Ship: 1058 tons
Captain: Renaut

Surgeon Superintendent: Dr John Guthrie
Sailed Plymouth 25th September 1874 - arrived Lyttelton 31st December 1874 10am

Built in 1865 by C. Connell and Company of Glasgow, the Crusader was an iron ship- rigged vessel of 1058 tons. Launched in March 1865 she was originally owned by Patrick Henderson and then became the property of Shaw Savill & Albion Co. Ltd following the merger of Patrick Henderson and Albion. She was applied to the England - New Zealand immigrant trade between 1871 and 1898 and, making 28 voyages to various ports in New Zealand was probably the busiest of the immigrant ships in those heady days. In this role she made four voyages to Auckland, three to Wellington, seven to Port Chalmers, thirteen to Lyttelton and a solitary visit to Bluff in the deep south. Crusader was a great favourite with New Zealand immigrant passengers and was always described as a smart and well turned out ship. Small though she was, Crusader made some excellent times on the voyage out, her best being 74 days land-to-land. Indeed so popular was she that group was formed of those who had travelled in her called The Crusader Association who would continue meeting until around 1925. When steam began to make serious inroads into the domain of the sailing ship, Crusader was sold to Norway and was eventually broken up in 1915.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of Crusader

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Allen James 44 Oxfordshire Shoeing Smith
Ann 43
Joseph 10
Gertrude 8
Elizabeth 5
David 3
Allington George 43 Warwickshire Labourer
Hannah 43
Allington Charles 20 Warwickshire Labourer
Hannah 21
Arnold Joseph 33 Wiltshire Farm Labourer
Ellen 30
Charles 11
Austin Richard 37 Oxfordshire Labourer
Paricilla 39
Eliza 10
Richard T 3
Adelaide 4 mths
Bachelor Thomas 25 Warwickshire Labourer
Harriet 29
Barney George 24 Oxfordshire Famr Labourer
Emily 24
Ellen 1
Berry Samuel 38 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Sarah A. 35
Francis M. 8
Julia E. 6
Bitmead George 43 Oxfordshire Labourer
Emma 38
Charles Henry 10
Florence 8
Bickerton John 30 Shropshire Farm Labourer
Mary 32
Bonham Clarles 38 Warwickshire Labourer
Elizabeth 37
Mary Ann 11
Bull William 47 Buckinghamshire Labourer
Eliza 46
George 9
Thomas 5
Burns John 24 Warwickshire Labourer
Margaret 24
Catherine 3
Mary 1
Burrows Joseph 39 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Elizabeth 36
Mary 10
Rebecca 4
William 1
Cleaver John 45 Warwickshire Labourer
Isabella 44
Kate 5
Cooling William 34 Warwickshire Gardener
Catherine 33
George 7
Selina 5
Arthur 2
Cornish William George 22 Dorsetshire Farm Labourer
Harrriet 21
Dalley Stephen 37 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Louisa 40
Richard B. 9
Henry E. 6
Percy 3
Dunn John 39 Oxfordshire Labourer
Mary 40
Caleb 9
Elizabeth 6
Ewing Robert 22 Derry Ploughman
Mary 21
Forsyth Robert 21 Lanark Labourer
Jessie 22
Alexander 1
Gilbert Henry George 37 Hertfordshire Shepherd
Mary 32
William 6
Elizabeth 4
Walter 1
Gough William 28 Herefordshire Pointsman
Martha 30
Hancox Jessie 31 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Emma 34
James 8
Thomas 6
John Crusader Infant Born on board 10/12/1874
Hathaway John 36 Oxfordshire Labourer
Ellen 30
Herhily Daniel 24 Kerry Labourer
Bridget 22
Timothy 6
Daniel 4
John Infant
Hollis Job 30 Oxfordshire Labourer
Elizabeth 28
Honeybone Peter 30 Oxfordshire Labourer
Milison 31
Thomas 8
John 4
