Ship: 273 tons
Captain: John Newcombe
Surgeon Superintendent: W. G. Haddy
Sailed England 2nd August 1839 - arrived Port Nicholson 3rd January 1840

This list is a compilation of information from several different sources including, in the main, New Zealand Company papers at Archives New Zealand. We are confident that it is as accurate as possible.

   Name Age Occupation Comments
   Allen William 25 Butcher Single man.
   Anderson Edward 23 Bricklayer Single man.
   Batten George Bolton 27 Wheelwright Single man.
   Bennett George 25 Seaman Single man.
   Bennett John 29 Labourer Married man. Wife and child to be sent in next ship. (Wife 22yrs, son 11 weeks)
   Bethune Kenneth 14
   Carrington Wellington 25
X Davis John 21 Carpenter Single man.
X Grigg Richard 30 Smith Single man.
   Hanson R. D.
   Hast John 24 Gardener Single man.
   Heaphy William 24 Labourer Single man.
   Heymans Arthur 23 Miner Single man.
   Jackson Henry 22 Gardener Single man.
   Keys Charles William 21 Servant to Captain Smith
   Lee Michael 20 Sawyer Single man.
   Muttheim William 22 Clerk Single man. - Died at sea
X Oulds George 25 Gamekeeper Single man.
   Park Robert 27
X Shannon Michael 30 Gardener Married man. Wife and child to be sent in next ship. (Wife 22yrs, daughter 1 yr)
   Smith Captain, William Mein Royal Artillery
(Surveyor General to New Zealand Company)
   Stitchbury Charles 21 Sawyer Single man.
   Stokes Robert
   Storah James 20 Labourer Single man.
X Stratford John 26 Gamekeeper Single man.
   Trigg Joseph 23 Labourer Single man.
   Webb Charles 20 Bricklayer Single man.
   Wythe Robert 27 Timber Feller Single man.


We do hereby certify that the above is a correct list of emigrants on board the "Cuba" bound for New Zealand now lying off Deal. As witness our hands the 2nd day of August 1839
                                                                                                                                    W M Smith - Surveyor General
                                                                                                                            W G Haddy - Surgeon
                                                                                                                  John Newcombe - Master


Notations on original lists:
The names marked with a X are much in want of clothes.
                                                                                          D Riddiford
Michael Shannon has received 2.0.0 in advance
John Bennett has received 2.0.0 in advance
John Davis has received 10/- in advance
                                                                       Daniel Riddiford
                                                                            W M Smith


I Michael Shannon do certify that I have received 2.0.0 from the New Zealand Company in advance of wages and the same I have left with my wife. M Shannon
                                                                        Witness W M Smith 


I John Bennett do certify that I have received 2.0.0 from the New Zealand Company in advance of wages and the same I have left with my wife. John Bennett his mark x
                                                                        Witness J Bevan 


Also John Davies 10/-


EGW 3.0.0
D Sinclair 2.0.0


William Mein Smith, a Captain in the Royal Artillery, was Surveyor General to the New Zealand Company arriving in New Zealand aboard the Cuba. In 1842 he visited Akaroa & German Bay on Banks Peninsula. William Mein-Smith married Louisa and they had a daughter (Louisa) born to them on 29th January 1841 at Port Nicholson. Children of WILLIAM MEIN- SMITH and LOUISA were: i. LOUISA SMITH, b. 1843; d. 1905. In 1860 she married F W KNOWLES, 1860 and in 1887 was re-married to GEORGE STEPHENSON CROTTY.

F W KNOWLES was William Mein-Smith's assistant surveyor. Within 18 months of her first marriage, Louisa eloped to Lyttelton in 1861with her fathers handsome stable hand, George Stephenson CROTTY, who worked on the construction of the railway tunnel. After a time, they went to Duvauchelle where George worked as a cooper. Later they settled at Le Bons Bay.
George Stephenson Crotty of Irish descent (O'Crotaigh) arrived in Lyttelton in 1857 ship WAIRARAPA. Family  legend had it that one of his connections was hanged as a highwayman. He met Louisa whilst working for her father as a stablehand & coachman. From 1867, to 1873 he worked in timber mills at Little Akaroa & Le Bons Bays. If you have a connection with this family or wish to know more please contact Sarndra Lees-Wilson.


Charles Stichbury married Ann Turner, who followed him out from England, arriving on the Adelaide in 
March, 1840. They were the first couple to be formally married by a cleric, on the Petone foreshore in Wellington.
By 1841,the couple were in Auckland, where Mr. Stichbury prospered in business. The Stichburys had five 
sons,one daughter and twenty-seven grandchildren. Charles Stichbury died at his home, "Clovernook" aged 
sixty-eight years, his wife Ann living on to reach eighty-four years.The Stichburys were truly successful 
pioneers. Charles Stichbury was later followed out to New Zealand by a brother. For information on the 
Stichbury family tree, please contact Mr. Bruce Stichbury, 38 Dalrymple Rd, Gisborne, New Zealand. His 
FAX numberr is (06)8681121. Anyone researching the STICHBURY family should contact Mr Bruce Stichbury, 
38 Dalrymple Rd, Gisborne. He has the whole family tree (enormous amount of research!) 


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Compiled from a variety of sources.