Duchess of Argyle
Ship: 667 tons
Captain: D Livingston
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Thompson
Sailed Greenock, Scotland 9th June 1842 - arrived Auckland 9th Oct 1842

Voyage of the Duchess of Argyle
Surgeons Report of the voyage

Name Age Comments
Adamson John 25
Isabella 27
Thomas 7
Robert 6 months Died on Board (August 25th 1842)
Alexander Agnes 22
Allison James 30
Margaret 30
Margaret 10
Janet 7
Elizabeth 5
Andrew Robert 32
Mary 30
James 15
Robert 10
Margaret 9
William 5
Armour James 36 Stonemason
Ellen 35
Margaret 8
Ellen 6
Barr John 39
Jean 37
John 19
Arabella 16
Elizabeth 14
Janet 11
Jean 7
Mary Infant
Barr Isabella 22
Barr William 37
Jean 33
Janet 18
William 16
Jean 13
Mary 12
Isabella 10
Margaret 6
Alexander 3
Bell John 32
Sarah 27
Margaret 4 Died on Board (October 5th 1842)
Richard 18 months
Blackie Mary Ann 29
Bradley John 28
Margaret 25
Brown Peter 29
Catherine 24
Busby James 28
Mary 24
James 2 Died on Board (August 8th 1842)
Colwell John 30
Ann 27
Cameron Richard 35
Margaret 32
Janet 13
Matthew 8
Ann 2 Died on Board (July 26th 1842)
Campbell Daniel 31
Mary 32
Archibald 10
Daniel 4
Caradus James 18
Carson Charles 32
Elizabeth 22
Carson John 21
Chalmers John 31
Isabella 29
Alexander 9
Janet 2
Elizabeth 1
Clare Samuel 33
Comfort 31
Maria Ann 16
George 13
Mary Ann 11
Samuel 8
Edward 4
James 1
Collins David 21
Cox James 38
Ann 38
Robert 10
James 8
Mary Ann 4
Crawford Robert 40
Mary 39
Catherine 20
William 18
John 11
James 1
Fergusson Peter 33
Mary 32
Finlay Thomas 26
Catherine 22
Fraser Alexander 28
Grace 24
Gentle Alexander 22
Gollan James 33
Abigail 32
Mary 12
Robert 9
Ellen 8
Janet 5
Henry 2
Elizabeth Haxton Born on Board (July 28th 1842)
Gollan Mary 30
Irvine Edward 32
Jamieson Barr 36
Ann 34
William 15
Jean 13
Ann 11
Gavin 9
Thomas 7
John 1
Lang Hugh 11
Laurie Jane 23
Laurie Mary 42
Matthew 25
William 20
Robert 13
Leslie Robert 22
Agnes 21
Levine Edward 32
Lochead James 36
Elizabeth 22
Isabella 16
Catherine 13
Robert 10
Mary 2
James 1
McAllister Thomas 23
McCann Henry 27
Jean 25
Sarah 3
Jean ?
McConochie John 31
Jean 30
John 15
Janet 13
James 10
David 6
Agnes 3 Died on Board (July 16th 1842)
Robert Smith Born on Board (July 9th 1842)
McCulloch Thomas 23
McDermaid James 22
Ellen 21
James Born & Died on Board (July 22th 1842)
McDermaid Mary Ann 24
McDivat Catherine 19
McEwing Isaac 23
Janet 20
Margaret 8 months
McIntosh William 31
Elisabeth 29
William 1 Died on Board (September 11th 1842)
McIntosh James Snr 35
Mary 22
John 5
McIntosh James Jnr 35
Christina 22
Elisabeth 13
John 2
MacKay Thomas 28
Margaret 25
William 4
Thomas 2
McKinlay George 36
Fanny 35
Rosanna 17
Mary 16
Rodger 14
Fanny 11
Esther 8
James 4
McLiver Elizabeth 42
Agnes 24
Lochlan 22
Elisabeth 18
Duncan 16
McNair Peter 27
Jane 28
Archibald 4
Margaret 2 Died on Board (August 26th 1842)
McPherson Archibald 28
Ann 29
Isabella 8
Alexander Infant Died on Board (October 11th 1842)
Miller James 28
Janet 22
Miller William 28
Margaret 28
William 3
Jane 1 Died on Board (July 12th 1842)
Moore James 28
Margaret 27
Mary 3 Died on Board (July 31st 1842)
Muir Alexander 31
Mary 31
Isabella 11
Alexander 9
Robert 7
Mary 3
John Infant
Muirhead John 25
Margaret 24
Christina 4
David 2 Died on Board (July 18th 1842)
Munro Daniel 37
Elisabeth 35
Ellen 13
Margaret 7
Daniel 3
Catherine 2
Naysmith Henry 34
Mary 25
Alexander 1
Mary Argyle Infant Born on Board (July 13th 1842)
Patterson (one) (two) John 24
Mary 24
Sarah 6
Patterson W. 18
Pollock Alexander 31
Christina 29
James 1 Died on Board (July 25th 1842)
Pollock James 29
Ellen 26
Elisabeth 6 months Died on Board (August 6th 1842)
Rippey Thomas 37
Janet 37
Janet 17
James 14
John 8
Robert 1
Robertson James 32
Elizabeth 32
James 10
Ellen 8
David 4
Jane 2
Robertson John 29
Isabella 28
John 12
Robert 11
Elisabeth 9
James 2
Male child Born on Board (July 30th 1842)
Scott John 35
Janet 36
Elizabeth 14
Margaret 12 Died on Board (August 24th 1842)
William 10
John 3
Sharp William 21
Jane 28
Sims James 39
Margaret 36
James 17
Margaret 14
John 11
Alexander 8
Matthew 3
Mary 3
Smith Ann 38
Ellen 18
William 16
Mary Ann 14
Martha 12
Edward 7
Smith William 26
Mary 25
Margaret 3 Died on Board (July 16th 1842)
William Infant
Somervell Henry 22
Somervell Susan 18
Stafford Nathaniel 29
Jane 29
Elisabeth 8
Stewart Eliza 17
Stewart George 19
Stewart John 24
Taylor Dougald 36
Mary 29
Thomas 10
James 5
Dougald 2 Died on Board (September 26th 1842)
Catherine 1 Died on Board (July 19th 1842)
Thompson James B. Surgeon
Thorburn William 23
Mary 21
Elisabeth 6
Ann 2 Died on Board (August 17th 1842)
Tudehope Robert 27
Agnes 25
Jean 2
Thomas 6 months
Wallace Archibald 36
Janet 39
John 15
James 12
Agnes 10
Margaret 5
Archibald 1
E. Born on Board (July 28th 1842)
Watt James 15
Watt Janet 17
Wilson William 35
Isabella 35
Nathaniel 6
William 1 Died on Board (August 1st 1842)
James Thompson Born on Board (July 12th 1842)
Young David 24
Agnes 24
Agnes 4
Isabella 2 Died on Board (September 6th 1842)


