Comte de Paris
Ship: 550 tons
Captain: L'Anglois
Superintendent: Pierre Joseph de Belligny
Sailed Rochfort, Bordeaux March 19th 1840 - arrived Akaroa August 13th 1840

The French colonisation of Akaroa

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers (fare paying)
Belligny Pierre Joseph France Agent for Nanto-Bordelaise Co
Belligny Eug�ne de France Cousin to above
Other Settlers (Free Passage)
Bauriaud Elie 31 Charente-Maritime, France Nurseryman & Gardener
Marie Annette 34
Benoit Jacques (Pierre) 33 Charente-Maritime, France Farmer
Louise Marianne 19
Bernard Pierre 40 France Farmer & Sawyer
Marg 32
Breitmeyer Johann 36 Kandel, Germany Shoemaker & Farmer
Eva Maria 35
Johann 8
Catharina 5
Elisabeth 4
Johann 2
Cebert Jacques Michel 30 Orne, France Farm Worker
Jeanne 29
Chardin Mr Died on board c 10/08/1840  Buried at Pigeon Bay
David Guillaume Paris, France Gardener
Anne 32
Jean Guillaume 8
Desse Jean Delphin 11 France Farmer
Nephew to Pierre Bernard
Duc Isaac 28 Charente-Maritime, France
Dulac Joseph Farmer
Sailor on voyage
Dupas Mr
Eteveneaux Jean Pierre 42 Jura, France Farmer
Jeanne Fran�oise 49
Marie Celestine 17
Marie Judith 15
Jean-Batiste 12
Fleuret Georges 28 Manche, France Carpenter
Francois Jean Adolphe 28 Paris, France Hotelier
Gendrot Hippolyte 32 France Farmer & Sawyer
Gendrot Pierre 31 France Farmer & Labourer
Clemence Rose 5
Gourtner Niklaus Germany Sawyer
Guindon Benjamin Gabriel 34 Charente-Maritime, France Farmer
Isabeau Virginie 29
Hahn Josef Germany
Heaulme Balthasar 29 Belgium Carpenter
Sailor on voyage
Hettich Kaspar Baden, Germany
Jotereau Died on board c 10/08/1840  Buried at Pigeon Bay
Jouy Mr Caulker
Sailor on voyage
Lelievre Fran�ois Etienne 30 Manche, France Farmer
Sailor on voyage
Libeau Joseph 33 France Farmer
Madeline 30
Catherine M�lanie 11
Joseph 6
Armand Isidore Infant Born on board - 23/04/1840
Malmanchie Emeri de 36 Charente, France Farmer & Gardener
Rose Jeanne 27 Also known as Victoire
Rose 8 Also known as Justine
Pierre 5
Malmanchie Fran�ois 28 Charente, France Farmer
Brother of Emeri de Malmanchie
Masset Charles 19 France Was a settler but unable to confirm if he was a passenger on this ship.
Michel Alfred 20 Puy-de-D�me, France Farmer
Probably Picoulet
France Was a settler but unable to confirm if he was a passenger on this ship.
Rousselot Fran�ois 39 Moselle, France Farmer
Jos�phine Ad�la�de 37
Veron Louis Jules 21 Manche, France Hotelier
Vidal Etienne H�rault, France Was a settler but unable to confirm if he was a passenger on this ship.
Waeckerle Christian Jakob 24 Baden, Germany Miller
Walther Peter 45 Gr�nstadt, Germany Farmer
Woll Philipp Germany Carpenter


Emery and his wife Rose came to New Zealand in 1840 on board the Comte de Paris. Things did not go well for this exciting venture. For a start, a great deal of time was lost due to difficulties getting the Comte de Paris down the river from Rochefort to the open sea. The set out in January 1840 and didn’t reach the sea until March 31st . They arrived in Banks Peninsula on August 9th after encountering violent storms and shattering the masts. She limped to New Zealand Jury masted and arrived in our winter. Two months later Rose gave birth to a baby boy who was the second white child to be born on the south island. He was born October 19 1840 on the beach in a tent made of the ships. sails This ship of eager French settlers had planned to establish French sovereignty on New Zealand soil, but their hopes were dashed when they arrived to find the English flag flying at Akaroa harbour. They could do no other than to make the best of it. Emery de Malmanche vowed that he was never going to cut his beard until he saw French soil again. He was true to his word, for when sixteen years later he made the journey to France to take his two daughters home to be educated, his beard had grown below his waist. The first four children of Emery and Rose were born in France before the couple came to New Zealand, but unfortunately two of them died while still very young. Emery’s brother, Francois, born in 1812, also came to New Zealand on the Comte de Paris. Francois died in Akaroa on June 27 1866. Both Rose and Emery came from French farming stock, the type of background sought by the Nanto-Bordelaise Company when selecting their emigrants. Emery and Rose settled well and lived the rest of their lives in Akaroa and their house was one of the first erected. Emery managed three blocks of 100 acres each near Akaroa for an absentee landlord , M de Belligny and received the sum of 25 English pounds for this service per year. A young Maori, Eta and his wife wahine made friends with Emery and Rose soon after the couple arrived in Akaroa. When the de Malmanche house was erected, Eta and his wife moved in with them. Emery de Malmanche died on February 16 1882 at Akaroa in his 78th year. His wife Rose, lived on until 1893, dying on the anniversary of Emery’s death in her 80th year. Her obituary is found in the Akaroa Mail of February 21 1893. Picture of Emery and a few of his grand- children outside his house. If you have any information concerning this family or would like to know more please contact Suzanne Crosbie.


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