Roll of Electors in the District of Manuherikia
Province of Otago
1865 - 1866

Name Place of Abode Qualification
Abel Henry John Clyde Freehold
Aldridge Edward Clyde Freehold
Anderson Edward Robert Run No. 199 Household
Atkins William Clyde Freehold
Attfield charles Clyde Freehold
Auckland William Clyde Freehold
Baldwin William Long Valley Station Household
Barlow Robert Clyde Freehold
Beighton John Teviot Junction Household
Black C. Frederick Manuherikia Household
Black William Manuherikia Household
Booth Joseph Cromwell Freehold
Brennan John Alexander Household
Broadhurst George Teviot Junction Household
Brodie George Clyde Household
Brown Robert Clyde Household
Bryse Thomas Clyde Household
Burdon George Clyde Household
Cambridge John Clyde Freehold
Cameron Samuel Clyde Household
Cannon Samuel Clyde Freehold
Carpenter Isaac Wright T Clyde Freehold
Carter William Kennedy Clyde Household
Chadwick William Clyde Freehold
Champion Percy Edmund Mount Ida Leasehold
Chambers Gerit Alexander Moa Flat Station Household
Christophus Anthony Clyde Household
Cole John Manuherikia Household
Cooke Joseph Burgess Dunstan freehold
Cope Henry John Clyde Freehold
Corse James Cromwell Freehold
Cox John Clyde Freehold
Cradock John Sunderland St, Clyde Household
Cumber John Charles Brooke Upper Taieri Plains Household
Currie Robert Sanderland St, Clyde Household
Daykin Francis Clyde Household
Dods Joseph Clyde Household
Douglass John Ambrose Wetherburn, Upper Taieri Plains Household
Downing Joseph E. Clyde Freehold
Edmondson William Sunderland St, Clyde Household
Edward Charles Clyde, Dunstan Household
Edwards Robert Cromwell Freehold
Edwards William Clyde Household
Evans George J. H. Alexandra Household
Fahey Michael Clyde Household
Felton Richard Dunstan, Cromwell Rd Household
Ferguson William Roxborough Household
Finlay William Alexandra Household
Fitch Allan Clyde Freehold
Fitzpatrick Anthony F Sunderland St, Clyde Household
Flynn William Joseph Roxborough, Teviot, Clyde Household
Fowler Gilbert Clyde Freehold
Galvin Patrick Alexandra Household
George William Robert Clyde Household
Gibbs Thomas Kawarua Rd, Clutha Household
Goodwin Charles Clyde Freehold
Goodyer George Wellington Cromwell Freehold
Grant William Clyde Household
Greig William Linburn Station Household
Grieve Gilbert Clyde Household
Grindley William Clyde Freehold
Hacket James Henry Three miles above Clyde Household
Halladay Edward Alexandra Household
Hamilton James Run No 204, Maniototo Household
Harold Robert Clyde Household
Hart John Dunstan Household
Hawthorne Thomas Clyde Freehold
Hazlett James Clyde Freehold
Healey John Clyde Household
Hepburn William Upper Taieri Household
Hetherington John Cromwell Freehold
Hinds James Clyde Freehold
Holts James Clyde Freehold
Horigan Thomas Cromwell Freehold
Horne Stephen Sunderland St, Clyde Household
Hume Alexander Clyde Household
Isaacs Simeon Clyde Freehold
Jack John Alexandra Household
Jackson Henry Clyde Freehold
Jacobs Samuel Clyde Household
Jacoby Laurence Clyde Household
Jacoby Samuel Clyde Freehold
James Samuel Clyde Freehold
Jones David Clyde Household
Keen J. Lancelot Shadwell Teviot Junction Household
Kelly Patrick Cromwell Freehold
Kelsall Robert Clyde Household
Kenna Richard Clyde Household
Kidd Robert Cromwell Household
Lawrence James Cromwell Freehold
Lazarus Joshua Clyde Household
Lee Francis Clyde Freehold
Lord John Alexandra Household
Law William Anderson Manuherikia Household
Macquire Owen Sunderland St, Clyde Household
Mader Ulrich Sunderland St, Clyde Household
May Henry Francis Beaumont Household
Merryn David Hunter Teviot Junction Household
Miller Samuel Dunstan Household
Miller Matthew Robertson Taieri Lake Household
Moore Alfred Clyde Household
Morice Charles Lloyd Clyde Freehold
Morice Charles Clyde Household
Morrison Robert Clyde Household
Munro Thomas Dunstan Household
Murison James Maniototo Household
Murison William Dick Maniototo Household
McConnochie ? Clyde Household
McKinnon Dougald Clyde Freehold
McLean Robert Adjour, Upper Clutha Freehold & Leasehold
McLean Robertson Adjour, Upper Clutha Freehold & Leasehold
McLean Allen Lindis Household
McMorran Robert Clyde Household
McNaulty Edward Roaring Meg Household
McPherson Donald Clyde Freehold
Naylor Benjamin Clyde Freehold
Neale Robert George Clyde Household
Noble John Clyde Freehold
O'Ryan Michael Alexandra Household
Parks James Clyde Freehold
Partridge John Douglas Clyde Household
Patterson James Clyde Household
Peacock Alexander Teviot Household
Perriman John Clyde Household
Poole Richard Clyde Freehold
Power Richard Henry Clyde Freehold
Rainton Joseph Alexandra Household
Ralston Robert Eweburn Station Household
Raphael Lazarus Dunstan Household
Rich Edward Henry Dunstan Household
Robinson Henry Wirgman Clyde Household
Robson William Alexandra Household
Rowley charles Dunstan Household
Rossiter John Clyde Household
Ryan Edward Clyde Household
Ryan Edward G Clyde Freehold
Samuel Samuel Clyde Household
Seal William Marsheder Taieri Lake Household
Shanty Thomas Cromwell Freehold
Shaw Charles Clyde Freehold
Shennan John Manuherikia Household
Shennan Watson Manuherikia Household
Sherlock Richard Dunstan Household
Sinclair Gilbert Clyde Freehold
Skinner John Gibson Clyde Household
Smith Edward Gittas Alexander Household
Smyth Patrick Francis Clyde Household
Solomon Plineas Clyde Household
Spensley James Clyde Freehold
Staite Henry Clyde Freehold
Staite John Edwards Clyde Freehold
Stevens Joseph Whitcomb Clyde Household
Stratford Henry Aldborough Clyde Household
Syms William Clyde Household
Temperley Robert Henderson German Hill Household
Thompson John Wilson Cromwell Freehold
Tudor Henry Teviot Household
Turnbull Robert McGregor Linburn Station Household
Turner Thomas Blackstone Hill Household
Tyrrell James Clyde Freehold
Veaux Augustus Frederiede Clyde Household
Walker Arthur Dunstan Household
Washington James Clyde Freehold
Watkins Richard Alexandra Household
Watkin William Alexandra Household
Wayne Frederick Maniototo Joint Household
Welsford Samuel Clyde Freehold
Welsh John Clyde Household
Whinstanley Thomas Clyde Freehold
White John Clyde Household
Wylde George Alexandra Household
Yates Joseph Dunstan Household
Ziele Charles Clyde Freehold