Barque: 574 Tons
Captain: Barnett
Surgeon Superintendent: James Parker

Sailed London May 27th 1859 - arrived Lyttleton September 12th 1859
                                                                  Nelson September 24th 1859
                                                                             New Plymouth November 1st 1859

The Cresswell, laden with goods for Nelson and passengers for Canterbury, arrived in this port on Monday afternoon, having made a pleasant and uneventful passage of 103 days from Gravesend. There are several cabin and second cabin passengers on board and we are glad to observe from the passenger list that almost all the Government immigrants are from the country districts of the United Kingdom. All have arrived in good health, and the ship generally is in a condition reflecting great credit upon the Captain, Surgeon and Officers. The Cresswell landed all her passengers yesterday morning and, as there is no cargo to discharge, when the emigrants luggage is out she will proceed at once to Nelson.
Lyttelton Times September 14th 1859

Name Age County Occupation
Cabin Passengers
Cotterell Mr
Parker James Surgeon on board
Spencer Mr
Tudor Mr
Wilson Mr
Government Immigrants
Families and Children
Atack William 29 Southampton Painter
Mahala 27
William Harrington 2
Kate 9 months Died on board 11/08/1859
Bode John 29 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Hannah 21
Boorman Henry 28 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Susan 23
John Henry 1
Broker Edward 40 Middlesex Plasterer
Emily 48 Trans to s/m
Sarah 18 Trans to s/w
Edward 14
Elvines John 30 Middlesex Groom
Sarah 28
John 4 Died on board 25/08/1859
Edward 2 Died on board 26/07/1859
Duncan Alexander 22 Aberdeen Labourer
Catherine 21
Fergusson Daniel 52 Perth Farm Labourer
Catherine 40
Jess 21 Trans to s/m
James 18 Trans to s/m
Mary 16 Trans to s/w
Catherine 15 Trans to s/w
Alexander 13 Trans to s/m
Jane 11
Ellen 9
Christina 7
Margaret 5
Alice Ross 2
James 2 Grandson
Ferguson Robert 22 Down Farm Labourer
Mary Anne 21
Fuller James 26 Sussex Gardener
P. 25
Harrison Thomas 43 Lincoln Shepherd
Sarah 34
Alice 7
Elizabeth 6
Annie 5
Harriet 4
Joseph 2
Charles 30 Days
Tovvy James 11 Stepson
Horrill William 50 Worksop Farm Labourer
Sarah 48
Jane 17 Trans to s/w
Mary 11
Elizabeth 7
Huffey John 34 Suffolk Bricklayer
Hepsabah 34
Alice 4
Lucas John 25 Middlesex Carpenter
Harriet 21
John 2
Henry Infant
McAlpine Archibald 38 Lincoln Ploughman
Ann 33
John 8
Mary 6
Alexander 2
Margaret 3 months
McKay Donald 44 Sutherland Agricultural Labourer
Mary 35
Betsy 15 Trans to s/w
George 13 Trans to s/m
Isabella 10
Mary 7
Malcolm 5
Flora 3
Donald 1 Died on Board 14/08/1859
McLeod John 24 Caithness Shepherd
Mitchell Isaac 30 Yorkshire Blacksmith
Mary Lowe 30
Samuel 6
Lucilla 2
Infant 10 weeks
Neill William 21 Down Farm Labourer
Margaret 21
O'Brien Michael 26 Wicklow Labourer
Ann 25
Octgen Frederick 29 Hanover Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 24
Osborne George 24 Somersertshire Farm Labourer
Emma 19
Osbourne James 21 Somersertshire Farm Labourer
James 2
Sarah Ann 8 months
Job 16 Trans to s/m
Plunkett John 47 Dublin Brass Founder
Jane 46
Mary Anne 20 Trans to s/w
Elizabeth 18 Trans to s/w
Margaret 16 Trans to s/w
Robert 11
Reilly (Reily) John 33 Hants Schoolmaster on Board
Sarah Ellen Frances 31 Matron
Catherine May 11
Fanny Maria 10
Stoyle John 8
Margaret Emily 7
Reginald Frank Frodsham 5
Helen Alma 4
Cecil Charles Frodsham 1
Ruxge George 35 Germany Farm Labourer
Elise 32
Schmidt Wilhelm 43 Germany Farm Labourer
Charlotte 37
Peters 11
Gustof 8
Adelaide 5
Adolphus 2
Shailer Thomas 30 Staffordshire Farm Labourer
Phoebe 27
John T. 2 months
Stewart John 44 Perth Ploughman
Janet 41
Helen 20 Trans to s/m
Susan Ann 18 Trans to s/w
James 16 Trans to s/m
John 14 Trans to s/m
Margaret 12 Trans to s/w
Peter 10
Grace 8
Robert 6
Arthur 4
Mary Jean 1
Tulley John 34 London Porter
Margaret 32
Henry 6
Joseph 4
John 2
Emma 30 Trans to s/w
Vessey Frederick 26 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Ann 24
P. 2
Wainwright Charles 26 Notts Labourer
Sarah 28
Sarah Ann 6 months
Single Men
Broker Edward 14 Caithness Farm Labourer
Chiles Edward 23 Surrey Farm Labourer
Evans John 23 Shropshire Farm Labourer
Ferguson James 18 Caithness Farm Labourer
Alexander 13 Caithness Farm Labourer
Gaffney Michael 22 Derbyshire Farm Labourer
Hobbs William Benjamin 21 Middlesex Carpenter
McKay George 13 Caithness Labourer
James 34 Caithness Farm Labourer
McWilliam Alexander Farm Labourer
Osborn Job 16 Caithness Labourer
Ponney William 11 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Smith Arthur Anthony 18 Hants Labourer
Steward John 14 Derbyshire Farm Labourer
James 16 Derbyshire Carpenter
Sutherland Alexander 23 Caithness
Webber Preston Farm Labourer
Single Women
Broker Sarah 18 Caithness Domestic Servant
Cohn Sarah Ann 27 Kent Domestic Servant
Ferguson Jessie 21 Domestic servant
Mary 16 Perth Domestic servant
Catherine 15 Perth Domestic Servant
Hovvill Jane 17 Perth Domestic Servant 
Died on Board 06/07/1859
Kunkell Louisa 23 Prussia Cook
McKay Betsy 15 Sutherland Domestic Servant
Plunkett Mary Ann 20 Middlesex Milliner
Margaret 16 Middlesex Milliner
Elizabeth 18 Middlesex Dressmaker
Ponney Hannah 47 Middlesex Laundress
Alice Lydia 9
Elizabeth Ann 7
Smith Rose Ann 22 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Smith Charlotte 28 Yorkshire domestic Servant
Stewart Margaret 16 Perth Domestic Servant
Stewart Helen 20 Perth Dairymaid
Stewart Susan 18 Perth Milliner
Tulley Emma 30 Housemaid
Wheeler Clara 19 Middlesex Housemaid
Rosetta 15 Housemaid