MOORE family:
James and Margaret MOORE ‘came from the North of Ireland’ and together with their daughter, Mary, emigrated to Auckland on board the ‘Duchess of Argyle’.  Mary died ‘at sea – 31 July 1842’ and, following their arrival in Auckland,  James and Margaret settled at Onehunga at some stage. James had sawmilling interests in the Cornwallis/Huia area and later owned ship/s trading on the Manukau Harbour. They had two sons - Edward and David - and two daughters - Sarah and Anne Caroline - who were born in Auckland. James died at Thames on August 12th 1876 and Margaret died May 4th 1900. If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Ken Woodgate.
LAURIE family:
The LAURIE family on the Duchess of Argyle were from Paisley, Scotland. Mary LAURIE (also her maiden name) had married William LAURIE and was a widow when she left for New Zealand. She had five children on board - Matthew (1816-1868), Janet (1818-1902, wife of James MILLER), William (1820-1880), James (1825-1867) and Robert (1829-1899). The name James LAURIE does not appear on the passenger list but the Jane LAURIE, single, 23 separately on the list might be his name in error. The sons were brickmakers. In 1846 Mary purchased the land on the south side of Karangahape Road between the Cemetery and France Street. The Laurie brick
making factory was established where George Courts building was later built. Most of the land was sold in 1863 and the brickworks establishment was moved to the Whau River at Glendene (then called Waikomiti). Matthew married Mary Ann WILSON, James married Jane CROMWELL and Robert married Elizabeth ALLISON who was also on the Duchess of Argyle, aged 5. There are many hundred descendants.
If you have a connection with this family or are interested to learn more please contact Ray Turner
ALLISON family:
The ALLISON family on the Duchess of Argyle were from Paisley, Scotland. James ALLISON (1810-1878) had married Margaret FAULDS in 1831 and they had three daughters with them on the ship.  Four more children were born in Auckland.  James had a blacksmith shop near Queen Street at first and later moved to Newmarket.  The gravestone in Symonds Street Cemetery mentions the ship.  The grave is near the Karangahape Road Queen Street corner.  The daughters on board all married in Auckland, Margaret (1832-1884) married Joseph SENIOR, Janet (1834-1908) married William HUME and Elizabeth (1836-1911) married Robert LAURIE who was also aboard as a 13 year old. There are many hundred descendants.
If you have a connection with this family or are interested to learn more please contact Ray Turner


