ElectoralNapier1865 -66

Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Napier

A - M
All "Place of Abode" are Napier unless otherwise stated, if you need additional info don't hesitate to email.

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Aaronson Simon Freehold
Alexander Alexander Puketapu freehold
Allen Charles Household
Alley Henry Taipo Leasehold
Anderson Charles Freehold and leasehold
Anderson Charles James Mangaone Freehold
Anderson James Household and Freehold
Anderson Murray Freehold
Anderson William Hastings St Freehold
Atkinson Thomas Eskdale household
Baker Benjamin Whareponga Household and Freehold
Baldwin William Household
Baxter William Stewart Tennyson St Leasehold
Begg John Freehold
Bell Frederick Augustus Dedwood, Auckland Freehold
Bell Henry John Freehold
Bell Thomas Te Mata, Hawkes Bay Freehold
Bell Thomas Te Wairo Freehold
Beukers Hendrick Freehold
Blair Alexander Carlyle St Freehold
Blake Andrew Hope Household
Bonsfield Octavius Lawes W. Tutaekuri River Freehold
Bowman George Freehold
Boylan Michael Leasehold
Braund James Auckland Freehold
Breingan Robert Meanee Household and Freehold
Brenton Robert Household
Burton William Freehold
Butcher Louis Leasehold
Bycroft Richard Well Hall, Hutt, Wgton Freehold
Campbell James Hunter Leasehold and Freehold
Campbell John Household and Freehold
Campbell Thomas Onepoto Freehold
Campbell William Leasehold
Carlyon Edward Augustus G. Freehold
Carlyon George Gwavas Hutt Freehold
Carr Henry Ward Leasehold
Carter John Chilton Lambton Maraetiara Household and Freehold
Catchpool Edward Port Napier Freehold and Household
Catherall James Leasehold and household
Chambers John Te Mata Freehold
Cheer James Chaucer Rd Household
Clear Timothy Leasehold and Household
Coe John Household
Colenso William Freehold
Condie Thomas Maraekakaho Freehold
Conley Patrick Household
Cooper George Sisson Household
Cooper John Alfred Ngahape Freehold
Cotterill Henry John Freehold
Cox John Collins Clive Freehold
Davern John Freehold
Davis Edward Manahuna Freehold
Denholm William Freehold
Dinwiddie John Leasehold and Household
Doherty James Leasehold and Household
Dolbel Charles Springfield Freehold and Household
Dolbel Philip Springfield Freehold and Leasehold
Dolbel Richard Springfield Freehold
Dommett Alfred Jermyn St, Auckland Freehold
Dougherty Joseph Shakespear Rd Freehold
Duff Alexander Kereru Freehold
Duncan John Russell Rauataniwha Freehold
Duncan Richard John Wellington Freehold
Edwards Thomas Freehold and Household
Elbourn William Meanee Flat Leasehold and Household
Ellison William Springvale Leasehold
Elmes John Freehold
Fannin George Thomas Household
Farrar William Freehold
Faulknor George Clyde Rd Freehold
Ferguson James Bruno Clive Freehold
Fitzgerald Michael Household and Freehold
Fitzgerald Richard Household
Flanagan Patrick Freehold
Foan Thomas Hastings St Leasehold and Household
Forester George Freehold
France William Henry Freehold
France Robert Freehold
France William Freehold
Gardiner Ralph Freehold
Garry John Shakespeare Rd Freehold
Goldfinch Richard Leonard Leasehold
Grace Morgan S. Freehold
Greene William Scott Poverty Bay Freehold
Griffin Michael Freehold and Household
Grindell James Freehold and Household
Groom Henry Household
Hallasey Michael Shakespear Rd Freehold
Hallett James Meanee Freehold
Homeling Samuel Waipawa Freehold
Hamlin Francis Edwards Clive Freehold
Hamon Joseph Household
Hamshar James Wairoaiti Freehold and Household
Hapuka Poukawa Freehold
Harding John Waipukurau Freehold
Harding Thomas Bennick Hardinge Rd Freehold and Leasehold
Harrop Isaac Worthington Woodville, Auckland Freehold
Hart George Wellington Freehold
Hart Robert Hobson St, Wellington Freehold
Hartley John Te Aute Freehold
Hawker William Wharepango Freehold
Hawkins James Meanee Freehold
Hayden John Clyde Rd Leasehold
Haymes Arthur Charles Shakespeare Rd Leasehold
Henderson Thomas Carlyle St Leasehold
Henrici Adolph Frederick Mohaka Freehold
Herbert George Wairoaiti Freehold
Heslop John Snr Puketapu Leasehold
Heslop John Jnr Puketapu Freehold
Hill Kenrick Jonas Freehold and Household
Hitchings Thomas Freehold
Holder henry Richard Shakespeare Rd Household and Freehold
Holt Robert Freehold
Howard Henry Household
Howse Thomas Hastings St Freehold and Household
Irvine Alexander Freehold
Janisch Vautier Lambe M. Freehold and Leasehold
Johnson John Household and Leasehold
Karaitana Takamoana Tanenuiarangi freehold
Kennedy Alexander Freehold and Household
Kent Peter Puketapu Freehold
Kinross John Gibson Freehold
Knowles Edward William Freehold and Leasehold
Knox Hugh Meanee freehold
Koch August Carl Ferdinand Leasehold and Household
Large James Stanistreet Household
Lavin John Martin Philip Mohaka Freehold
Lear Joshua Freehold and Household
Lee George Edmund Hastings St Household
Le Quesne Joseph Freehold and Household
Lindsay David Earl Freehold
Locke Samuel Household
Lorigan Bartholomew Meanee Flat Freehold and Household
Lound Thomas Household
Lowry Thomas Okawa Household
Luff Andrew Household and Freehold
Lyndon Edward Leasehold
MacFarlane John Sangster Auckland Freehold
MacGregor Robert Henry Household and Freehold
MacIntyre Charles Goldsmith Rd Freehold
MacNalty Martin Shakespeare Rd Leasehold and Household
MacRoberts Richard Thomas Gough Is Leasehold
MacShane Eugene Wanganui Freehold
Maltby William Eastern Spit Freehold
Maney Richard David Meanee Freehold
Mantell Walter Baldock D. Wellington Freehold
Marshall John Freehold
Marshall William Pohui Freehold
McCreevy Nathanial Mohaka Freehold
McKain James Buchanan Eskdale Household and Freehold
McKain Isaac Septimus Petane Freehold
McLean Donald Freehold
Miller William Shakespeare Rd Freehold
Mogridge Charles Dickens St Household
Moore George Wellington Freehold
Morrison Thomas Household
Mullaney Michael Shakespeare St Freehold
Munn Daniel Freehold
Murray John Household
Murray Robert Freehold
Murray Thomas Household and Freehold