REILLY family:
My husbands family John and Sarah REILLY great grandfather and great grandmother came to N Z on the Cresswell in 1859. John taught for a short time at the Upper Heathcote school before going to take over the Anglican school (Timaru Grammar School)  in Timaru in 1860.
So far I have gone back to 1747 to Matthew Reily, going by lists the name seem to go from Reily to Reilly about 1859. John Reilly came from the National Society's Training School, Westminster London and was prepared to take 6 boys and give them a sound commercial education.  The fee was 40 pounds per year, this included laundry and Mrs Reilly made herself responsible for the health and well being of the boys.
References were required and extra fees were charged for teaching French, German and Latin. John and Sarah had 14 children 7 in England (as named in the passenger list) and 7 in Timaru (Susan Mary born December 1859 died 1864 of scarlatina, Henry George born 1861 died 1864 of scarlatina, Gerald Frodsham born 1863 died 1864 of scarlatina, Walter Granville born 1865, John born 1866, Agnes born 1868 & Blanche Louisa born 1870). In 1864 there was a bout of Scarletina and 3 of John and Sarahs children died in a matter of a few weeks of each other. John was born Eton 1825 and died Timaru 1898. Sarah born 1827 died Timaru 1895. I am happy to share and receive any info about the family and pleased to hear from any relations. If you have a connection to this family or require further information please contact Carlene Reilly.


Daniel Fergusson was born at Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland on 11th September 1806, the eldest of nine children born to Alexander Fergusson and Isabel, nee Campbell. Daniel was well educated, studying at St. Andrew's University, and held the position of schoolmaster at various towns in Scotland, education becoming his lifelong career. As well as his career in education he held the position of Inspector of the Poor and Sessions Clerk in the Parish of Dowally, Scotland. Daniel had a passion for poetry and languages. He had composed several poems in English, Scots and Gaelic and won the Queens prize of 9 pounds three years in succession. Other Highlanders would not compete against him and the Gaelic Society banned him from further competition though they did pay him 11 pounds to translate his final prize poem from Gaelic into English. Daniel married Catherine Anderson, (born at Lanarch, Edinburgh, the daughter of John Anderson and Elspet Ross) at Logierait, Perthshire on 9 March 1834 and they had eleven children. Leaving behind their eldest daughter Anne, Daniel and Catherine took the rest of the children including their grandson to New Zealand on the "Cresswell" arriving at Lyttelton on the 12 September 1859.The passage cost 80 pounds 15 shillings and the government paid 76 pounds. On arrival Daniel lived at first in Kaiapoi where he worked as one of the first schoolmasters. He and his family then moved on to a new settlement called George Town near Temuka. (not to be mistaken for the Georgetown north of Oamaru). Here in 1862 he opened the first public school in the Arowhenua district with about 16 pupils, most of whom were boarded, and he also became the local postmaster. The new Temuka District High School opened in 1866 which meant the end of the Arowhenua school on Fergusson's property and also the end of his career in education. In 1864 Daniel was appointed as Clerk to the first Geraldine District Roads Board, later known as the Temuka Road Board and he held this office for 14 years until ill health forced his retirement in 1877. Daniel's wife Catherine died 06 March 1880 and Daniel himself died suddenly on 20 April 1887in Geraldine and was buried in Temuka with his wife and beside his daughter Mary and her husband William Hopkinson. (For more information on the William Hopkinson family refer to the maiden voyage sailing of the ship Zealandia on 15 June 1858). If you have a connection to this family or require further information please contact Richard Hopkinson


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Lyttelton Times September 14th 1859
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