Ship: 1058 tons
Captain: Sutherland
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 11th October, Gravesend 12th October 1872 - arrived Lyttelton 5th Janurary 1873

Built in 1865 by C. Connell and Company of Glasgow, the Crusader was an iron ship- rigged vessel of 1058 tons. Launched in March 1865 she was originally owned by Patrick Henderson and then became the property of Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Ltd following the merger of Patrick Henderson and Albion. She was applied to the England - New Zealand immigrant trade between 1871 and 1898 and, making 28 voyages to various ports in New Zealand was probably the busiest of the immigrant ships in those heady days. In this role she made four voyages to Auckland, three to Wellington, seven to Port Chalmers, thirteen to Lyttelton and a solitary visit to Bluff in the deep south. Crusader was a great favourite with New Zealand immigrant passengers and was always described as a smart and well turned out ship. Small though she was, Crusader made some excellent times on the voyage out, her best being 74 days land-to-land. Indeed so popular was she that group was formed of those who had travelled in her called The Crusader Association who would continue meeting until around 1925. When steam began to make serious inroads into the domain of the sailing ship, Crusader was sold to Norway and was eventually broken up in 1915.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Alington Mr. A.
Brown Mr. A. E.
Fowler Mr.
Herbert Mr.
Hodhunter Miss
Hutchison Mrs
2 children
Maling Mr T. S.
6 children
O'Grady Hon. F. S.
Sclanders Mr. W.
Thane Mr. W. T.
Todhunter Mrs
3 children
Webb Mr R. T.
Williams Mr E.
Paying Steerage Passengers
Carter Mr.
Gibbons Mr.
Rowe Mr.
Scott Mr
Government Immigrants
Families & Children
Arnst Phillip 26 Germany Sugar Baker
Martha 25
Betten Jacob H. 36 Hanover Carpenter
Evvika 28
Bertha A. 3
Alice 6 months
Bick James 32 Glostershire Carpenter
Juliana 31
James 9
Bragg Alfred 24 Staffordshire Brickmaker
Maria 24
Alfred 1
Bryan Joseph 35 Herefordshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 35
William 10
Albert 8
George 4
Elizabeth 1
Bunting William 24 Down Farm Labourer
Sarah 22
William John 1
Callaghan Denis 25 Cook Labourer
Johanna 25
John 1
Ellen 2 months
Cawdron Robert 25 Dublin Labourer
Rosa 24
Charlotte 3
Annie 1
Ealam Peter 39 Lincolnshire Farm Labourer
Ann 33
Peter 7
Annie 5
Marie 3
Finch Mark 25 Norfolk Farm Labourer
Sarah 25
Gould Alex 45 Down Farm Labourer
Martha 40
Elizabeth 10
Gunderson Gunder H. 36 Denmark Farm Labourer
Hermine 34
Agnes M. 6
Betsy E. 5
Jenny H. 3
Thor Johan 1
Gudex Johann 52 Barvaria Labourr
Elizabeth 48
George 11
Laagesen Christian 31 Denmark Farm Labourer
Emilie 26
Valdemar 5
Dagmar 3
Ludwig 2
Larsen Henrich A. 26 Denmark Farm Labourer
Bodel 24
Bergith 5
Marie 3 months
Less Adoph 29 Germany Sugar Baker
Maria 24
Linell Josiah 23 Lincolnshire Shepherd
Ann 20
Moor Francis 29 Cumberland Painter
Hannah 26
Thomas 3
Cecilia 4
Schroder Ludwig 31 Germany Farmer
Margaret 32
Margaretta 7
Smith James 46 Down Farmer
Agnes 45
Agnes 18
James 16
Isabella 12
Maggie 6
Terrell George 25 Glostershire Clothworker
Eliza 20