James Armour was born in Glasgow, Scotland in c1810. On November 5th 1824 he married Ellen Patrick at High Church, Paisley. In 1842 James, Ellen (christened Helen) and their two daughters Margaret aged 8 and Ellen aged 6 emigrated to Auckland on board the Duchess of Argyle. For James it would be a journey ending in tragedy as his life in his new home lasted a scant 10 years. James died of consumption in 1852. Ellen Senior remarried William Francis 1855. Ellen Junior married John Turner. We have no information on Margaret. If you have a connection with this family or are interested to learn more please contact Denise


James Naysmith, a weaver, married Isabella Steel in Scotland c 1816. A son, Henry, born in Glasgow in 1818 was to become one of the group who were the first organised immigrants to Auckland. Henry married Mary McLean, the daughter of Alexander McLean and Christina Ferguson, on April 12th 1840. Their first child Alexander was born that same year and, with Mary 8 months pregnant with their second child, they sailed for New Zealand on this voyage of the Duchess of Argyll. Their second child Mary Argyle was born at sea on July 7th 1842. Other children born to Henry and Mary were Christina (1845), Elizabeth (1847), James Henry Alexander (1849), Janet (1852), Alfred Henry (1854), David Alfred (1857) and Frederick (1859). If you have a connection to this family please contact Col Dundon at [email protected]


James Caradus came to New Zealand from Scotland as a young man of 18 (19 by the time he reashed New Zealand) on the Duchess of Argyle. His future wife, Elizabeth Russell, was a girl of 10 on the Jane Gifford with her parents and two younger brothers. The two vessels had sailed from Greenock in mid-June 1842, several days apart, and arrived together in Auckland on 10th October 1842 after a long arduous voyage of 3 months. They were the first two immigrant vessels to reach there from Great Britain. The Duchess of Argyle was only 40 meters long and a mere 680 tonnes (in modern measurement). There were 305 men, women and children on board, in cramped conditions. The Jane Gifford was even smaller with 280 persons aboard. James and Elizabeth were married on 10th October, 1848 (the 6th anniversary of their arrival in Auckland), when he was 25 and she  only 16. The couple had 15 children, of whom seven died in infancy, as was not uncommon in those days. However, they both lived long rewarding lives, he to the age of 83 and she to 80, which was remarkable for that period. Their grave is in the Old Grafton Cemetery, Auckland, near the Grafton Bridge. James became an expert ropemaker and in 1850 started his own business, making a wide variety of twines and ropes from dressed New Zealand flax. He exhibited several specimens of his work at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851 and received a medal and an honourable mention. His name appears in the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa) at the top of a glass panel featuring enlargements of pages from the catalogue. The item lists the six specimens of twine he exhibited. Eventually, it became so difficult to obtain supplies of dressed flax from the Maoris, that he gave up the ropemaking trade. After unsuccessfully seeking work as a carpenter, he went to the goldfields in Otago, Ballarat in Australia and Thames, without luck. While he was away, Elizabeth ran a small shop he had built on the front of their house in Freemans bay, Auckland. In later years, James and Elizabeth achieved a more settled existence renting out small cottages built in the Freemans Bay area. The shop stayed in the family until 1910. When Elizabeth was in her 50's or 60's she was a prominent member of the Women's Christian Temperance Union in Auckland. This group took an active part in working for women's suffrage and, one hundred years later in 1993, Elizabeth Caradus was recognised nationally as one of the 21 Suffragists - The Women who worked for the Vote. During the celebrations, and for some time afterwards, her photo hungs with others in the entrance hall of the Beehive in Wellington. Numerous descendants are spread throughout New Zealand, with a number in Australia and Canada. - James CARADUS  b 12.02.1823  d 23.12.1906 - Elizabeth CARADUS b 26.04.1832  d 05.11.1912. This story has been kindly provided by Neil Caradus, Great Grandson to James. Should you wish to know more or if you have a conection with this family please e-mail David Caradus.


