Edward P Bouverie
Ship: 997 tons
Captain: Steven
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Jackson
Sailed 11 July 1873 - arrived Wellington 18th October 1873

Seven passages were made by the E.P. Bouverie, 997 tons, to New Zealand, five of them from Glasgow to Port Chalmers, between 1868 and 1872, and 666 people were brought out by her to Otago. The other two trips were to Wellington (this list) and Lyttelton in 1874.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

Arrival of the EP Bouverie

Name Age County Occupation
Families and Children
Ackland Charles 44 Wilts Brickmaker
Eliza 41
Maria 8
Asquith Samuel 26 Yorks Printer
Caroline 25
Burkinshaw John G. 23 Lincolnshire Farm labourer
Sarah 17
Dommett George 36 Devon Shepherd
Ellen M. 37
Edith G. 7
Emanuel 5
Doody John 20 Devon Farm Labourer
Elizabeth Ann 21
Gawne Edwards 31 Isle of Man Carpenter
Emma 32
Lillian J. 4
Westley 2
Mabel 6 mths
Golden Joseph 37 Sussex Farm Labourer
Jane 37
Jane 11
Alice 4
Hewetson Richard 47 Kilkenny Farmer
Mary 36
Elizabeth 11
Richard 9
Mary 7
David 5
Emily 3
Fanny 1
Higgs James 28 Oxford Farm Labourer
Ann 26
Sarah A. 4
James 2
Henry 3 mths
Hutching George 25 Ongar, Essex Labourer
Ruth 23
Florence R. 8 mths
Hutching James 23 Ongar, Essex Bootmaker
Ellen 19
Holland Edwin S. 26 Sussex Painter
Celia 24
Hughs John 39 Hants Slater
Sarah 37
Jermy Walter 45 Middlesex Labourer
Isabella 42
William John 11
George M. 6
Knapp Alban Vincent 35 Hants Blacksmith
Maria Ann 35
Adeline I. 11
Alban W. 9
William Alfred 7
Frederick William 4
Agnes E. 2
Marlow Frederick S. 21 Northamptonshire Ag Labourer
Louisa M. 29
May James 38 Kent Labourer
Caroline 23
Elizabeth 6
Emily 3
McDonald Archibald 36 Tyrone Farm Labourer
Ann 38
Merrett George 30 Hants Labourer
Phillis 29
Julia J. 9
Mary A. 6
George William 5
Clara 3
Miles Thomas 32 Kent Ag Labourer
Jane 29
Jane 9
Maria 7
Rose 5
Harriet 1
Page Stephen 21 Sussex Labourer
Epsworth 22
Stephen 2
Phebe 8 mths
Palmer John R. 36 Dorset Smith
Mary 36
George Robert 4
Eliza E. 2
Clara 5 mths
Paynter George H. 38 Bucks Shoemaker
Ellen 33
George H. 11
Thomas 6
Peacock John 31 Yorks Wheelwright
Sarah A. 32
Caroline 1
Pierard Francis C. 42 Middlesex Gardener
Louisa M. 42
Alfred 11
Edward 5
Russell John 43 Dumfrieshire Labourer
Ann M. 38
John 5
Savory William 29 Herts Farm Labourer
Sarah 32 Died on board
During childbirth
Sarah 5
Infant Born on board
Stych Benjamin 25 Warwickshire Brass Founder
Mary 24
Arthur B. 1
Henrietta 3 mths
West Robert 34 Devon Labourer
Harriet 35
Sarah 10
Eliza 7
Charles 4
Edwin 10 mths
Wootton George 32 Durham Plumber
Ann 27
Hannah 9
Single Men
Ackland William 18 Hants Brickmaker
John 12
Addie Thomas 30 Lanarkshire Labourer
Brown Johnathan 16 Warwick Filer
William 14
Samuel 11
Chase Edward 21 Hants Blacksmith
Cox Thomas 22 Gloustershire Labourer
Doney Thomas 21 Cornwall Smith
Evans Edward J. 13 Australia
Fitzgerald Michael 23 Kerry Labourer
John 21
Flaherty John 22 Galway Labourer
Graves Frederick 16 Labourer
Gould Edwin 20 Worchestershire Gardener
Hanahan Timothy 21
Harrison Frederick 21 Dorset Platelayer
Hendy Richard 19 Pembrokeshire Farmer
Hewetson Edward 12 Wexford
Hopkirk Alex 48 Roseburgh Carpenter
William 16
Joseph 14
Alex 12
Robert 10
Joyce William 45 Farm Labourer
Knapp Edward A. 13
Linsell Frederick 24 Essex Sawyer
Lyons James 28 Middlesex
May Thomas 15 Kent Labourer
Richard 13
Morgan John Henry 18 Kent Blacksmith
Morris Thomas 31 Gloucestershire Engine Driver
Pierard Charles Henry 17 Middlesex Carpenter
Frederick 15
Sewell Thomas Henry 28 Middlesex Labourer
Taylor Thomas 21 Wilts Labourer
Single Women
Alexander Caroline 12 Middlesex
Brady Mary 40 Galway
Bradley Alice 24 Lincoln Cook
Brown Mary H. 43 Gloustershire Nurse
Henrietta 9
Buchannan Ann 31 Lancashire Weaver
Davern Margaret 20 Limerick Housemaid
Doney Mary A. 24 Cornwall Housemaid
Jane 20
Dowling Margaret 20 Kent
Doyle Elizabeth 30 Louth General servant
Graves Sarah 38 Northamptonshire Servant
Harriet 12
Clara 8
Harris Mary 21 Cornwall General Servant
Hassett Elizabeth 22 Cork Housemaid
Hopkirk Ann 20 Roxburgh Servant
Agnes 5
John 5
Housego Caroline 25 Sussex Housemaid
Housego Emily 15 Hants Housemaid
Jermy Isabella 14
Kershaw Annie 18 Lancarshire Housemaid
Lay Martha E. 18 Middlesex Laundress
May Sarah A. 16 Kent Servant
Morgan Bessie 12 Dublin
Nicol Emily K. 18 Tipperary Milliner
Paynter Lucy 13
Roberts Maria 27 Cheshire Servant (Matron)
Russell Eliza 12 Lanarkshire
Turnham Emily 40 Armagh
Margaret J. 8
Veazey Sarah A. 19 Middlesex
West Harriet 14 Devon
Williams Elizabeth A. 22