Thomsen Hans C. Denmark Farm Labourer
Else Marie 21
Westphal Fritz 35 Germany Farmer
Margaretha 36
Dorothea 11
Johannes 9
Wilhelm 7
Wilhelmina 5
Catherina 3
Henrick 1
Williams Albert 42 Down Baker
Ann 42
Frank 9
Rosa 7
Lucy 4
Walter 3
Emily 2
Harry 1
Waldron Robert 24 Oxon Farm Labourer
Harriet 22
William 1
Wilson James 28 Westmoreland Labourer
Jane 28
Single Men
Allen Walter 21 Kent Gardener
Batchelor William 21 Kerry Labourer
Brown Hugh 16 Unreadable Labourer
Brown Andrew 13 Ayr
Christensen J. L. 26 Labourer
Dick John 20 Ayr Blacksmith
Driscoll William Kerry
Gavib 18 Ayr Farm Labourer
Ealam Thomas 17 Lincolnshire Labourer
Esselborn Valenton 19 Germany Labourer
Gerling Graved 23 Germany Sugar Baker
Gould William 24 Down Labourer
Samuel 22 Down Labourer
Richard 20 Down Labourer
Robert 14 Down
Alexander 12 Down
Graham John 48 Ayr Farmer
Gray Joseph 16 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Guder Christian 16 Germany Labourer
Gudex Christian 16 Germany Farm Labourer
Hodge Hugh 22 Ayr Ploughman
Kjeldsen Jens 21 Denmark Labourer
Klink John 22 Germany Bricklayer
McCarthy Jeremiah 24 Kerry Labourer
McCully Samuel 21 Down Labourer
William 21 Down Farm Labourer
Mehrtens Martin 23 Germany Farm Labourer
Morris John 28 Oxon Labourer
Murphy Michael 25 Kerry Labourer
Petersen Neils P. 20 Denmark Labourer
Petersen Neils 30 Glostershire Farm Labourer
Proctor Edward 18 Armagh Farm Labourer
Ryan Patrick 23 Tipperary Labourer
Scanlon John 20 Kerry Labourer
Shea Daniel 23 Kerry Labourer
Shere John C. 22 Devon Farm Labourer
Smith James 16 Down Farm Labourer
Sullivan John 18 Kerry Labourer
Veght Christian 30 Denmark Labourer
Vork Abel 70 Germany
Williams William 18 Down Painter
Albert 16 Down Labourer
Single Women
Anderson Arabella 25 Middlesex
Arabella 1
Andrews Agnes 23 Ayr Domestic Servant
Bahu Johana 23 Denmark Servant
Baker Catherine 24 Waterford General Servant
Bevan Mary 12 Glostershire Domestic Servant
Bolderstone Elizabeth 20 Norfolk Cook
Brosnan Johanna 18 Kerry Servant
Margaret 16 Kerry Servant
Bunting Mary 18 Down Dairymaid
Cosey Mary 17 Kerry Servant
Coutts Helen 20 Aberdeen Housemaid
Dick Helen 20 Ayr Housemaid
Elizabeth 15 Ayr Servant
Maggie 10 Ayr
Dyle Ellen 19 Kerry Servant
Ealem Sarah 15 Lincolnshire Servant
Gay Harriet 40 Glostershire Charwomen
Gervan Eliza 20 Down Servant
Gould Martha 18 Down General Servant
Gudex Christina 17 Bavaria Servant
Hearn Sarah 23 Middlesex MATRON
Henry Elizabeth 18 Middlesex Domestic Servant
Hodge Margaret 24 Ayr Dairymaid
Kingshott Caroline 20 Surrey Servant
Klink Maria 19 Germany Servant
McCully Mary 18 Down Servant
Pearce Sarah 23 Dorset Housemaid
Petersen Metle 18 Denmark Servant
Proctor Elizabeth 20 Armagh General Servant
Read Caroline 25 Suffolk General Servant
Smith Agnes 18 Down Servant
Isabella 12 Down
Stearn Maria 28 Cambridge General Servant
Steiner Pauline 26 Denmark Servant
Vestergard Hedvig 18 Denmark Servant
Williams Mary 17 Down General Servant
Ann 15 Down General Servant
Clara 12 Down General Servant
Wyatt Rachel 13 Middlesex Domestic Servant

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Lyttelton Times January 7th 1873
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