Horton John 31 Warwickshire Labourer
Hannah 29
Thomas 6
George 6
Elijah G. 1
Inch Henry 42 Cornwall General Labourer
Anne 41
Henry 7
Tom 3
Lane Joshua 26 Kent Carpenter
Mary 23
William P. 4
Edith 2
Agnes 10 mths
Latimer George 28 Fermanagh Carpenter
Eliza Ann 23
Eliza 3 mths
Lilley James 21 Warwickshire Labourer
Selina 22
Lindon Daniel 30 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Charlotte 31
George 9
Edward 6
John 3
Daniel 1
Mold Robert 31 Oxfordshire Blacksmith
Jane 33
Mary J. 8
Rachel A. 6
Ellen R. 3
Lizzie 1
Female Child Born on board 19/12/1874
Mortimer Matthew 33 Berkshire Labourer
Ann 33
Ann P. 7
Frederick 5 mths Died on board 05/10/1874
Jessie 5 mths Died on board 09/10/1874
Murphy Tim 30 Kerry Farm Labourer
Ellen 25
Ann 9
Dennis 6
John 4
Johanna 1
Musto Robert 50 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Sarah 40
Newman Emmanuel 44 Warwickshire Mason
Mary 43
George 10
Clara 8
Leah 4
William 6 mths Died on board 27/11/1874
Tubercular diarrhoea
Pratley Eli 28 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer
Jane 19
Ellen 3
Pratley Frederic 31 Oxfordshire Labourer
Mary 31
Frederic 10
William 8
Charles 6
Mary 3
Thomas 1
Female Child Born on board 26/11/1874
Poole George 33 Northamptonshire Labourer
Mary A. 34
Thomas E. 11
Caroline 9
Powell William 36 Berkshire Labourer
Elizabeth 34
Mercy 10
Mary 9
Laura 7
Christopher 5
Isaac 3
John 1
Prettyjohn Edward 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Grace 24
Jane 3
Edward Infant
Quartermain Edward 35 Oxfordshire Labourer
Sarah 41
Henry 8
Ellen 7
Martha 5
Reese Thomas 20 Cornwall Painter
Margaret 19
Reesby Thomas 30 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Comfort 29
Samuel 6
Fred 3
Rennet Thomas 40 Essex Farm Labourer
Esther 42
Henry 10
Rentoul Robert 39 Fifeshire Farmer
Jane Ann 35
Isabella 11
William 10
David 9
Mary 7
Robert 5
James 4
John 8 mths
Sharp Israel 41 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Lydia 37
Singleton Joshua 22 Armagh Indoor Servant
Ester 23
Smith Edwin 43 Oxfordshire Labourer
Harriet 39
Soal Thomas 45 Hampshire Farm Labourer
Lucy 45
William 22
Elizabeth 18
Walter 16
George 14
Frank 12
Jesse 4
Summerfield Henry 32 Berkshire Labourer
Rebecca 31
Albert 9
Phillip 7
James 5
William 3
Thomas 1
Tymms John 33 Oxfordshire Labourer
Caroline 30
Ann 9
Mary 8
John Henry 8
William 6
Rueben 4
George 1 Died on board 08/10/1874
Male Child Born on board 26/10/1874
Voyce Henry 33 Oxfordshire Platelayer
Elizabeth 32
Louisa 9
Rosina R. 7
William 5
Henry 4
Jessie 3 Died on board 01/01/1875
Dysenteric diarrhoea
Edith 9 mths Died on board 15/11/1874
Watson James 35 Warwickshire Labourer
Mary 24
Charles W 1 Died on board 19/11/1874
Tabes mesenterica
Male Child Born on board 16/12/1874
White Thomas 30 Warwickshire Platelayer
Sarah 29
John 7
Mary 5
Tom 3
Alice 1 mth
Male Child Born on board 25/12/1874
Woodfield Mark 29 Warwickshire Farm labourer
Jane 32
Mark William 6
John 3 mths
Woodley John 27 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer
Martha A. 27
John 6
Albert 5
Edith 3
Eli 8 mths
Wright James 35 Essex Farm Labourer
Ann 35
Mary 8
William 6
Single Men
Allen Alexander 27 Dumbarton Farmer
Allington George 12 Warwickshire
Charles 12 Warwickshire
Annand James 26 Forfarshire Mason
Askew Thomas 42 Warwickshire Labourer
Henry 14 Warwickshire
William 12 Warwickshire
Alfred 19 Warwickshire
Battison Samuel 20 Northamptonshire Labourer
Berry Edwin 12 Warwickshire
Bilson George 21 Northamptonshire Labourer
Bitmead Louisa 12 Oxfordshire
