Duke of Roxburgh
Ship: 417 tons
Captain: James Thomson

Surgeon Superintendent: Francis Healy
Sailed Plymouth 5th October 1839 - arrived Port Nicholson 8th February 1840

"The 'Duke' made the third vessel of the fleet to reach Port Nicholson, and by that time the foreshore at Petone had became a busy locality. Tents were supplemented by shanties of various descriptions, but some of the whares put up with the help of the Maoris were of a more ambitious character, and so well built that they lasted several years. Round about this somewhat incongruous camp-settlement the belongings of the settlers were scattered, and as there were by this time about 500 white people ashore the scene was decidedly animated."
White Wings Volume One - Sir Henry Brett

Notation on the passenger list:
"Arrived at Plymouth 4:00pm Friday 27th September '39. Sailed 5th October 1839."

Name Age Occupation Comment
Cabin Passengers
Bills W
Davis Mr
Healy Francis 39

Surgeon Superintendent

Wife 32
John Francis 10
Catherine Bedelia F. 9
Francis 8
Michael Infant
Healy John F. 18 Brother or Nephew to Francis Healy Snr
Monteith Dr George Dalrymple 32
Elizabeth 31
George Dalrymple 7
Jacob 5
Elizabeth 4
Lucy Eleanor Infant
Parnell Samuel Duncan 27
Wife 27
Pierce John 38
Wife 37
Steerage Passengers
Baker Henry 24 Butcher
Wife 19
Daughter Infant Born at sea
Bassett William 28 Shoemaker & Sawyer
Wife 26
Emma Rooke 11 months
Son Infant Born at sea
Bryant James 27 Gardener Assistant to Surgeon
Mary Anne 24
Clarke Emma 23 Servant to Monteith
Connor Catherine 24 Servant to Healing
Cooking Elizabeth 15
Cooking William 16
Cundy Charles 24 Labourer
Ann 29
Farrar Alfred 35
Fowler John 30 Farm Labourer Servant to Peirce
Wife 29
Priscilla 8
Gilbert William 35 Farmer
Wife 26
Philip 6
William 4 months Died at sea
Gomm William 27
Wife 24
Goswell John 20 Mason
Greenwood James 21
Hartley Mary 15 Sempstress
Hartley Stephen 47 Cutler & Gunsmith
Wife 45
Stephen Jnr 16 Cutler & Gunsmith
Hawke William 32 Labourer
Wife 36
William Cocking 16 Labourer
Elizabeth Cocking 15 Sempstress May have stayed in England
John 4
Son Infant Born at sea
Hebden Mary Jane 20 Servant to Pierce
Hight R. 28
Wife 28
Charles Infant
Hunter Barbara 42 Servant to Mr Hunter
Hunter George 52
Helen 42
Jessie 19
George 18
Margaret 16
Helen J. 14
Isabella 13
Frances 12
David 11
William Henry 9
Catherine Mary 7
Robert 6
Jackson James 30
Wife 25
Jeffery Joseph 25 Farmer
Wife 29
Mary 3
Knight William 39 Miner
Mary Ann 36
Mary Anne 12
James 8
John 6
Henry 3
Samuel 7 months
Lloyd Frederick Augustus 19 Clerk
Lloyd Henry 21
Lyon William 33
May James Farm Labourer Possibly died at sea
Wife Possibly died at sea
Poad Thomas 28 Blacksmith
Sarah 29
Mary Anne 3
Phillipa Jane 7 months
Prouse Richard 42 Labourer & Lime Burner
Mary 44
Mary 20 Servant
Sarah 18 Servant
William 15
Richard 10
Susan Osborne 9
Thomas 6
Reading John Brown 26 Smith & Carpenter Servant to Pierce
Wife 27
George 2
Ellen 8 mths
Reynolds Jane 22 Dressmaker
Roberts Philip 36 Miner
Wife 34
Jonathan 15 Labourer
Mary Anne 12
Philip 10
Jane 6 Died at sea
Child Infant Born at sea
Roberts William 35 Miner
Elizabeth 35
Mary 18 Servant
Sophia 16 Servant
Elizabeth 15 Servant
Thomas 11
Priscilla 5
Keziah 2
William Infant Born at sea
Rule James 27 Miner
Wife 22
James Oliver 11 months
Daughter Infant Born at sea
Scott George 30
Wife 30
Smith Frederick 49 Mason
Wife 50
Daniel Thomas 25 Mason
Thomas 19 Mason
Samuel 17 Mason
Mary 15 Sempstress
John 9
Stephens William 50 Carpenter Widower
Stephens John 19 Carpenter
Thomas William 33 Miner
Wife 28
William Robins 6
Eliza Robins 4
Henry Eddy 2
Catherine Eddy 5 months
Tucker Josias 36 Blacksmith
Wife 32
William H. 8
Eliza Ann 6
Samuel J. 3
Josias 1
Daughter Infant Born at sea
Turtley Arthur 26 Gardener
Wife 30
Eliza 3
Josiah 2
Jane Eliza 8 months
Udy Hart 31 Carpenter
Jane 27
Ann 7
Hart 5
John 4
William 1
U'Ren Thomas 27 Stonemason
Margaret 30
Robert Honos 2
Harriet Gertrude 1
Gertrude Wills Infant Born at sea 31/01/1840
Williams James 42 Tailor
Katherine 40
Isabella 22 Sempstress
Richard 20 Carpenter & Wheelwright
Mary Ann 18 Sempstress
Elizabeth 15 Sempstress
William Osborne 12
Caroline 9
Benjamin 2
Joseph 2 Died at sea
Woodward Samuel Jnr 27 Carpenter & Toolmaker
Rose 17


