Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Dunedin

D -F
To save my poor worn out fingers as there are over 3,000 names on this roll all the place names are Dunedin unless stated different. Should you find a relie and need the additional information don't hesitate to email.
H - Household       L - Leasehold       F - Freehold

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Dale John Stafford St H
Dale Thomas H
Dale William L
Dale William L
Dalgleish George H
Dalglish Robert H
Dallas Thomas H
Dalrymple William F
Dalrymple William Snr F
Dalrymple William Jnr Wakari F
Dalton Robert H
Daniell William L
Daniels John L
Daniels John H
Daniels Joseph H
Darling Ralph H
Darling William F
Darragh James Pelichet Bay H
Darragh James F
Davidson Alexander H
Davidson George H
Davidson William L
Davies George Princes St H
Davies John Fleetwood H
Davies Longfield H
Davis Alexander L
Davis George Walker St H
Davis Henry H
Davis Henry H
Davis Henry Baillie H
Davis Moss H
Davis Philip Arthur St L
Davis Robert H
Dawson George Robert H
Dawson William F
Day Walter Joint F
Deaker Joseph Dowling St H
Dean George H
Dean John J
Deans George H
Dearden George F
De Carle Edward 1 L, 2 L
De Costa Ralph L
Dee Edwin L
De Lacy Thomas Corbett F
De Leon Septimus Rattray St H
De Leon Septimus H
De Lisle Alfred H
De Lisle Alfred H
Dempster David Couper H
Dempster George Forth St H
Denham George H
Dennis Alfred George St L
Dennistoun Joseph H
Denniston Robert Blair H
Dent Robert H
Dermer George E H
Dermer George Edmund Joint L
Dermer Thomas Edward H
Dermer William H
Dey Peter F
Diack John Gordon F
Diamond Patrick H
Dick Frederick H
Dick John F
Dick John Joint L
Dick John Gilston F
Dick Thomas 1 Joint H, 2 F
Dickie David H
Dickinson Henry H
Dickinson William Dunn F
Dickison Joseph H
Dickison Charles H
Dickison Charles L
Dickison John H
Dickison Thomas H
Dickison William H
Dickison William Smeaton H
Dickson William Dunn L
Dimond Patrick L
Dippie Alexander Duke St H
Dixon John L
Dixon Matthew F
Dobbie John Forgie Octagon H
Dodd George Walker St H
Dodd Henry L
Dods John Thomas L
Dods Robert Smith L
Dominick Joseph H
Donaldson James Thomas George St H
Donkin Ralph L
Donnelly James H
Donney George H
Doolan John H
Dooley John H
Dooley John H
Dorman Henry H
Dorman Stephen L
Dorman Stephen H
Dormer George Edmond Rattray St H
Doughty James H
Douglas Andrew H
Douglas Henry Hamilton H
Douglas James Alexander H
Douglas James Shoffield North East Valley L
Douglas John Galt Moray Pl L
Douglas John Terry H
Douglas William Reid Woodhaugh Saw Mill F
Douglass Alfred H
Dow Alexander F
Dow James F
Dow John F
Dow John H
Dowse George H
Drain Robert H
Drake David York Pl L
Draper John H
Draper Thomas Webb H
Dreaver Andrew H
Dreaver James H
Drew John F
Drew John Jnr H
Driscole George H
Driver Henry L
Driver William H
Dram John H
Drury Edward L
Drury John L
Drury Richard H
Dryden George F
Drysdale Romeo H
Duckmanton Henry H
Duff George H
Duff John F
Duke charles Sawyers Bay F
Duncan George F
Duncan George F
Duncan James L
Duncan John H
Duncan John Wray H
Duncan Peter H
Dunch Samuel H
Dundas Philip H
Dundass John H
Dungan Patrick L
Dungy Peter F
Dunlop Robert Joint L
Dunlop William Thomas H
Dunn John H
Dunn John H
Dunning Alfred Joint L
Dunning Hendrick L
Dutch George F
Duthan William H
Dutliff John H
Duthie Robert F
Duthie William H
Dwyer Michael H
Dyer William John F
Dyson Alfred H
Eadie william H
Eager Edward Fitzgerald H
