1857 - First South Canterbury Electoral Roll

The first electoral roll for South Canturbury appeared in the Provincial Gazette of 1857. Before that any elector who chose to register appeared on the Christchurch Country Roll. The electoral boundry for what was originally known as the 'Timary Electoral District' extended from the southernmost branch of the Ashburton River to the Waitangi (Waitaki) River. The earlist northern boundary of what was originally known as the Southern Pastoral District was the Rakaia River.

Several electors who did not live in the district were entitled to vote because they held property there.

Name Residence Occupation Conditions
Arundel John Barton Mt. Peel Station Stock Owner Freehold
Barker Alfred Charles Christchurch Medical Practitioner Freehold
Brayshaw George River Hook Stock Owner Freehold
Burke Michael John Halswell Station Barrister at Law Freehold
Campion Rowland Timaru Stock Owner Freehold
Congreve William Christchurch Inspector of Sheep Leasehold
Cookson Isaac Thomas Green Hammerton Merchant Freehold
Cox Charles Percy Long Beach Station Stock Owner Household
Dumoulin Henry Rokapuka Stock Owner Freehold
Dumoulin William Rokapuka Stock Owner Freehold
Evans John Timaru Labourer Householder
Francis Philip Lloyd Near Timaru Sheep Farmer Lease and Household
Gibson Edmund Waitangi Sheep Farmer Lease and Household
Gray Ernest Coldstream Station Stock Owner Leasehold
Guilford John Papanui Road Farmer Freehold
Harris William Pariora Stock Owner Leasehold
Haslewood Charles Church Coringa Stock Owner Freehold
Hayhurst John Ashburton Sheep Farmer Householder
Hewlings Samuel Geraldine Surveyor household
Hulcup George Timaru Labourer Household
Innes David Pariora Runholder Leasehold
King John Timaru Stock Owner Freehold
King James Timaru Stock Owner Freehold
Macdonald Allan Ranald Matatike Stock Owner Freehold
Macdonald Angus Ivanhoe Station Stock Owner Freehold
Macdonald William Kenneth Ivanhoe Station Stock Owner House and Leasehold
Marsh Thomas Near Timaru Sawyer Freehold
Matson George Markiki Stock Owner Householder
McLean Allan Lagmhor Stock Owner Freeholder
McLean Robertson Lagmhor Stock Owner Freeholder
Meyer Herbert Waitangi Sheep Owner Leasehold
Moorhouse Benjamin Michael Rangitata Stock Owner Freehold
O'Flanagan Edward Bartholomew Fendall Town Farmer Freehold
Percival Spencer A. Hursley Sheep Owner Household
Pike Bailey Waitangi Stock Farmer Householder
Pike Samuel H. Waitangi Stock Farmer Household
Poingdestre Henry Near Timaru Runholder Leasehold
Potts Thomas Henry Rakaia District Stock Owner Household
Reed Charles Christchurch Gentleman Leasehold
Rhodes George Timaru Sheep Farmer Freehold
Rhodes Robert Heaton Purau Farmer Freehold
Rhodes William Barnard Wellington Merchant Freehold
Rogers James Dowling River Hinds Stock Owner Lease and Household
Russell George Gawler River Hinds Sheep Farmer Household
Scott William R. Coldstream Station Stock Owner Household
Stubbs Francis W. Pariora General Farm Servant Freehold
Studholme John Waimati Stock Owner Leasehold
Studholme Michael Waimati Stock Owner Leasehold
Studholme Paul Waimati Stock Owner Leasehold
Thompson Leslie Timaru Stock Owner Lease and Household
Tripp Charles George Mt. Peel Stock Owner Freehold
Waitt Robert Casterton Merchant Freehold
Wilson John Cracroft Cashmere Gentleman Leasehold
Williams Samuel Timaru Storekeeper Household
Wyatt Charles William Great North Road Solicitor Leasehold