Barque: 812 tons
Captain: Everett
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London April 19th 1876 - arrived Auckland August 8th 1876

The Crownthorpe, a barque of 812 tons, was chartered by Shaw Savill Co. to carry passengers and general cargo to three ports in the Dominion. The vessel was built at Sunderland in 1873, and Captain Everett was given command when the ship was launched, and was still in charge when she made her last run to New Zealand. Nothing eventful occurred on any of the passages. She encountered some severe storms on the voyage to Wellington in 1881, also a cyclone on her last voyage to Auckland, shortly after passing Tasmania. Captain Everett reported on February 6 a heavy gale commenced from the south-east, and hauled to the north-east, from whence it blew a hurricane, with heavy, confused sea, which lasted for four days. The ship, however, did not suffer any serious damage.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Crownthorpe

Name Age County Occupation
Second Cabin Passengers
Martin Mr
Turpin Mr J
Stevenson William
Steerage Passengers
Hawker Miss Emma
Jones Hugh
Neil William
Percy C W
Rose Duncan
Wills James
Mrs H M
Rosa M
Frederick J
Sarah Ann
Kate E
Arthur T
Albert E


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The Daily Southern Cross August 9th 1876