Baynon Thomas 22 Somersetshire Masons Labourer
Blackler George 30 Devon Farm Labourer
Blackler James 20 Devon Farm Labourer
Bull Joseph 15 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Burrows John 13 Buckinghamshire
Claydon Richard 20 Oxfordshire Labourer
Claydon Thomas 22 Oxfordshire Labourer
Connor Arthur 16 Derry Farm Labourer
Cooling Frederick 13 Warwickshire
Dunn Richard E. 15 Oxfordshire Labourer
Faro John 20 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Ferguson Samuel 19 Antrim Farm Labourer
Flannery John 34 Tipperary Labourer
Harman William 24 Oxfordshire Farm Labourer
Harrod Arthur 18 Essex Farm Labourer
Hearn Henry 20 Buckinghamshire Farm Labourer
Hawke Samuel 34 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Hopkins Samuel 21 Barkfordshire Farm Labourer
Hathaway William 12 Oxfordshire
Inch George 19 Cornwall Carpenter
Inch Joseph 13 Cornwall
Jamison Samuel 21 Ayre Ploughman
Jolly Charles 23 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Kilpatrick Samuel 22 Antrim Groom
Knott Frederick 21 Devon Farm Labourer
Knight Orlando C 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Mawson William 23 Cumberland Farm Labourer
McDonnell John 19 Antrim Saddler
McDowell David 26 Antrim Farm Labourer
McInnes Angus 34 Invernesshire Labourer
Murphy Jerry 12 Kerry
Musto William 19 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Musto Thomas 17 Warwickshire Farm Labourer
Newman Albert 13 Warwickshire
Pantin Joseph 21 Berkshire Labourer
Pitt Tom 16 Isle of White Farm labourer
Pratley Edward 18 Oxfordshire Labourer
Pratley George 12 Oxfordshire
Quartermain George 20 Oxfordshire
Reason John 17 Berkshire Labourer
Rennet David 12 Essex
Samuel Frederick 20 Devonshire Labourer
Shiels William 20 Lanarkshire Taylor
Skinner Henry 34 Oxfordshire Labourer
Smith John 15 Hertfordshire Farm Labourer
Smith George 14 Oxfordshire
Stoddart James 24 Cheshire Labourer
Symes William C. J. 21 Dorsetshire Carpenter
Thorn Richard 21 Berkshire Labourer
Timms Eli 32 Northhamptonshire Labourer
Trethewey Joshua 24 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Watts William 17 Berkshire Labourer
Wills John 19 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Willis Elijah 21 Northhamptonshire Labourer
Willis Edward 19 Northhamptonshire Labourer
Woodley Charles 16 Berkshire Farm Labourer
Wright James 12 Essex
Single Women
Allen Sarah 20 Oxfordshire Servant
Laura 16 Oxfordshire Servant
Jane 13 Oxfordshire
Allington Emily 17 Warwickshire Servant
Elizabeth 14 Warwickshire
Askew Mary 8 Warwickshire
Edith 6 Warwickshire
Bonham Emma 18 Warwickshire Servant
Brown Bessy 19 Devonshire Housemaid
Bull Mary A. 18 Buckinghamshire Servant
Eliza 12 Buckinghamshire
Burrows Emily 16 Buckinghamshire Servant
Clay Mary 17 Berkshire Housemaid
Cleaver Fanny 19 Warwickshire Servant
Ruth 13 Warwickshire
Connor Sarah 32 Derry Dairy Maid
Catherine 14 Derry Servant
Ezella 12 Derry Servant
Eliza 9
Duckett Naomi E 20 Northamptonshire Servant
Dunn Caroline 12 Oxfordshire   
Hathaway Mary A. 14 Oxfordshire
Inch Kate 20 Cornwall Servant
Inch Jane 16 Cornwall Servant
Inch Ellen 14 Cornwall  
McCardell Margaret 20 Devonshire Servant
Musto Mary 18 Warwickshire Servant
Musto Martha 13 Warwickshire
Newman Marie 14 Warwickshire
Powell Matilda 12 Berkshire
Quartermain Jane 16 Oxfordshire
Smith Julia 20 Oxfordshire Servant
Smith Mary 18 Oxfordshire Servant
Smith Ann 16 Oxfordshire Servant
Smith Jane 12 Oxfordshire Servant
Sanders Mary 33 Warwickshire Cook