ROBERTS family:
William was a Cornish miner born in Devon. Elizabeth (nee BOTTRELL or BATTRALL) was born in Camborne, Cornwall. They had been at various Cornish locations, lastly St Austell, before departing for Petone. William and Elizabeth were in Wellington until 1846. Their son born on board was baptized William. They had another son, Joseph, in 1842. Their elder daughter married John ESLICK in 1842. The ESLICKs went to South Australia and then Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia. The second daughter Sophia married James/Joseph THOMPSON in 1840. Their descendents are mainly in the North Island of New Zealand. Third daughter, Elizabeth, married Joshua GREGORY, a soldier, in 1845. They were to travel to Australia, India, England and finally settle in Brisbane, Australia. Thomas possibly settled in Thames, New Zealand. The remainder of the family departed to Kawau Island for the mining, until about 1848. Daughter Priscilla married Richard Grey BELL in 1848. The BELLs and the remainder of the family went to South Australia and then Castlemaine in Victoria. If you wish to know more or can connect with this family please contact Cheryl Berquist.


U'REN family:
Thomas U'ren, stonemason, was born in 1812 at St Anthony-in-Roseland, Cornwall to Robert and Gertrude (nee Wills) U'ren. Thomas and and his wife Margaret (nee WEDGE) along with her companion-help Anne (later Mrs Robert Espie) arrived in Wellington in 1840 on board the Duke of Roxburgh. At the time of their departure Margaret was pregnant with Gertrude Wills U'ren who was born during the voyage on January 31st 1840. The family were originally going to Queensland to a warmer climate for Thomas's health but heard that there was a great need for builders in NZ. They remained in Wellington for a year while Thomas improved his building skills before settling at Poverty Bay where they had the first white boy born in the district, Thomas jnr born October 12th 1841followed by 5 more children: Sarah Jane born June 2nd 1843, Elizabeth Harriett born 1845, Margaret Ann born 1846, Herbert John born 1848 and Edith Ellen born 1849. Thomas snr was the first recorded death at Makaraka Cemetery in Gisborne on July 25th 1860. Margaret died July 18th 1865 and was buried with him. If you wish to know more or can connect with this family please contact Cynthia Glover.


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Archives New Zealand NZC34/1 p73