Mary was born around 1811. There is some confusion as to the year in which Mary died. The most probable would be as recorded in the N.Z. Journal 1848. Under "Deaths in the Colony Since the Foundation of the Colony" the following is stated," 1841 wife of Charles COTTLE aged 30 decline".  After Mary’s death the two boys were cared for by the GILL family, John and Amelia GILL who had arrived in Wellington on the barque Gertrude on the 3rd November 1841. William was born in Weston Parish, Somerset, England and christened on the 15th march 1835. Weston is on the northern outskirts of Bath. William's occupation as listed on his marriage certificate was "shoemaker". William married Catherine Anna Maria MEE (minor) on April the 24th 1860. It is thought that at some stage William and Catherine shifted to Australia Charles (jnr) was born in Swainswick, Somerset on the 22nd February 1838.Charles was married at the age of 23 to Mary Ann GILL, who was 17 years old, in St Paul's Church, Thorndon on the 25th December 1861. They had 15 children. (9 sons and 6 daughters.) Anyone interested in this family please contact Tony Christiansen

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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/1 p353