City of Dunedin
Ship: 1085 tons
Captain: Curry
Surgeon Superintendent:
   Sailed Greenock October 3rd 1871- arrived Otago December 30th 1871

This fine vessel, prior to the amalgamation with the Shaw Savill Co., was owned by the Albion Co. She was a typical emigrant ship of 1085 tons register, and was built specifically to carry passengers from the Clyde to Dunedin. The accomodation was in the 'tween decks, the space being divided into three by bulkheads, single women being in the after compartment, married amidships, and single men in the forward compartment.
The City of Dunedin completed ten voyages to Port Chalmers, direct from Scotland.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the City of Dunedin

Name Address Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Cook Mr
Marsh Mrs
Assisted Passengers
Turley Edward Park Lane, Tipton Labourer
Goddard Caroline Lea Brook, Wednesbury Domestic Servant
Millington Simon 74 Watery Lane, Tipton Bricklayer
Mrs Rosanna
Samuel Bricklayer
Jesse Bricklayer
Sarah Domestic Servant
Rosanna Domestic Servant
Wassell David Bell Street, Tipton Bricklayer
Guaranteed Passengers
Roberts Julia Ann Landewednack Domestic Servant
Williams William Wainwen, Swansea Miner
Shortshipped Passengers
Roberts Julia Ann

Edward Turley was born on January 12th 1846 in Tipton, England and died on January 12th, 1915 in Dunedin. He married Sarah Ann Bell of Swan Village, Staffordshire, England on 5 July 1873 in Dunedin. Sarah worked as a domestic servant to Captain Cargill, the founder of Dunedin, before her marriage to Edward. Edward was the youngest son of David Turley and Mary Danks of Tipton. Before leaving England, Edward worked as a "puddler" in the ironworks in Tipton and became a storeman in Dunedin. Edward sailed on the "City of Dunedin" from England as an assisted immigrant on 1st October 1872 and arrived in New Zealand at Port Chalmers on New Year’s Day 1872. A copy of his diary, which he kept on the voyage out, is kept at the Turnbull
Library, Wellington. He was closely associated with the Methodist Church in Tipton and Dunedin throughout his lifetime. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Bill McKeich.


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