Ship: 329 tons
Captain: Henry Oakley
Surgeon Superintendent: Richard Lucas Vance
Sailed Plymouth 3rd September 1842 - arrived Wellington January 4th 1843
                                                                                        New Plymouth 20th January 1843

Name Age Occupation Comments
Cabin Passengers
Aubrey Arthur Herbert 18 Gentleman
Charles 12 Gentleman
Steerage Passengers
Baily Henry 23 Plumber
Batten William 36 Shepherd Widower
William 17 Shepherd
Matilda 15 Domestic Servant
Sarah 14 Domestic Servant
Emily 11
James 9
Mary Ann 7
Susan 6
Bovey John 36 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 36
John 13
Coade Ephraim 20 Farmer
Davey Samuel Lane 22 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 24
George 3 Name struck out. Note on passenger list Dead
Elizabeth 3 months
Delaney Millicent 39 Sempstress Widow - mother to Maria O'Dell
Alicia 18 Sempstress
Gribble Elizabeth 18 Domestic Servant
Gribble John 34 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 32
Catherine 12
John 8
William 4
Gribble Samuel 19 Miner
Grace 18
Harper John 23 Miner
Eliza 23
Harper William 15 Miner
Harvey John 36 Miner
Grace 35
William 15
John 6
James Essex Born on Board
James Samuel Johns 22 Agricultural Labourer
Sarah 23
Jeffrey John 42 Wheelwright
Ann 43
John 19 Wheelwright
Mary Ann 17 Dressmaker
Thomas 15 Wheelwright
Kestle Abraham 30 Agricultural Labourer
Johanna 30
Pascoe 9
Elizabeth 7
Maria 4
Knuckey Nicholas 34 Miner
Zenobia 33
Mary Jane 13
Nicholas 9
Margaret 7
Oliver 4
Elizabeth 1
Knuckey Richard 29 Miner
Jane 25
Moyle Edward 23 Rope Walker
Mary 23
Moyle Julia 17 Sempstress
O'Dell Thomas 29 Shepherd
Maria 21
Old Richard 46 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 43
James 10
Christianna 8
Fanny 7
Mary Jane 2
Jane 26 Farm Servant
Robert 22 Agricultural Labourer
John 20 Agricultural Labourer
Margaret 19 Farm Servant
William 18 Agricultural Labourer
Martha 14 Domestic Servant
Pascoe Nicholas 29 Miner
Rachel 27
Mary Ann 3
Susan 2
Passmore Henry 14 Cabinet Maker
Polkinghorne William 21 Miner
Ann 23
William 6
Daughter Born on board
Radford Catherine 35 Domestic Servant
Roberts Philbert 45
Silena 45
Elizabeth 23
Mary Ann 15
Silena 13
Rogers John 34 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 34
William 13
Henry 12
Mary 9
Ann Maria 8
Samuel 7
Solomon 2
Elizabeth Jane 9 months
John 15 Agricultural Labourer
Rowe Charles 22 Agricultural Labourer
Susanna 20
Rowe Henry 23 Agricultural Labourer
Jane 18
Scandlyn Richard 40 Agricultural Labourer
Mary 40
Richard 12
Eliza 9
John 18 Agricultural Labourer
Elizabeth 17 Domestic Servant
Thomas 15 Agricultural Labourer
Stephens Thomas 19 Miner
Thomas Richard 28 Shoemaker
Johanna 27
Nicholas 8
Richard 4
Thompson John 22 Agricultural Labourer
Grace 25
JAMES family:
Samuel Johns James and his wife Sarah (Nee Soady) arrived in NewPlymouth aboard the Essex, with no children. I only know the name of one child , Emily who was born in New Plymouth on the 20th of August 1856. At the time Samuel’s death in 1893 he is listed as having seven surviving children, but I have not researched these as yet. Samuel Johns James was born in Devonport (The port area of Plymouth), about 1817, according to his death certificate. He started out in New Plymouth as an agricultural Labourer, but later had his own farm. I am descended from Emily, who went on to marry William Allen whose parents arrived in New Plymouth on the Amelia Thompson in 1841. Please feel to contact me if you think you may be related [email protected]


John OLD & Mary Jane KNUCKEY
I am researching my family and have traced a number of people, but an interesting pair are John Old and Mary Jane Knuckey, who met on board the Essex in September 1842, he 20 and she 13, they got married eighteen months later on 15 feb 1845, having 14 children between 1846 & 1875. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact John Butt.


ROGERS family:
Mary and John Rogers arrived in New Plymouth on the Essex on 20th Jan, 1843 with their eight children from Crowan, Cornwall.  Four more children were born in N.Z.   John died 26th Sept 1853 aged 50 years, cause of death - decline (tuberculosis). Mary moved to a farmlet on Barrett Rd and took in a boarder, Joseph Cassidy.  On 15th Sept 1854  Mary  returned to the house from milking and was stabbed by Cassidy.   She ran outside but he followed and continued to stab her.  Although help was soon on the scene she died from her wounds.  Cassidy was sent to trial in Auckland, convicted of her murder and sentenced to be "hanged by the neck until he be dead".  He died in jail of natural causes. Among the descendents of John and Mary Rogers are the Stanford and Jones families of Taranaki and the Bellamy family of Ruawai.


DAVEY family:
Samuel Lane Davey & his wife Mary Riddle came to NZ from Redruth in Cornwall.   Samuel was born abt 1818, the son of Ambrose Davey & Ann Lean. He died 14 Mar 1904.  Mary Riddle was born bef 19 Oct 1817, the daughter of George Riddle & Mary Davey.  She died 29 Apr 1888.  Samuel & Mary had at least 10 children.   Some of the children were George, Elizabeth, William Thomas Riddle, Samuel, Clark, & Constance.  Constance, born 10 Oct 1856, in Mangarei, New Plymouth, married John Harris in 1877 in Palmerston North. If you have a connection with this family or would like to learn more please contact Gary & Breda Anderson


HARVEY family:
John and Grace (nee Williams) Harvey were another family from Redruth, Cornwall to arrive on the "Essex". They bought with them two of their surviving children - William born 1828 and John born 1836. On the voyage out Grace gave birth to another son, James Essex. John snr.was born about 1802 in Redruth, the son of James
and Grace (nee Honey). Grace Williams was born about 1800. They were married 21st. January 1827 at Redruth. After their arrival at New Plymouth, they lived at Omata and John died in 1850. Grace later remarried and became Mrs W. Jones. Their deaths are recorded in St. Marys church New Plymouth, so probably they were buried in the churchyard. The eldest son, William married Mary Parker who was born about 1832 in Westport, Co. Mayo, Ireland. The couple were to have a large family – 16 children including twins, one of whom died in infancy. Another son, George, drowned in the wreck of the "Ly-ee-Moon", off Green Cape, Australia in 1886. It would appear that William and Mary were blessed with around 66 grandchildren. If you have connections with this family or would like to know more, please email John Skinner.


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Archives New Zealand NZC 34/2 p432