Catherine "Kitty" Lochead was born in Scotland on November 14th 1830. While she was still a child her mother died after which her father, James, married Elizabeth Hamilton. In 1842 Catherine emigrated to Auckland on board the Duchess of Argyle. She was accompanied by her father and stepmother, sisters Isabella and Mary and brothers Robert and James. Listed as a "calico-printer", James Lochead became, as did most of the male immigrants on board the Duchess of Argyle and Jane Gifford, a labourer in the fledgling township. Catherine's father, step-mother and an infant bay sister named Marion all died of tuberculosis in 1853 and are buried in Grafton Cemetery. Catherine married Henry Cowan, a military batchelor, in 1848 and she died on February 16th 1907. Her husband died on August 12th 1873 his mental stability having been affected by a skull fracture some years earlier. Thanks to Bruce Shanks for this interesting story. A more detailed version written by Bruce may be found at Catherine Cowan (nee Lochead).


PATTERSON family:   
John and Mary Patterson's son John (born in 1855) was a wheelwright and coachbuilder, also an Auckland City Councillor.  He married Catherine  "Kitty" Clarke (daughter of Sgt. James Clarke) in 1880.  They had thirteen children: Desmond, Hilda, Florence, Eileen, Leo, Kathleen, James, Olive, Dolores, Raymond, Thomas, Claude, and Wilfred (who died as a baby). Desmond, my ancestor (1881-1964) married Mabel Evers in 1909.  They had five children, Alfreda, Elizabeth, Patricia, Percy (who was killed in World War II), and John (1915-1941).  John moved to Northland and became a farmer.   He married Ruth Patterson in 1940 and died of meningitis less than a year later, shortly before his daughter Veronica (my mother) was born.
If you have a connection with this family or would like to know more please contact Elizabeth Anderson


John (1809-1894) and Mary  Patterson (1817-1876) (nee  Carlane) were married in 1840 at Paisley, Scotland.
They arrived in New Zealand on board the Duchess of Agyle with their daughter Sarah and had a further 8 children: William, Francis, Samuel, Cecilia, Mary-Anne, John, Catherine and James. Sarah Patterson first married Timothy Bertrand Myers and they had Edwin, Mary, Francis, Sylvester and Catherine however only Edwin and Mary survived childhood. Sarah then married Robert Darling. Edwin Myers married Hannah Campbell, and one of their 9 children was William Myers. William Myers married Marjorie Parsons, and my father William was born in 1926. If you have any connection with this family or would like to know more, please contact Cathy Dale.


RIPPEY family:
Thomas Gordon Rippey married Janet (b 1799 d October 23rd 1875) at High Church, Renfrew, Paisley in Scotland. Their children were  Janet 17, James 14, John 8 and Robert 1. Their daughter Janet married a William Porter (c. 1842-44), one of their daughters was my paternal Grandmother, Agnes (Porter) Reid. My grandparents died long before I was born and unfortunately I have yet to trace any information on the Rippey family. If you have a connection with this family or can offer more information please contact Jenny Breese.


STAFFORD family:
Nathaniel Stafford was christened on 1st August 1802 at St.Mary's, Oldham, Lancashire, England. On 20th February 1831 he married Martha Mills, daughter of John Mills and Martha (--?--),  at Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England. Following this John & Martha had a daughter, Mary Jane, born circa 1832. Due to probably Martha's death (unconfirmed), he married Jane Smith, daughter of David Smith and Sarah (--?--), on 4th July 1841 at Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England. On 9th June 1842 he emigrated from Greenock, Scotland, sailing on board the Duchess of Argyle. Travelling with his wife Mary Jane, & daughter, Elizabeth aged 8, they arrived in Auckland on the 9th October 1842. On the 1844 Auckland police census he was reported to be living in Raupo House, St.Georges Bay, Auckland. He is listed as an Agricultural worker with wife Jane & two daughters, (Elizabeth & Georgina).Following their arrival Nathaniel & Jane also gave birth to, William David Stafford, Auckland, 29th May 1845, & Nathaniel Stafford, Auckland, 29th May 1847. If you have a connection with this family or can offer more information please contact Keith Emery and/or Maureen Little.


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