DALLEY family:
Stephen and Louisa Dalley lived in the St Austell district,
Cornwall, prior to emigrating to NZ. Stephen worked in the china clay mines. He was the son of John, also a miner, and Ann Dally, (nee Thomas.) Louisa was born in Acton Burnell, Shropshire, the daughter of Richard and MaryAnn Bickerton. She married Stephen in St Austell in 1859. Stephen and Louisa had two infant daughters who did not survive, and then the three sons who travelled with them to NZ. (A family story has it that the ship leaked badly after a severe storm. Later when the ship was docked for repairs at Port Chalmers a big hole was found to contain the remains of a very big fish which had become wedged therein! Thus the family and other passengers had been saved from drowning!) When he arrived in NZ Stephen found employment as a platelayer with the railway company constructing the Cust-Oxford line, and he remained in their employ until his death in 1891. Stephen and Louisa, who died in 1900, were both interred in the Oxford Cemetery, N. Canterbury. They were my g-g-grandparents. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Gael McEwing.


POWELL family:
William POWELL , the son of John POWELL and Sarah GARLAND (?), was born in 1838. At the age of 20 in 1860 he married Elizabeth Agnes THORN and they had seven children: Matilda (1862), Mercy (1863), Mary (1865), Laura (1867), Christopher (1869), Isaac Willie (1871) and John (1873). The family emigrated to New Zealand in 1874 aboard this sailing of the Crusader where they lived until their deaths in 1918.
If you have any connection to this family please contact Robyn Harding or Pam Reynolds


HANCOX family:
Jessee HANCOX was born 17th December 1843 in Tysoe War, England. His parents were Thomas & Elizabeth HANCOX (nee WEBB). Jessee was an agricultural labourer and married his wife Emma HANCOX - (nee SIMMONS, (born c 1841) on July 18th 1865 at the Parish Church in Tysoe War,  England. Jessee and Emma HANCOX and their two sons emigrated from England to Lyttelton NZ on September 25th 1874. A son,  John Crusader HANCOX was born en-route on December 10th 1874. They arrived at the Port of Lyttelton NZ on December 31st 1874. The family settled in Ashburton near Christchurch where Jesse's occupation was a plate- layer for the Railways. Two more sons were born, George and William. John Crusader Hancox was married to Florence Maud MURFITT and became Inspector of Permanent Ways for the New Zealand Railways. In all they had five sons. Jessee and Emma HANCOX stayed in Ashburton until their deaths where Jesse HANCOX died on February 11th 1905 and his wife, Emma, on June 7th 1905. They are both buried in the Ashburton Anglican Cemetery. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact
Trish Heaven. Jesse HANCOX was her Paternal Grandfather.


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