Electoral District of the Wairarapa

List of all persons who have from the 1st day of January to the 31st day of March, in the year 1865, claimed to have their names inserted in the List of Voters of Wairarapa

Name of claimant Place of Abode Nature of Qualification
Allen Robert Masterton Household
Andrew John Chopman Wellington Freehold
Arnold George Carterton Freehold
Baristow Isaac Masterton Freehold
Beetham George Brancepeth, Wainuiora Freehold
Beetham Hugh Horsley Brancepeth, Wainuiora Household
Beetham William Henry Bracepeth Freehold
Bennett William Taratahi Plain Freehold
Bidwell Charles Robert Pihautea Freehold
Braggins Thomas Greytown Household
Braggins Thomas Greytown Household
Bridges John Hutt Freehold
Brightwell Thomas Wairarapa Freehold
Brown Charles Mulgrave St., Wellington Freehold
Buck George Taita, Hutt Freehold
Cameron Allan Te Whiti Freehold / Household
Cameron Donald Morrison's Bush Freehold
Clement John Hutt Freehold
Cockburn Andrew Mania Freehold
Cockburn Robert Mania Freehold
Coote Henry Joseph Wairarapa Freehold
Collins John Town Belt Freehold
Collins John Barratt Te Ore Ore Household
Connelly Micheal West Taratahi Block Household
Darley William Greytown Household
Dixon Robert Carterton Freehold
Daysh George Greytown Household
Dodds Joseph Lake Ferry Household
Donald William Upper Hutt Freehold
Driscoll James Taratahi Plain Freehold
Drummond John Kauminga Household
Evans Luke Jamieson Masterton Freehold
Ferard Bingham Arthur City of Wellington Freehold
Fitzgerald James Carterton Freehold
Flood William Carterton Freehold / Household
Francis Walter Greytown Freehold
Gold Charles Yarburgh Carterton Household
Goodrick Charles Maroa Freehold
Grant Robert Bancockburn, Tupurapura Household
Groves Henry Whareana Freehold
Groves William Castle Point Freehold
Hales Thomas Wakataki, Castle Point Household
Harris Abraham Taita, Hutt Freehold
Harris Edward Hantotara Household
Harris Walter Hanotara Leasehold
Hill Edward Molesworth St, Wellington Freehold
Hoggerty Daniel Carterton Household ? Freehold
Hooker Thomas West Taratahi Block Household
Jackson Hugh Whiteman Featherston Household
Jackson Thomas Greytown Freehold
Jennings William Te Oriori Household
Johns William Carterton Freehold
Judd John Greytown Freehold
Kemble Robert Three Mile Bush Household
Kemble Robert Three Mile Bush Freehold
Knight William Lower Hutt Freehold
Leppien Henry Willis St. Wellington Freehold
Lewis David Wellington Freehold
Leyden James Taratahi Plain Freehold
Maunsell Edward Swarts Morison's Bush Freehold
McKenzie Donald Masterton Freehold
McLachlan Donald Tiruhanga Freehold
McMaster Angus Taitarata Freehold
McNab Alexander Kawa Kawa Household
McPhee Donald Carterton Freehold
McPortland George Carterton Freehold
Mutrie Alexander Jnr. Mania Freehold
Mutrie Alexander Snr. Mania Leasehold
Parker William Carterton Frehold
Peach Charles Whareama Freehold
Pharazyn Charles Waterangi Household
Preston Henry Taratahi Plain Household
Rayner John Taratahi Plain Freehold
Revans Samuel Huangarua Freehold
Richardson John Taratahi Freehold
Ridgway James Carterton Freehold
Roberts John William Upper Hutt Freehold
Russell James Molesworth St, Wellington Freehold
Rutherford John Featherston Freehold
Smith George Taneru Household
Smith George Frederick Wainuinu Household
Smith James Kaumingi Household
Smith Wallace Ruangarua Household
Smith William Mein Raungarua Freehold
Stewart George East Taratahi Freehold
Strang James Tupurapura Freehold / Household
Tankersley Thomas William Jnr. Opaki Plain Household
Te Iho Raniera Turanganui Freehold
Te Miha Henri Te Kopi Household
Udy Thomas Materana Freehold / Household
Udy William Masterana Freehold
Ward Thomas Morrison's bush Freehold
Wakelin Richard Moroa Freehold
Walker James Masterton Freehold
White Henry Three Mile Bush Freehold
Williams Benjamin Tauherenikau Freehold
Williams Thomas Coldham Hutt Freehold
Wilton Thomas West Taratahi Leasehold
Wilton William West Taratahi Leasehold
Whishaw Henry Yeames Castle Point Leasehold
Winteringham Henry Masterton Leasehold
Wrigley Thomas Gillian Lower Hutt Freehold
Yule Alexander Taratahi Freehold


Source:- The Wellington Independant April 20, 1865