Ship: 1490 tons
Captain: Forwill
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed from the Downs 20th February & Start Point 25th 1875 - arrived Lyttelton June 6th 1875

Saloon Passengers
Caister Mr
Cleminshaw Mr
McCallum Mr
Robinson Mr
Second Cabin Passengers
Atkins Mr and Mrs
Cleland Mr
Denny Mr
Hussey Mr W. J.
McPherson Mr J.
McPherson Mr A.
Metcalf Mr and Mrs A.
Tolody Mr
Walker Mr and Mrs T. A.
Youth H.
Intermediate Passengers
Collier Mr and Mrs and son
Conelly Mr and Mrs
Corbin Mr
Coreney Mr
Dawson Mr
Dickinson Mr
Fowke Mr
Pauze Mr
Simpson Mr and Mrs
Walmsey Mr


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Lyttelton Times June 8, 1875

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