City of San Francisco
Steamship: 3400 tons
Captain: J J Waddell
Surgeon Superintendent:
City of San Francisco was a mail-ship operating betwee the western coast of the USA, Fiji, New Zealand (various ports) and Australia. This is the passenger list for the voyage of May/June 1876.

Arrival of the City of San Francisco

Our sincere thenks to Russell Thorne for providing the information for this list.

Name Age Comments
Cabin Passengers
Bower Captain Bound for Wellington
Clow Mr Bound for Dunedin
Creigh Coleman Bound for Dunedin
Cuff Mr Bound for Dunedin
Hall Mr Bound for Dunedin
Second Class Passengers
McCadam Miss Bound for Lyttleton
Third Class Passengers
Burke William Bound for Wellington
Burke Lucy Bound for Wellington - Sister to William
Casey Mr
Eliott Mr
Michael Mr
Ross Mr
Steerage Passengers
Crake G
Crake W
Fergusson C

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Christchurch Press June 19th, 21st, 29th & 30th 1876
Evening Post June 19th & 20th 1876

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