Ship: 1197 tons
Captain: Phillips
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Summerhayes
Sailed London December 7th 1872 - arrived Otago April 4th 1873

In the early 'sixties there were two ships sailing the seas bearing the name of Euterpe. The one which traded to New Zealand was a full-rugged ship of 1197 tons built at Ramsay bay, Isle of Man, in 1863, by Gibson, and later purchased by Shaw, Savill Co. In 1873 the Euterpe made her first voyage to New Zealand, arriving at Dunedin after a lengthy passage of 117 days.She was one of the slowest boats afloat, her best run out at any time from 1873 till 1898, twenty five years, being 103 days to Dunedin under very favourable conditions. Euterpe made 18 voyages to New Zealand.
White Wings - Sir Henry Brett

EUTERPE: The ship Euterpe is still afloat today. She was sold to the Alaskan Packers and re-named Star of India. To follow her career under this new name please look at

Arrival of the Euterpe

Name Age County Occupation
Second Cabin
Four Passengers according to Otago Daily Times
Families & Children
Beatson Thomas 30 Kinross Labourer
Helen 30
Caine Henry 22 Mayo Labourer
Honor 23
Cooke Charles F 24 Yorkshire Farm Labourer
Susannah 22
Gilbertson Henry 27 Shetland Farm Labourer
Janet 23
Harper James 29 Shetland Mechanic
Margaret 26
Barbara 2
Andriana 1
Maisey Jesse 27 Breconshire Gamekeeper
Mary 24
O'Kane Patrick 42 Derry Farm Labourer
Mary 30
James 19 T/F to single men
Mary 16 T/F to single women
Catherine 14 T/F to single women
Elizabeth 12 T/F to single women
Margaret 7
Jane 5
Theresa 2
Palmer Robert 43 Shropshire Iron Worker
Mary 33
Sarah 12 T/F to single women
Daniel 10
Elizabeth 5
Thomas 4
Rowan Thomas 36 Mayo Labourer
Jude 26
Ellen 5
Mary 3
Jude 11 months
Shepherd Robert 32 Kinkardinshire Farm Labourer
Agnes 29
Ann 8
James 6
Smith Paul 35 Shetland Farm Labourer
Barbara 31
Agnes 9
Mary 7
Paul 5
Henry 3
Cecelia 2 months
Young John 26 Shetland Farm Labourer
Margaret 28
Families & Children - Colonial Nominated
Cunningham Joseph 35 Down Labourer
Eliza J 36
Joseph 9
Keown Margaret 19 T/F to single women Came with Cunningham
McKinlay Robert 36 Ayr Printer
Helen 33
Margaret 13 T/F to single men
Robert 11
Helen 9
Walter 5
Hugh 3
Mary 8 months
Single Men
Cohen George J 22 Middlesex Farm Labourer
Dudgeon George 23 Lanark Agricultural Implement Maker
Early Michael 22 Mayo Labourer
Gerrick Lawrence 20 Shetland Farm Labourer
Heveran Thomas 26 Mayo Labourer
Hill Edward 30 Wiltshire Labourer
Jones John 21 Down Labourer
Ling James L 23 Lancashire Plasterer
Mullin Hugh 19 Derry Farm Labourer
O'Kane James 19 Derry Farm Labourer
Russell John H 21 Surrey Smith
Skinner Barnett 38 Sussex Farm Labourer
Young Lawrence 20 Shetland Fisherman
Single Men - Colonial Nominated
Hanckck William Surrey Labourer
Nichol Alexander Aberdeen Labourer
Ross Alexander 29 Ross Labourer
John 18 Ross Farm Labourer
Mary 27 T/F to single women
Single Women
Brown Jane 24 Cavan Servant
Cargeeg Elizabeth A 22 Cornwall Servant
Casserly Mary 19 Galway Servant
Collins Margaret 22 Galway Servant
Duggan Julia 22 Galway Servant
Harper Elizabeth 20 Antrim Servant
Matilda 18 Antrim Servant
Hannam Jane 56 Middlesex MATRON for voyage
Bertha 15 Middlesex Servant
Johns Elizabeth 55 Cornwall
Keown Margaret 19 Down Sempstress
Manuel Elizabeth B 15 Cornwall Servant
McKinlay Margaret 13 Ayr
O'Brien Grace 29 Stirlingshire Kitchen Maid
O'Brien Margaret 28 Galway Housemaid
O'Kane Nancy 23 Derry General Servant
Mary 16 Servant
Catherine 14
Elizabeth 12
Palmer Sarah 12 Shropshire
Ross Mary 27 Rosshire Servant
Willis Mary A 23 Devon Seamstress

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