List of Persons claiming to have their names inserted in the Electoral Roll
of the City of Wellington for 1863 - 64

Name Abode Nature of Qualification
Allen Charles Wellington Leasehold
Anderson David William Lambton Quay Household
Anderson George Tinakori Rd Household
Austin Edmund Tory St. Household
Baker Ebenezer Ghuznee St. Household
Bell George Timothy Thorndon Quay Household
Bowtell John Willis St. Household
Bradford Edwin Henry Lambton Quay Household
Bridges John Wellington Household
Bromley William Abel Smith St. Household
Brown John Crawford St. Freehold
Capper John Henry Wellington Tce. Household
Cleland Joseph McGifford Molesworth St. Freehold
Connolly Michael Thomas Pipitea St. Leasehold
Crease Edwin Hellard Willis St. Household
Davidson James Ghuznee St. Household
Dixon John Cuba St. Household
Donald William Dickson St. Freehold
Downes Samuel Stacey Lambton Quay Leasehold
Drake Thomas John Porirua Rd. Freehold
Duck John Willis St. Hoousehold
Eberlet Frederick William Lambton Quay Household
Grigg Edward Taranaki Street Freehold
Gawler William Mercer Lambton Quay Household
Gleson Edward Willis Quay Leasehold
Gilbreath Richard Numan Courtney Place Household
Hartman Charles Molesworth St. Freehold
Harvey Thomas Vigars Lambton Quay Leasehold
Hewitt Charles Makara Rd Household
Jackcon Thomas Taranaki St. Household
Jenkins Phillip Ingestre St. Household
Johns Fredercik George Golder's Hill Household
Jones William Frederick Ingestre St. Household
Logan Houstan Francis Webb St. Freehold
Maney Richard Molesworth St Leasehold
McKinnon John Manners St. Leasehold
Mears James William Abel Smith St. Freehold
Nicholas Thomas Russell Tce. Leasehold
Nicholas William Dennis Hawkestone S. Leasehold
Otten John Willis St. Household
O'Halloran George Stuart Wellington Household
Parsonage Joseph Pipitea St. Household
Payne William Wellington Leasehold
Platt John Tate Tory St. and Ingestre St. Household
Ramsay George Tory St. Household
Reid Nicholas Molesworth St. Household
Richardson George Vivian St. Freehold
Richardson W. B. Willis St. Household
Simons John Tory St. Household
Smith David Thornton Mulgraves St. Household
Smith John Elisha Pipitea St. Freehold
Tagg William John Kumutota St. Household
Thirkell Edward Taranaki St. Household
Till John Molesworth St. Household
Tully John Dixon St. Leasehold
Watson John Jnr. Hawker St. Freehold
Whitehouse Thomas Pipitea St. Freehold
Williams Henry Upper Hutt Freehold
Williamson James Hendry Pahautanui Leasehold
Wilson John Molesworth St. Household
Woodgate Robert Taranaki St. Leasehold
Woodward Jonas Hill St. Leasehold
Youmans Giles Webb St. Household

List of Persons claiming to have their names placed on the Electoral Roll
of the Hutt

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Braithwaite Arthur Waiwetu Hutt Leasehold
Crawford George Ingestre St. Freehold
Hogan David Wellington Tce. Freehold
Hunt William Hutt Freehold
Martin James Molesworth St. Freehold
Read Henry Lambton Quay Freehold
Williams Henry Upper Hutt Freehold

List of Persons claiming to have their names Places on the Electoral Roll
for the District of Porirua 1863 - 64

Name Place of Aboe Qualification
Bowler Harry Porirua Bay Leasehold
Brown John Tattesell Park Vale, Karori Freehold
Coyah George Porirua Rd. Leasehold
Donald William Dickson St. Freehold
Draper Benjamin Pahautanui Leasehold
Duncan Charles Porirua Rd. Leasehold
Dunn William Thomas Karori Household / Leasehold
Fisher David Karori Freehold
Galloway David Pahautanui Freehold
Kebbell John Sen. Wellington Freehold
Lockyer Thomas Mulgrave St. Freehold
Marshall Thomas Porirua Leasehold
Peers James Karori Leasehold
Pickering William Phelps Loxley Hall near Wgton Freehold / Leasehold
Reading Alfred John Kaori Household
Richardson George Vivian St. Freehold
Smith James Boulcott St. Freehold
Tauton William Elias Karori Leasehold
Tully John Dixon St. Leasehold
Whatton Joseph Porirua Freehold
Wilson John Otari Leasehold
Williamson William Hendry Pahautanui Household

List of all persons who have during the month of January, Feburary and March,
of the year 1863, claimed to have their names inserted on the list of voters for the
Electoral District of Wairarapa

Name Abode Qualification
Abbott William Featherston Household / Freehold
Adams William Masterton Household / Freehold
Braithwaite Henry Tawaha Leasehold
Cox James George Featherston Household
Dixon David Masterton Household
Gaffhey William Featherston Household ? Freehold
Hodder Walter Featherston Household / Freehold
Nichols William Featherston Household / Freehold
Potts George Featherston Household / Freehold
Wallace James Hautotara Freehold / Household