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Passengers on the Elingamite
There is no known passenger list for this sailing of the Elingamite.
The following is taken from the Evening Post and Sydney Morning Herald of November 1902
and from the very good book "The Elingamite and it's Treasure" by Wade Doak

The sinking of the SS Elingamite

Saloon Passengers
Name Survived/Perished Name


Robb Mrs Survived Hardwick Mr G A Survived
Connal (6 yrs) Survived Bennie Mr A Perished
Greenwood Mr Perished Reid Mr E H Perished
Greenwood Mrs Perished Bradford Mr W W Survived
   Miss Survived Richards Mr A Survived
Liefson Mr Survived Chadwick Mr H H Perished
Mrs Survived Chadwick Mrs Survived
Child Survived Wigglesworth Mr E J Survived
Neil Steven Rabone Survived Ralph John G Survived
Mrs Survived Hutchings Mr W H Perished
Infant Survived Doidge Frederick W Survived
Cassrells Mrs Survived Hallamore Mr Survived
Norman (7 yrs) Survived Flower Laurence Perished
Scotting Mrs (Widow) Perished Bowden Mr F H Survived
  Winnifred Survived Anderson Mr A G Perished
Maybee Miss Survived Jefferson Mr Unknown
Anderson Cora B Survived Waters Charles Survived
Adamson Miss Survived Bennett Dr J Survived
Skinner Miss Perished Goldie Dr Survived
Wetherilt Henry Survived Middleton Dr W Survived
Gunther William J W Survived Reid Captain William Douglas Survived
Leslie Mr W Survived Clark Mr C Survived
Beattie Dr Survived Dunn John Perished


Steerage Passengers

Name Survived/Perished Name


Bennett Edward Survived Harvey D Unknown
Lunevich Luke Survived Jennings J Perished
Proden Joseph Survived Kennedy R Perished
Innes R C Survived Kelly E Perished
Morris James A Survived Christison Perished
Abbott N Survived Hankinson Halmond Survived
Morris J Perished Mrs Survived
Wilcox P Perished Gladys Survived
Thompson E Unknown Edward Survived
Banks F C Survived Dixon C M Perished
Patterson J Unknown Palmer A G Perished
Dunn Miss R Survived Parker T Unknown
Berry Mr Unknown Doorty Ellen Survived
Mrs Survived Markovitch Mark Survived
Eva (11 yrs) Survived Turin M Survived
Albert Survived Frederick M Survived
Dorothy Perished Bierot M Survived
Sully Mrs H (Granny to above) Survived (but died from exposure) Boesch M Survived
Green Mr T Survived Rosandich A Survived
Mrs Survived Passy Fredrigo G Survived
Infant Survived Sunic M Survived
Strongfellow A Survived
Jordan W Sunic S
Robinson Arthur Napier Mr W H Survived
O'Connor W Perished Mrs Survived
Perkins Mr C B Survived Infant Survived
Mrs Survived Muirhead A E Perished
Son Survived Chaploe E Perished
Middlehurst F Mills H Perished
Jones Peter Survived Hugo Mrs Perished
McGeorge James Survived Annie Survived
Donaldson James Survived