HUTCHING family:
James Hutching aka Hutchins (b. 13 Mar 1851, d. 1922)  and his wife Ellen Maria Culley (b. 16 Mar 1855 in Warwick, Eng., d. 1900) came to NZ from Surrey England.   They settled with their family in Woodville, where James was a bootmaker. George Hutching (b. 2 Mar 1848, d. 11 May 1939) and his wife Ruth Spearman (b. bef 31 Dec 1848, d. 11 July 1900) also settled in Woodville.  It appears that their children also went by the name Hutchins. James & George had an elder brother Stephen.  Stephen (b. bef 11 May 1834, d. 16 Jan 1919), his wife Maria Staines (b. abt 1838, d. 22 May 1920) and their then 6 children emigrated to New Zealand, arriving in November 1873 on the ship "Helen Denny".  Maria must have then been 6 months pregnant with Albert (child #7).  They eventually made their way up to Woodville, joining Stephen's 2 younger brothers, George & James.  Albert was born in Featherston.
There is mention of the Hutching family in the book The Farthest Promised Land, by Rollo Arnold, page 314.  An excerpt is below: George Hutching... was one of three brothers of Essex origins, who arrived in Wellington as assisted immigrants in October and November 1873.  George, a 25-year- old labourer, with a wife and infant daughter, and James, a 23-year-old bootmaker with his wife Ellen, 19, arrived on the E.P. Bouverie, and immediately transhipped to a coastal steamer owned by Brogdens, sailing for Napier.  By January 1875 the two brothers had saved enough to purchase a block at the sale of Woodville land.  Shortly afterwards they tramped through to see their purchase, and that autumn they again swagged to Woodville to carry out a bush- felling contract. (Woodville Jubilee Souvenir, 1877-1937, 1937, p.71)   Shortly thereafter, James Hutching began to practise his trade in Woodville.   A settler who arrived to fell bush in 1876 recalled the boot repairing shop of "Jimmy Hutchins" -"simply a calico fly rigged up on poles in front of a tent in which he and his wife lived and in this calico boot palace Jimmy would sit mending old shoes and whistling lively tunes all day long." (ibid, p 75).  On 25 May 1876 a newspaper correspondent reported that timber for a four-roomed house and shop to be occupied by James Hutching, bootmaker, was ready on a section belonging to Mr Carr, surveyor. (Hawke's Bay Herald, 30 May 1876, p.6)  Meanwhile George and James had soon been followed to New Zealand, and on to Woodville, by their older brother, Stephen, a 39-year-old farm labourer with a wife and six children. Stephen had been working as a gardener at Penge in Surrey, and of the testimonials for his immigration application had been supplied by a local magistrate, J. Broomhall.  On Christmas Day 1876 Broomhall, on a visit to New Zealand, passed through Woodville on the stage coach.  When the coach stopped to deliver a bag at Stephen Hutching's cottage, a brief reunion took place.   Broomhall reported that Stephen Hutching "pointed with pride to his twenty acres of land with the cottage on it his own freehold, and to chickens and ducks in abundance, and, if he have not now, he will soon have pigs, cows and a good farmyard . . . Mrs Hutchins was not so jubilant as her husband; she experienced the loss of the Christian advantages of Penge Baptist Tabernacle, but if the Rev. John and Mrs Collins would emigrate and open a tabernacle in the Seventy Mile Bush Mrs Hutchins would be as satisfied as is her husband. "A mile further on the road I observed a sign-board, James Hutchins, boot and shoe maker, and out came James, equally pleased as was Stephen . . . The brothers recounted some of the difficulties which had beset them, and which are incidental to all emigrants, but the experience was beneficial and now each rejoiced over them, and are strong men, able to hold their own.
J. Broomhall, Fragments from the Journal of J. Broomhall, Esq, J.P., lll, London, 1877, p.29
If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Gary & Brenda Anderson


KNAPP family:
Alban Vincent KNAPP, the son of Edward and Mariae KNAPP, was born in Hampshire, England in 1838. On November 20th 1859 he married Maria Ann HOUSEGO (born 3rd June 1838) and in 1873, along with their son Edward Arthur, they emigrated to New Zealand on board this sailing of the Edward P Bouverie. Alban was a blacksmith by trade and it wasn't long before he took on his son Edward as an apprentice. Alban and Maria had a further five sons; Walter, William, Edward, Alban and Frederick. Alban died on October 14th 1891 and his wife Maria on March 17th 1931. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Peter.


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