Electoral RollNapier1865 N-z

Electoral Roll for the year 1865 - 66
City of Napier

N - Z
All "Place of Abode" are Napier unless otherwise stated, if you need additional info don't hesitate to email.

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Nesbitt John Wilson Household
Newman Alfred Waipukurau freehold
Newton Thomas Kennedy Whakamarumaru freehold
Norcross Thomas Mohaka Freehold
O'Farrell Richard Leasehold and Household
Oliver William Freehold and Household
Ormond John Davis Eparaima Leasehold
Oxenbridge John Charles J. Shakespeare Rd Freehold
Palmer Charles Freehold
Palmer William Hastings St Household
Palmer William Frederick Freehold
Park Robert Wellington Freehold
Parker Henry Leasehold
Parker William Household
Parsons John Woodlands, Pohui Freehold
Parsons William F Freehold
Peacock Gavin Meanee Household and Leasehold
Peacock Hector Meanee Household
Peacock James Meanee Household and Leasehold
Perry John Robert Household and Leasehold
Potter John Mohaka Household
Powdrell Thomas Meanee Flat Freehold
Prichard John James Shakespeare Rd Household
Rabone Edward N Household
Reardon William Household
Redward James Baldwin Porangahau Freehold
Reigneir Euloge Tutaekuri Freehold
Reynolds John Porongahau Freehold
Rhodes Joseph Clive Freehold
Rich William Freehold
Richards Joseph Leasehold
Richardson George Edward G. Freehold
Richardson Thomas Eskdale Freehold
Richardson William Airey Eskdale Freehold
Robjohns Henry Charles Carlyle St Household
Robjohns John Freehold
Robinson William Household
Robinson William Robert Hastings St Leasehold
Robottom John Snr Shakespeare Rd Household and Freehold
Routledge William Household
Russell Henry Robert Mt Herbert, Waipukurau Freehold
Russell William Russell Redclyffe Freehold and Household
Scully Thomas Freehold
Sealy Henry Bowman Freehold
Sealy Henry John Freehold
Searles Peter Household
Sebley John Henry Freehold
Sharley Henry Puketapu freehold
Sharley James Greenvale, Tukaekuri Freehold and leasehold
Sharley Thomas Tutaekuri Freehold
Shepherd Thomas Household
Sim John Mohaka Household and Freehold
Single Samuel Henry Wairoa Freehold
Slater Francis Freehold
Slater John Household
Smith Edward Nanus Hakowai, Meanee River Freehold and Household
Smith John Alexander Emerson St Freehold
Smith Patrick Joseph Freehold
Smith Thomas Dillon Leasehold
Smith William Freehold
Smith William Pater Chaucer Rd Freehold
Steven John Household and Freehold
Steven John Jnr Eskdale Freehold
Stewart Charles Carlyle St Household
Stewart James Goldsmith Rd Household and Freehold
Stokes Robert Wellington Freehold
Stuart Archibald Paisley Wellington Freehold
Stuart George Henry Household
Stuart James Meliss Freehold
Stuart John Freehold
Sturn Frederick William C. Leasehold
Sutton Fredercik Household and Freehold
Sutton Isaac Rodger Meanee Household and Leasehold
Swan James Freehold and Household
Symonds James Freehold
Tanner Thomas Freehold
Tareha Pa Whakaairo Freehold
Taylor Brooke Leasehold
Taylor Samuel Freehold
Thomas Henry Freehold and Household
Thomas William Freehold
Thompson John Household
Tiffen Henry Stokes Freehold
Tiffen Louis Ansel Greenmeadows Household
Topping James Leasehold and Household
Torr Joseph Petane Household
Torr William Henry Petane Freehold
Trask John Henry Hardinge Rd Household
Trestrail Richard Freehold
Troutbeck Hutton Eskdale Freehold
Tuke Edmund Te Aute Freehold
Turner Henry Ferdinand Wellington Freehold
Turner John Armstrong Household and freehold
Tuxford Franklin Greenmeadows Freehold
Tylee John Thomas Freehold
Vautier John Helier Waghorn St Freehold
Villers John Petane Freehold
Villers William Petane Freehold
Vye Oliver Freehold
W Leasehold and Freehold
Waite William Leasehold and Freehold
Warnes Benjamin William Freehold
Watt Archibald Anderson Freehold and leasehold
Watt James Freehold and Leasehold
Webb Henry Edwin Leasehold
Weber Charles Herman Household
Whitmore George Stoddart Freehold
Wiggins Robert Household and Freehold
Wilkinson John Freehold
Williams Henry Household
Williams Nathaniel Household and Leasehold
Williams Richard Household and Freehold
Williams Thomas Coldham Auckland Freehold
Wilson John Nathaniel Shakespeare Rd Leasehold
Wishart James Mohaka Freehold
Witherow Amos Household
Withers Edward Leasehold and Household
Wood Kames Freehold
Wood John Household
Wood Richard Valentine Freehold
Worgan George Wairoa Freehold
Wright Edward George Leasehold
Yates Henry Leigh Household
Yates William Ward Leasehold and Household