Ship: 853 tons
Captain: Gamble
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed Glasgow 9th March - arrived Otago 13th June 1870

The Dunfillan was a vessel of 853 tons which paid two visits to Port Chalmers. She arrived there on June 13 1870, from Glasgow, which port she left on March 9 - a passage of 96 days. Captain Gamble, who was in command, reported that on three consecutive days the ship logged 325 miles a day. She crossed the equator 27 days out from port, but she then met with light winds and calms, and it was not until the fifty-ninth day out that she passed the Cape of Good Hope. There were 150 passengers. On January 15, 1874, she again arrived at Port Chalmers, this time in charge of Captain Kerr. Gravesend was left on October 26, 1873, the voyage taking 81 days. On this occasion she had 161 passengers, and came consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Co. The Dunfillan was afterwards purchased by the NZ Shipping Co., and named the Mataura.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Address Occupation
Telfer Robert
Mrs Ann
Hill Andrew

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Source: Otago Gazette

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