The Commissioners are perfectly satisfied with the arrangements of the ship British Crown. They are particularly pleased with the hospital arrangements, which occupy a large portion of the poop, and are perfectly lighted and ventilated. The medicine's supplied from the Apothecaries' Company are, both in quality and quantity, much superior to those in any ship previously visited by the Commissioners. The Commissioners draw special attention to the provisions for the regular supply of fresh bread through the passage, and to the generally improved dietary scale, especially for young children. The immigrants express general satisfaction with all the stores. The apparatus for distilling fresh water (Dr Normanby's) has supplied the whole ship throughout the voyage, with the exception of the rare occasions of packing or fitting the engine. The 'tween decks' exhibit an appearance of cleanliness and comfort such as the Commissioners have never found on any previous ship. The Commissioners consider the satisfactory condition of the ship due to the excellent arrangements of her Majesty's Emigration Commissioners, and greatly to the experience of the Surgeon Superintendent, this being his thirteenth voyage. The Commissioners recommend that the full gratuity be paid to the Surgeon Superintendent and the various officers referred to in the table.


John T. Rouse
H S McKellar
F E Wright

W M Donald