Barque: 625 tons
Captain: Kelly

Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London March 8th 1877 - arrived Auckland June 23rd 1877

Two voyages were made to Auckland by the barque Dilpussund, in command of Captain Kelly. She arrived first on April 15th, 1876, after a long passage of 114 days, and she was back again on June 23rd of the following year, the passage on that occasion taking 106 days. A strange occurrence marked the voyage of 1877. She left Gravesend on March 9th, and on April 25th, during the afternoon, the crew of the barque felt a distinct shock, as if she had passed over a sandbank. The incident was put down to a shock from a submarine earthquake. On both voyages the barque experienced heavy weather in the Southern Ocean.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the Dilpussund

Name Age County Occupation
Saloon Passengers
Brigstoke Mr R O
Townsend Lady
Second Cabin Passengers
Blacklock Mr W
Byrne Mr A B
Escolme Mr W R
Halmel Arthur
Mallett Mr J
Matthews Mr M J
Pfluger Mr J
Renton Malcolm
Richmond Mr J
Russell James
Taylor Mr W

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New Zealand Herald June 26th 1877