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Ship: 853 Tons
Captain: Kerr
Surgeon Superintendent:
Sailed London 26th October 1873 - arrived Otago 15th January 1874

The Dunfillan was a vessel of 853 tons which paid two visits to Port Chalmers. She arrived there on June 13 1870, from Glasgow, which port she left on March 9 - a passage of 96 days. Captain Gamble, who was in command, reported that on three consecutive days the ship logged 325 miles a day. She crossed the equator 27 days out from port, but she then met with light winds and calms, and it was not until the fifty-ninth day out that she passed the Cape of Good Hope. There were 150 passengers. On January 15, 1874, she again arrived at Port Chalmers, this time in charge of Captain Kerr. Gravesend was left on October 26, 1873, the voyage taking 81 days. On this occasion she had 161 passengers, and came consigned to the New Zealand Shipping Co. The Dunfillan was afterwards purchased by the NZ Shipping Co., and named the Mataura.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Name Age County Occupation
Families & Children
Andrew Thomas 30 Dorsert Labourer
Susan 30
William 12 Trans to s/m
Agnes 8
Rose 2
Albert 10 mths
Barlow John 41 Lancashire Labourer
Margaret 38
Jane 15 Trans to s/w
James 14 Trans to s/m
Sarah A. 9
Black Henry 40 Derry Farm Labourer
Catherine 41
Mary J. 20 Trans to s/w
Catherine 17 Trans to s/w
Catherine Joseph 29 Norfolk Shoemaker
Julia 28
Ede John 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Annie 21
Mary E. J. 1�
Arthur E. 3 mths
Griffiths Henry 33 Herefordshire Signalman
Mary J. 31
Jesse 11 mths
Hill Frederic G. 23 Glostershire Platelayer
Molly 31
Helen 8
Hull John 30 Middlesex Shoemaker
Margaret 27
Ellen 18 mths
Maria 2 mths
Hughes Patrick 30 Galway Blacksmith
Jane 28
Mary 1 mth
Lander Adam 29 Cornwall Carpenter
Nancy N. 25
Lutton George 50 Sussex Carpenter
Jane 41
Kate 19 Trans to s/w
Robert 16 Trans to s/m
Albert 14 Trans to s/m
George A. 11
Margaret A. 7
Edgar 3
Herbert 4 mths
O'Keefe Edward 34 Limerick Bootmaker
Martha 39
Jackson John 14 Trans to s/m Travelling with O'Keefe
Phumphrey Reuben 40 Sussex Farm Labourer
Mary A. 39
William 18 Trans to s/m
Renfree Henry 22 Cornwall Farm Labourer
Jane 21
Searles John T. 40 Surrey Labourer
Sarah A. 40
Fanny E. 16 Trans to s/w
Emma J. 14 Trans to s/w
Alice N. 11
John 7
Walter 5
Henry 2
Lind James 15 Trans to s/m Travelling with Searles
Staford Henry 37 Suffolk Farm Labourer
Rebecca 35
Charles 15 Trans to s/m
Elizabeth 13 Trans to s/w
Eliza 10
Annie 5
William 2
Arthur 4 mths
Walker Robert 28 Lanarkshire Labourer
Mary E. G. 24
Colonial Nominated Families & Children
Gemmell James 31 Renfrewshire Tailor
Jessie 25
Howarth James 22 Lancashire Overlooker
Alice 21
Margaret A. 2
Single Men
Andrew William 12 Dorset
Barlow James 14 Lancashire
Benner Albert 19 Kerry Farm Servant
Brosman Jeremiah 20 Kerry Labourer
Burge Edward G. 20 Glostershire Labourer
Callanan James 21 Galway
Caskys Thomas 22 Antrim Saddler
Collins Frank 20 Herts Farm Labourer
Conway James 21 Tipperary Labourer
Davis John Edward 21 Somersert Carpenter
Harvey Thomas 21 Herts Labourer
Huddleston Christopher 22 Lancaster Blacksmith
Jackson John A. 14 Limerick
Lamos Y. Oliver 31 France Farm Labourer
Lanford Charles 15 Suffolk Labourer
Larnack Alex 21 Edinburgh Shopkeeper
Lind James 15 Middlesex Painter
Little John 21 Wiltshire Laboure
Little William 33 Dumfries Shepherd
Madden John 23 Tipperary Farm Labourer
McIntosh William 31 Inverness Joiner
Morgan William 22 Kildare Harness Maker
John 32 Kildare Harness Maker
Morrison William 21 Banff Farm Labourer
Newman Joseph 15 Jersey
Owens Charles H. 19 Dublin Groom
John 17 Dublin Groom
Phumphrey William 18 Sussex Farm Labourer
Plummer Fredercik L. 10 Middlesex
Pitchers George 28 Cambridge Waiter
Redford Robert 21 Sussex Labourer
Roe Frederick 20 Surrey Painter
Scott John 42 Devon Bootmaker
Scott Robert 26 Dumfries Shepherd
Sims Joseph 21 Wiltshire Labourer
Smith Edward 26 Sussex Labourer
Smith Lawrence A. 19 Shetland Fisherman
Smith William A. 24 Berkshire Tailor
Sutton Robert 16 Sussex Carpenter
Albert 14 Sussex
Tangney Maurice 19 Kerry Labourer
Van William J. 19 Surrey Labourer
Winder William 25 Ayrshire Labourer
Single Women
Badier Mary A. 30 Jersey Nurse
Mary A. 11
Philip 10
Ada 6
Barlow Jane 15 Lancashire Weaver
Berry Catherine 23 Down Servant
Black Mary J. 20 Derry Washerwoman
Catherine 17 Derry Servant
Brindley Elizabeth 23 Staffordshire Housemaid
Catts Isabella 22 Hants Servant
Collins Mary A. 21 Limerick Seamstress
Collins Julia 26 Limerick Seamstress
Diggin Mary 20 Limerick Servant
Doody Mary 21 Limerick Servant
Fall Sarah M. 25 Dorset Servant
Finlay Catherine 30 Jersey Cook
Mary A. 6
Forde Margaret 17 Galway Servant
Freeman Emily 22 Middlesex Seamstress
Garden Kate 30 Dublin Governess
Gaubischon Marie 21 Jersey Cook
Green Elizabeth 30 Warwickshire Servant
Heffernan Mary 20 Limerick Servant
Higgins Honora 20 Galway Servant
Hines Mary 26 Jersey Housemaid
Hourigan Mary 28 Limerick Servant
Howarth Alice 62 Lancashire
Elizabeth 34 Lancashire Weaver
Alice 15 Lancashire Weaver
Hughes Julia 19 Galway Dressmaker
Bridget 21 Galway Dairymaid
Kennedy Kate 19 Limerick Servant
Lanford Elizabeth 13 Suffolk
Little Ellen 21 Lanarkshire Cook
Little Mary 26 Glostershire Servant
Millar Mary J. 17 Limerick Nurserymaid
Newman Mary 41 Guernsey Housekeeper
William 15 Trans to s/m
Ann 12
Orphens 11
O'Connor Margaret 20 Limerick Housemaid
Patrick Jessie 34 Fife Factory Girl
Roe Louisa 17 Middlesex Servant
Eliza 21 Surrey Servant
Sanders Mary A. 23 Middlesex Servant
Searles Fanny E. 16 Southampton Housemaid
Emma J. 14 Southampton
Sutherland Margaret 15 Fife Factory Girl
Sutton Kate J. 19 Sussex Housemaid
Taaney Mary 18 Galway Servant
Taplen Fanny T. 24 Hants Housemaid
Winder Christina 18 Ayrshire Teacher

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