EasonThomas H
East Henry L
Eastgate Alexander L
Eastgate Henry H
Eceles Alfred London St H
Eceles James Russell St F
Eceles Joshua F
Edgar James H
Edgar Robert Filleul St H
Edhouse John H
Edmiston Henry Aulert H
Edmond John Princes St H
Edmonds William Princes St L
Edmondson William Princes St L
Edward Silvester F
Edwards Edward George H
Edwards George Moray Pl L
Edwards James George St L
Edwards Richard H
Edwards Thomas Jones H
Edwards Richard Muir H
Egan Cornelius H
Eggers Hermann L
Eggers Johann H
Elioart Edward Gozna Green Island Bush F
Eldridge George H
Elliott Francis H
Ellis Robert F
Ellison William H
Elvis William L
Emery Albert H
English Mathew H
Eva John Oliver H
Evans Frederick Horatio H
Evans William Bishop H
Everall Peverell H
Ewen John Alexander L
Ewen John Alexander L
Ewing Robert H
Eyre John Charles H
Fairbank Henry F
Fairburn Thomas H
Fairweather Charles H
Falconer Francis William L
Fargie John H
Farjeon Benjamin Leopold 1 F, 2 L
Farley Henry F
Farmery Thomas F
Farquhar William H
Farra Joseph 1 L, 2 H
Farrant George F
Farrell George Robert H
Farrin Samuel H
Farrow George James L
Fazakerly Henry Pelichet Bay F
Fegan Edward H
Feign John H
Fell James H
Fellenberg Alexander L
Fellows George Philip H
Fenwick Fairfax Otepopo H
Fenwick Robert L
Fenwick William Otepopo F
Ferguson Daniel L
Ferguson George Washington H
Ferguson John L
Ferguson Peter H
Ferguson William Clark F
Fernandez John H
Fernder John H
Fidler William L
Fiebig Carl H
Field Thomas George St L
Fieldheim Issac H
Filleul Richard Anthony Pakakio F
Filleul William Gabriel Pakakio F
Finham William H
Finch Edward Young H
Finch James F
Findlater James L
Findlay George L
Findlay James H
Findlay John F
Findlay Robert H
Findlay William H
Findlator Alexander F
Findlator Alexander Jnr F
Findlayson Robert H
Finn Mathew H
Finch James L
Finnie Peter L
Fish Henry James L
Fish Henry Smith Princes St H
Fish Henry Smith Jnr Joint L
Fisher Alexander H
Fisher Alfred George F
Fisher Thomas Edward L
Fisher William H
Fisher William L
Fisher William H
Fitzsimons Christopher H
Fitzsimmons Henry H
Flanagan Daniel H
Flanagan John F
Flanagan John H
Fleet William F
Fleming Andrew Stafford St F
Fleming David H
Fleming Michael H
Flemming Lewis H
Fletcher Henry L
Fletcher Isiah F
Fletcher John H
Flexman Charles H
Flexman John H
Flinn John H
Flint Francis Arthur York Pl H
Floyd Thomas L
Flynn Francis Patrick F
Fogel Jacob Great King St L
Fogo Thomas F
Folkes George F
Foord James Cumberland St H
Foord Joshua H
Foote Thomas H
Forbes Peter L
Ford Alexander F
Ford George F
Ford Nathaniel H
Ford Robert F
Forest Robert H
Forrest Alfred F
Forrest James F
Forrester James Walkers St 1 F, 2 F
Forrester John H
Forsaith Thomas Spencer L
Forster John L
Forster John L
Forsyth James Dundas St F
Foster Henry Angel F
Foster Henry Angel H
Foster James Simpson Sub L
Foster John H
Fowler Frederick Peter H
Fowler George H
Fox John H
Foy John H
Franck Edward H
Fraser Charles H
Fraser Hugh George St 1 L, 2 F
Fraser James Princes St L
Fraser John L
Fraser Roderick H
Fraser Roderick H
Fraser Thomas H
Fraser William H
Frazer John F
Frederick Paul H
Freeman William John H
Frew Alexander Maori Hill F
Frew James L
Friedlich Harris L
Frier George H
Frost Richard H
Fry William H
Fuller Henry L
Fulton Francis Crossly The Forbury F
Fulton James West Taieri F
Fulton John Duncan St H
Fulton Robert Waikirikiri Joint F
Furse David H
Fynmore James Augustus H