1861 Electoral Roll for Canterbury
Persons Claiming to have their names placed on the roll

Name Residence Qualification
Bowles John Timaru Freehold
Brodie James Matatiki Freehold
Brown Archibald Orari Freehold
Buchanan George Timaru Freehold
Butler Samuel Mesopotamia Freehold
Butterworth William Opawa River Freehold
Cain Henry Timaru Freehold
Duff John Edward Timaru Leasehold
Dunnage Robert Burke's Pass Household
Ellis Joseph New Town, Timaru Freehold
Exley Harpin Timaru Leasehold
Fleury Edward Timaru Leasehold
Gibson John Timaru Freehold
Gladstone Henry John Roborough Downs Household
Hamilton William John W. Christchurch Freehold
Harding Thomas Scarness Station Freehold
Harrison William Timaru Freehold
Hayhurst John Temuka Household
Heney John Scotsburn Freehold
Hornbrook Alfred Mt. Pleasant Freehold
Irvine Adam Scotsburn Freehold
Irvine John Scotsburn Freehold
Maslin Caleb Timaru Leasehold
Mason Thomas George W. Wash Dyke Leasehold
McLean Robertson Ashburton River Household
Mellish George Lilly Lake Heron, Timaru Leasehold
Meyer Johann Arowenua Freehold
Neal William Temuka Freehold
O'Flanagan Edward B. Christchurch Freehold
Paget William Timaru Freehold
Perriman Thomas Arowenua Freehold
Reed Robert Timaru Freehold
Reilly John Timaru Household
Sanderson Thomas Mt. Plenty Freehold
Scarf Robert Ashbury Freehold
Shepherd James Timaru Freehold
Simpson John Timaru Freehold
Stafford Edward William Auckland Freehold
Studholme John Selwyn Freehold
Studholme Michael Waimati Freehold
Thompson Leslie Collier Otaio Station Household
Waldin Henry Timaru Household
Walker Sherbrook Four Peak Station Leasehold
Weaver Arthur Timaru Household
After some weeks objections were lodged and the registration officer made an investigation. These were dis- allowed on the Timaru list:


Campion Robert Kokohu Not now a householder
Congreve Sir William Bart. Rakaia Lesehold property sold
Holland Thomas George D. Avonside Leasehold property sold
Rayner Thomas Ottery Timaru Not now a householder in Timaru
Stericker Edward Glover Ashburton No such person